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Inspiring South Bay Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of South Bay’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rebel rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out the area’s rising stars below.

Kévin Lopes Teixeira

Nearly 10 years ago I moved to LA, I’m originally from Paris, not the fancy side, in a place called Trappes I started playing soccer in the street there, then my family moved in a tiny town called Annecy in the French alps. I kept playing there and signed up in my first club soccer and ended up playing semi pro in third division before I tore my anckle. Read more>>

Ken Pagliaro

Prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2002 I was working as a carpenter building homes on the east coast of New Jersey where I grew up. I would always carry a little point and shoot camera to document our work and take pictures of my co-workers. Read more>>

Stacey Sewell

I started out 15 years ago in Brooklyn NY. I owned a business in the service industry but always had a passion for hospitality and entertaining other in my home. event planning and floral design became a natural fit for me. I became so enamored with the idea of creating something beautiful and classy no matter what the budget. Read more>>

Michelle Supertino

I believe that glass is a magical fluid medium, full of mystery and life. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with glass and in 2000 I was lucky enough to be living in beautiful Portland, Oregon, alongside several amazing and talented glass artist. Read more>>

Stacey Christenson

I am a self taught artist born and raised in Long Beach, Ca. My love for art started at a very young age after my fathers passing. Through my growing curiosity to learn more about him, I began to pull out boxes of his belongings and claimed them as my own. Read more>>

Danielle Boinay

I’ve been drawing for my whole life, and painting for half of it. I grew up in Oregon and felt inspired by the nature there. In high school I fell in love with watercolors and learned to hone my skills as I went on to study art in college at BYU. Read more>>

Lee Piatelli

I grew up surrounded by music at every turn, my dad’s side of the family are all musicians and every year we would spend thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard and record our annual family Christmas album together up until 2003. Of course I was only a child at the time but I was enthralled with every minute of it. Read more>>

Brian Bernhard

Well, I have been making art and designing weird stuff for a very long time, however, I was mostly paying my bills by working for other people, I made a career out of using my creative skills to help other people achieve their inspired visions. Read more>>

Dave Andrews

My career in the entertainment industry began when I interned at the MTV Beach House in Malibu California during the summer of 1996. I quickly became good friends with one of the show’s editors who offered me a job editing skateboard videos after I graduated. Read more>>

Anton Watts

My grandfather gave me his old Ricoh singlex tls with a beautiful 50mm 1.4 lens when I was 14 years old, Although drawing was my thing and what I thought was the career path I was taking this was not the case. As soon as I took hold of that camera I couldn’t put it down. Read more>>

Sandra Long

After graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources, I worked for both large and small organizations in various and increasing roles of responsibility. I met my husband while serving as an HR Manager for a wholesale distributor of plumbing and heating supplies. Read more>>

Sheila LaCivita

I got where I am because I had a very hard life and chose to do something about it. 4 Corners has made over $1 M in revenue. I grew up in poor neighborhoods in Northern Cal, going to schools that were surrounded by government “projects” (ghettos), drug dealers and gang members. Read more>>

Mauricio Robleto

I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. I moved to the US in 1992 with my broken English and a heart thirsty for adventure. Most people know my country for its beauty, and for sure they should but there is the day to day life of folks making it in a small economy. Read more>>

Ann Voorhees Baker

It was over a decade ago. I was turning the big five-oh, and I was in the midst of a divorce after twenty-three years of marriage. There had been strife and tension in my life for many years. Socially, I’d been in a lay-low mode for a long time. I had friends, I went to gatherings of people I knew well, but I wasn’t exactly a social hobnobber. Read more>>

Carla Ramirez

I majored in Economics and wanted to get into business out of college, but with little capital, I was limited in my options. Insurance was an industry I was familiar with via my mother and some of her friends, and while it didn’t appear glamorous, I knew it had a low entry to barrier, and that it would allow me to be my own boss, which is really all I wanted. Read more>>

Keiko Dalton, Timothy Dalton

Rudyard Kipling published a poem in 1889 entitled “The Ballad of East and West” which contains the famous line: “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” I grew up in Hamamatsu City, Japan. The key industries in my town were the manufacturing of automobiles and motorcycles (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha), and musical instruments (Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Tokai). Read more>>

Ray McKenzie

I completed school at San Diego State University studying Management Information Systems (MIS). After finishing school, the first technology boom was happening in Silicon Valley. I was able to focus my career in technology and in business. I have specialized in tech and business operations, strategy, marketing, project management, customer support and service delivery. Read more>>

Jill Morley

I wanted to fight in a combat sport before I got too old so I took up Taekwondo in my 30’s. When it was time to spar, I would punch more than kick because I had heavy hands. The instructor told me that I couldn’t punch when sparring other girls because I would hurt them. Read more>>

Karen Roberson

Well I’m a Compton California native who always had a passion for giving back, empowering and helping the communities around me. So I created Mahogany Girl Productions which is a community based entertainment company providing a platform for local artist, actors, producers, filmmakers and musicians to showcase their talents as well as providing employment for them as well. Read more>

Fernanda Braga

I’m a brazilian living in Los Angeles for 10 years. When I got pregnant with my first child I wanted to make sure i knew enought so wouldnt get overwhelmed. Besides being in a different country, with a different language and culture, I did not have family or friends around to help me so I took all the classes available regarding newborn : sleep, breastfeeding, newborn care, CPR. Read more>>

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