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Meet Kate Granchelli of Modern Minders Creative Childcare Solutions in Beverly Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kate Granchelli.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Kate. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My journey into the nanny industry started right out of college when I found my very first nanny position on Craigslist. I had no idea if the post was real or if it was just a scam. I had no idea “nanny agencies” or “household staff” was even a thing. The ad listed was for a family living in Las Vegas who was looking for a live-in nanny for their children. At the time, I had just returned from living abroad in Brazil for a few months and still on my adventure kick. I was looking for something more than working as a bank teller (true story I was supposed to start working as a bank teller around that same time this all happened). I sent my resume to the company listed and was sure I wouldn’t get an interview; the job was too good to be true. This was all before Skype or FaceTime and sure enough I got the call, half stoked and in disbelief I listened to what “Mike” had to say on the phone and it seemed legit. Looking back, I want to say, what were you thinking Kate!

The next thing I knew I was getting on a plane to fly to Las Vegas for an interview on a Sunday, one full day. Got to Vegas, got picked up by a service (still not knowing where I was going or who I was meeting). I met the family and the kids, turns out the position was for the writer and creator of C.S.I. Two days later I accepted the job and BAM I was a nanny living in Las Vegas. I was their live-in nanny for two years. After leaving that family, I went on to graduate school, got my Masters in Education and taught on the boarder of Arizona and Mexico in Arizona teaching k-6th Visual Arts. I really thought my nanny days were over at the that point however I was wrong. I had been traveling to Southern California and thought why not! The big city was calling my name and Los Angeles is where I landed, but what would I do for a job? Be a Nanny!

I started researching agencies (I knew what they were now), registered with a few of the top agencies and the rest was history. For two years I worked in some of the most high-profile homes in Los Angeles and New York, working for celebrities, foreign diplomats and all kinds of families. It was that first family I worked for as a nanny looking back, that really changed my view on the industry in retrospect.

I came into the agency side of things when I was applying to be a family assistant for a high-profile family and the owner of the agency offered me a part-time assistant position. She knew I really wanted to open my own babysitting company but I had no idea what I was doing on the business end. I was honored that she was allowing me to become part of the company as most agencies are pretty tight about hiring people. I had the best mentor. This is where I had the ability to learn and let my creativity aid in growing an already successful small business into something even bigger. It was like getting an MBA without going to a university. It was kind of “baptism by fire” as they say in the early days. I was the office assistant, personal assistant, recruiter, eventually official Director of Recruiting and Placement Specialist all in one person and working full time. After 3 and a half years working for someone else, and hiring more staff it became apparent, even if I hadn’t realized it at the time it was time for me to spread my wings and do what I originally set out to do, open my own service. I left April 2016, took some time off, nannied for a few families through referrals of friends and made the choice to move back East for a short time to figure out what the heck was next. There were some road trips, the purchase of an adorable French Bulldog, and a trip to Bali in there too.

Flash forward to January 2017 I started getting calls from nannies who had become really good friends of mine with “yeah my family is looking for a nanny or hey Kate the family I am working with needs a sitter know anyone?”, back in Los Angeles. and even friends from college in NY. I had met a ton of awesome nannies through other nannies’ friends and this is where the agency story beings. That snow covered day in Buffalo, NY my French Bulldog Bodi and I sat down with my sister and decided I needed to do what I was good at again, on my own terms like I had always wanted. Modern Minders Creative Childcare Solutions was born with the idea that we would work small, we would provide creative solutions for families, give our families only the top options for candidates, and we would be there for them every step of the way. After all, all families are not the same and neither are all kids. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I was nervous as I had a lot of challenges ahead of me. How would nannies find me? How would families find me? What if I failed?

I was committed to starting from scratch, doing everything my way and completely different. I took the leap into entrepreneurship and I can proudly say I now I own this amazing agency that in 6 short months has exceeded my wildest expectations. We have placed nannies in Los Angles, New York City and we are about to launch our babysitting services in Buffalo, NY all with the core values of integrity for the brand and family first, mine and my clients.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
With anything there is a learning curve. Parts have been smooth and some not so smooth. I had to really focus on what was best for myself and for my future, what I was passionate about and what made me get out of bed every day. I had to come to terms with some people’s feeling being hurt and some people are just never going to be supportive. I started Modern Minders because I looked at what I didn’t like about larger agencies and wanted to do the exact opposite of what they were doing. Everyone wants to speculate about how you got this job or that client in this industry. I got a lot of heat for doing what I am doing. The truth is you can’t really worry about what people think, and really own who you are every day. I am very thankful that I have not been on the journey alone and my network has been built off the recommendations of friends and friends of friends. Very “LA” right? It’s who you know!

It’s really scary and intimidating being the little fish in the big pound and even more intimidating when you are used to being part of the ‘big fish club’ and you no longer are. Building a brand isn’t easy, building your own brand is even more difficult. However, I knew there was a need for the little guys like myself so I just kept doing forward in my process.

Modern Minders is built on who I am as a person, which is someone who is blunt and honest, full of integrity and genuinely out for the betterment of our industry. I have an amazing girl gang of fellow young and up and coming agency owner friends who have helped shape me and grow quickly, who have inspired me to be the very best business woman I can be. The support is overwhelming from them, from nannies, from the families I am blessed to work with. I really am truly blessed as cliché as that may sound.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Modern Minders Creative Childcare Solutions is a referral childcare agency. We staff homes with the best of the best nannies, babysitters and Newborn Care Specialists. Let’s face it, finding exceptional childcare isn’t always easy and often is time consuming. We have a fresh take on childcare, offering a variety of creative solutions for the modern family in Los Angeles, New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo, New York. With our commitment to service, we are dedicated to supporting families as well as our childcare providers. Each nanny is handpicked to meet the unique needs of our families. We maintain a community of vetted, reliable, and skilled candidates that children love being with and families love working with. We specialize in discovering and selecting the most talented candidates for positions around the country. We know the importance of being selective. More importantly we get to know what works for each candidate and what doesn’t!

Modern Minders takes great pride in being private and discrete. We believe that service is our top priority. Our nannies and candidates go above and beyond by bringing their unique talents to every child and family they care for. We aren’t your average services. Modern Minders is committed to the continued professional development of the talented experts we represent. We provide many professional development opportunities on many different levels through mentoring solutions, resume and portfolio management and accreditation resources. We are always in search of the very best of the best in home staffing talent!

I am most proud of the fact that 90 % of my talent pool is referred to us by families or other professionals in the industry. Our nannies and childcare professionals are well rounded candidates that bring their special talents to the table. Just like when applying to colleges we look for the whole package. Candidates may have years of experience but they also have backgrounds in creative arts, education, athletic achievements and more. What sets us apart from the others is that we are real, we are honest, and integrity is very important to us. If it’s not working we fix it to the best of our ability. We offer longer replacement periods, work agreements for families and a bunch of other services free of charge when hiring a Modern Minder. When using us you become part of our family.

What were you like growing up?
Oh goodness, what was I like growing up? I was super creative and although people think I am outgoing, shockingly I was the girl that couldn’t pick up the phone and order a pizza without having a complete panic attach. I grew up in a town of less than 7,000 people and went to school with the same kids since I was 4. All of which I may add are still my closest partners in crime.

A lot of life lessons come from growing up in a small town. I learned to work hard, and always be honest because if you aren’t it won’t be too long till someone finds out. My friends growing up are the true definition of loyalty. I was a band geek, I was in color guard, played soccer, ended up going to an all-girls Catholic high school, played hide and seek for hours, didn’t get a cell phone till I was in high school, and when I did I was only allowed to use it for emergencies. Imagine that?! You know normal country girl, youngest of five siblings. I was always creating some masterpiece painting, drawing or cooking up something with my friends.

I always knew no matter what I decided to do when I grew up, it was going to be helping people in one way or another.

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