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Meet Dave Stultz of The Fearless Man in Marina Del Rey

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dave Stultz.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Dave. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I’ve been challenging myself and stepping into tension (aka out of comfort zones) from the moment I could walk. At just 18 months old, I climbed over a fence at my parents’ house, walked through intersections on my own, and adventured my way into town. I never looked back as I became a pro snowboard and ski instructor and dove into skateboarding, motocross, rally-car racing, wakeboarding, surfing, and rock climbing.

As a commercial and fashion photographer in NYC, I learned how to deal with high-strung personalities of all types. I’ve always been confident and good with people because of my fierce sense of self and little care about what people thought of me as I commonly “broke all the rules” and pushed my limits in extreme sports. But it was as a photographer that I really learned to observe and connect with people most others are intimidated by. Later, my years of dealing with drunk, anxious, and angry people in the nightlife scene only enhanced these skills of negotiating, staying relaxed and grounded, and connecting with people through all the chaos.

But there were a couple of things stuck in my head that were really preventing my life from being as amazing as I wanted it to be.

The first was a crippling fear of flying. I wanted to travel the world, and my avoidance of getting on airplanes was keeping me from experiencing the life I truly wanted to live.

The second area limiting my life was a belief that I needed to hold on to my safe, secure, well-paying job…that I was becoming more and more unhappy with.

So I finally took a leap of faith and moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles to form a partnership with FEARLESS co-founder Brian Begin. I lived on Brian’s couch for a while which is never ideal, but my life expanded, and FEARLESS grew.

And after having had enough of feeling imprisoned by my fear of flying, I’ve taken up wingsuit skydiving, I’m an investor in a helicopter company (along with other ventures), I’m actively learning to fly helicopters myself, and I travel almost constantly.

You must be willing to take on risk. The bigger you want your life to be and the more freedom you want, the more risk you have to take.

I have a deep passion for radical self-responsibility and encouraging staff and students to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about The Fearless Man – what should we know?
At The FEARLESS Man, we help men push through fear, live courageously and get high impact results in all areas of their lives. FEARLESS (for short) brings out clients’ confidence and connection skills from their core so they can succeed at elite levels and build their true dream life.

As Brian says, the secret to being FEARLESS in life isn’t actually about getting rid of all fear. It’s about changing your relationship to fear and being uncomfortable so it’s something you learn to run towards and even enjoy, like riding a roller coaster or watching a scary movie.

We use a highly personalized combo of video feedback, deep connection work, presence and body consciousness building, core belief, thought, and philosophy restructuring and real-world exercises – to build powerful confidence in students from the inside out.

We believe that everyone’s natural state is one of confidence and empowerment in all areas of their lives. It’s about stripping away layers of insecurities, disempowering social conditioning, beliefs, habits, and outdated defense mechanisms that push people away and keep what you want in life at a distance.

Once students start to get underneath that stuff and let it go, their natural, innate confidence, social magnetism, connection skills, and will and creativity to succeed through adversity and risk can shine.

A lot of men initially come to us for help with dating and relationships, but they quickly realize that the way we teach, it’s not so much about the women at all. It’s about themselves and becoming much more authentic, connected, self-aware, emotionally integrated, self-respecting men…and that what we work on in workshops applies to every aspect of their lives. But not just in a light way – an incredibly impactful way. Many clients work with us far beyond solving their dating challenges, and more and more men in happy relationships or marriages are coming to us to work on their careers or other areas because they’ve picked up on just how transformative the work we take men through is.

That’s one thing we’re very proud of as a company – that we’re not about teaching techniques for “how to” do this or that, much less “How to be good with women” or what to say to women. We’re about diving deep inside to do LESS – to remove all the blocks that are keeping you from naturally having the types of people, relationships, and success, you want in your life. From having the overall lifestyle you want. Your dream life,

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Brian (Begin) has been in the business of helping men for a long time and there’s certainly no way we could’ve built this business without him. We also have a great team of people both in LA and overseas in all aspects of the company who have helped us grow this thing to reach many, many more men than Brian and I ever could’ve on our own. And their passion for what we do and how we do it is a huge part of our success.

And of course, our clients – those who entrusted us with their growth as men when it was just the two of us, without much of a marketing machine gave us the ability to grow our services and get our name out there. And all the men out there now who do find out about us through the internet and decide to invest in themselves with us out of the white noise on the internet of personal development options.

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