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Meet Marcus Nobreus of Healing With Marcus

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marcus Nobreus.

Hi Marcus, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I am a modern day shaman with roots in ancient traditions. I recently published my book, “The Four Elements, We Are Earth Mother”, available on Amazon. The book serves as a reminder of our origin, our core connection to Earth Mother. My story is colorful, long and adventurous and I don’t want to bore you with details but after a fairly abrupt upbringing, I faced a lot of trauma and for a long time I was learning how to live with them, not knowing there was healing available. The trauma I had kept throwing sticks in my path kept tripping me up until I was fortunate enough to be taken under tutelage of a shaman and my deepest healing journey began. Before that, I tried many different healing and meditation methods and they helped but didn’t quite do the trick.

I kept ending up in relationships that were unhealthy and in many dead-end jobs. It was a long and quite painful journey. Professionally I have had so many different jobs, from journalism, photography, warehouse work, construction, carpentry, bouncing, personal trainer, film director, actor, writer, etc. Most of my years were spent in construction and I was never fulfilled. It was only when I wrote my movies, made movies or worked with healing people that I felt complete.

And personally, I have been in many relationships, some amazing, some less amazing, and my jealousy always took over and created all sorts of drama, as well as my inner unworthiness in regards to money.

Through my healing journey, I have been able to see the root causes of the trauma in my life and thereby also heal the wounds that caused the triggers. This journey would not be possible if it wasn’t for a certain sense of openness to the unseen worlds, to the dimensions that exist around us at all times but we often don’t recognize them.

For a shaman, it is really helpful to have gone through hard times. It brings about compassion and understanding and we can walk with people into their darkest spaces. The darkness doesn’t scare someone who has come from there. And we also help people gain a level of trust in the world that we so often miss in our modern society. Most of us are programmed to never question authority and to always please everyone around us, from parents to teachers, to bosses, to partners. We almost never truly listen inwards and find what we want for ourselves. What do we need to become happy and complete in our life?

So much of the healing journey is an undoing of programming and habits that we have developed as coping mechanisms for our trauma. It is about creating space within the person so they can allow their own body to heal.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
It has been everything but a smooth road. My financial life has been amazingly bumpy and quite frankly, ebb has been the name of the game. It was almost like there was some sort of intention behind it, like a curse, that caused me to lose out every time I had a chance to step up. As soon as I had any money saved up, there would be a big bill or incident that would force me to have to use the savings. That has happened more times than I can count. And there was a sense of loneliness following me for a long time. My perception and the energy frequency buried deep in my system made me see the world in a certain light and it was not a very bright light. Often my life has been edged by lots of pain, be it physical or emotional. It wasn’t until I could see that it was something in my own system that caused all the pain, both the financial and the emotional, that I could begin to grasp a sense of freedom and deeply rooted love for myself and the world.

Nowadays, the challenge has changed in nature. Now I work with healing people to bring them back to themselves, which is a completely different challenge than when I was struggling with my own inner demons.

The healing work contains many different methods, some traditional, some very untraditional. And there are many journeys with psilocybin and other sacred medicines involved that help people reach new depths within themselves.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
Healing With Marcus specializes in helping people to heal the deep-seated wounds that run their lives. So many of us walk through life without knowing why certain things seem to happen over and over to us. This is always based in different forms of trauma, be it from your own childhood, from other parts of your life, or it can be, which it often is ancestral trauma. The frequencies that are activated in you cause you to react to different triggers. When you get triggered, you act in ways that create more of the drama you are trying to avoid.

Over time your own dysfunction leads to disease in the body, based in how you feel and how you react to those feelings. It can be addictions, dysfunctional relationships or emotional suffering inside of the individual. But there are always ways to find the root causes of the trauma and also ways to heal them.

But often people aren’t ready to face themselves to the depth that is needed for the healing to occur. So I work with people’s energy field, I work with their habits, I work with their mental programming and I work with different forms of sacred medicine to help a person reach their deepest self.

I specialize in getting people back on track in life. I help people to reconnect to their original core energy, the sense of self that exists before the trauma took place. When we can connect and anchor into this core of ourselves, we can also allow this energy to heal our body and our mind. We can find peace.

I am very proud and excited over my new book, “The Four Elements, We Are Earth Mother” in which I reconnect you with the original core energy of Earth Mother and the different ways of which we are physically and spiritually connected to our Home planet. In our modern day society, we are completely disconnected from the earth and the healing powers of Her and the book is showing us how we can reconnect to this energy. It’s available on Amazon.

Try a session with me, it is a very unusual and extremely healing experience, well worth the money.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank or give credit to?
My biggest influence and teacher is a shaman who lives in Carmel, Ombute Devi. Her website is and she does amazing personal work. A few years ago, she took me under her wings and initiated me into a spiritual shamanic tribe. She unlocked so many things in me and my life and she helped me to heal the biggest and deepest rooted trauma in my life in ways I never thought were possible. My whole life, I have had physical pain in my heart. I was 20 years old the first time I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I have also lived my whole life with a sense of power loss, a sense of not having enough strength in my life to do what others seemed to be able to do. Through the deep, intense and immense healing work I have received from Ombute, I have been able to heal my heart and the pain is now gone. It has been a beautiful journey. Of course, I also have to mention the power animals and spirits guides that I have come into contact with, who on a daily basis, support and guide me. Without these powerful beings, I would still be in the dark times.


  • Shamanic Session 250 USD
  • Reiki Session 100 USD
  • Sacred Medicine Journey 900 USD
  • Sacred Witness 100 USD
  • Topanga Beach Weekly Meditations 10 USD

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