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Meet Alixandra Kupcik of LA Connect in Beverly Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alixandra Kupcik.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I have always been a performer at heart. My background is Acting and Singing and I have worked and trained in the arts for a number of years. There is nothing that inspires me more than singing a beautiful song, reading and performing a beautiful play, working on a set. Bringing a narrative to life is not only important for an artistic soul but also for society; creativity is imperative for humanity to thrive. It actually frightens me how nonchalant contemporary society can be. It’s almost like we are disposable now – everything from our heart strings to our business success is measured by a swipe or how many followers we have. It actually scares me. However, it was this fear that led me to take control of my own business. my own “brand.” I learned pretty quickly the competitive nature of the performing arts so, I decided to take control of my career and began producing. I just love producing! My first production “NY a State of Mind” toured Sydney and Melbourne in Australia ten years ago and I never looked back. From then I went on to NYC and found myself hitting up little jazz bars and treading the boards all over town. It was as though a light went off all because I now knew not only that I could perform but I also had a savvy and inherent eye for business.

Producing is basically like launching and running a start-up and I learned how much I loved it. After a number of years in NYC I returned to my hometown of Sydney and in the midst of limbo – not knowing where to go next – I decided to write down a list of all the incredible people I had met in my 6 years in NYC. The list was long and inspiring and I learned that all these people had one thing in common – generosity of spirit. They all in one way or another helped and inspired me. So, I decided to start my own blog called “5 Questions” not only was this a cathartic endeavor for me that allowed me to share the voice of inspiring people, it also led to my next venture – pretty soon Casting Networks International began publishing my articles monthly and 6 months later I was on board as their Australian Content Specialist, Editor and Writer. I held this position for close to two years till February this year and I still continue my monthly publications for them. Whilst doing this I produced two hit plays in Sydney with the Australian Premiere of John Patrick Shanley’s THE BIG FUNK which I also starred in and “Orpheus” in association with Lies, Lies and Propaganda. Eventually my writing work led me to LA where I met my now partner, Robert Folk, a top Hollywood film Composer and together with our love for the arts we fell in love so I followed my heart, packed up my life in Sydney and moved to LA in December 2016. With my new home I thought it would be time to launch a new business venture that many had encouraged me to do for some time. I have always had a knack for connecting people – it derives from that generosity of spirit I learned in NYC. I know how hard it is to get something off the ground, to bring a dream to life and create the world you want. Which, is all we are all really doing – we are all creators be it artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, chefs, lawyers etc. We are all creating our world and I love helping people do that so at the advice of many friends who I had helped connect along the way I decided to create LA Connect.

A boutique personal service that focuses on brands, events and talent. At first it was baby steps and I started working on the PR for two Australian actors with films premiering in Australia and the Cannes Film Festival early 2017 and then start-up brands started to find LA Connect and I now have half a dozen brands that we rep. What started as baby steps and an idea is quickly growing and in April this year I will be partnering with a long-time friend and fellow actress and producer, Eliza St John. Together this Spring we will launch The Actors Package. As an actor it’s beyond overwhelming coming to LA to step foot into a sea of creative professionals. Where does one start? We at LA connect will offer Actors the key to a box of essential tools necessary to launch their careers. A one stop shop including connections to headshot photographers, show reel creators and business coaches. The best part is, we have done the ground work for you, allowing you as the artist to collaborate with quality. If LA Connect is to continue to grow, it’s essential for me to bring on a business partner and Eliza and I have a long history of similar goals and share the same killer work ethic. It’s also important to have someone you trust to bounce off and share the challenges and successes with – it just makes it all the more fun! So, I am excited about this partnership. Eliza will also be involved in events and growing our brand portfolio. It’s pretty incredible to think that all of this has happened via word of mouth, albeit a LOT of hard work too! I love how this company helps people create what they dream of. All that matters in life is art and creativity (and your health of course), everything else is just white noise. Being an actor, producer, singer, writer and business owner, it may seem like I wear a lot of hats however, at the end of the day it’s all about imagination. Launching and running a business is essentially a form of self-expression and LA Connect is about helping you create your vision.

My Bio: (which you can also find on my website

Born into a culturally rich ancestry – Her uncle, originally a concert pianist, was a music aficionado who dedicated his career to marketing artists including, The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, ABBA and Queen for EMI UK, and was the former president of Ticketek Australia. Her mother was a renowned Nightclub and Opera Singer whose family were infamously involved in the Old Tivoli Theatre Sydney.

Needless to say, Alixandra spent her youth submersed in film, music and theatre. In 2004 she graduated from the Actors College of Theatre and Television Sydney (now the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television) and set her sights on NYC where she spent her summer at The Actors Studio. Whilst in NYC, Alixandra found the city to be the ideal platform to explore her love for Cabaret and spent the next 5 years singing in venues in Sydney, Melbourne and NYC with two of her own shows entitled “New York a State of Mind” and “Reflections” which she produced, wrote and arranged.

However, a true thespian her love for acting never strayed, and she was cast in numerous theatrical productions from Shakespeare to Chekov and in 2012-2013 she decided to return to NYC to study at the Terry Schreiber Studio and Theatre. Once completed, she returned to Sydney and launched her own theatre company, Suspicious Woman Productions with the opening of John Patrick Shanleys “The Big Funk” in Sydney. While busy producing Alixandra’s blog 5 Questions got selected for publication by Casting Networks International – the world’s biggest online casting network, and Alixandra is now the Australian Content Specialist, Writer and Editor for Casting Networks Australia.

​In 2016, Alixandra moved to Beverly Hills, California where she is continuing her work as a writer and applying her theatre production skills to feature film packaging and financing.

Alixandra’s current position created the perfect opportunity to launch LA Connect. With an extensive network, an inherent eye for talent and a love for connecting people, Alixandra’s only wish is that there was a service like this when she first arrived to pursue her dreams in the USA.

LA Connect prides itself on connecting talent and business with a personalized, custom-made approach to help you kick start and/or expand your career. As a boutique personal service, we are strictly word of mouth and are dedicated to propelling the creative and vocational goals of our selective clientele.

Has it been a smooth road?
One of my favorite authors Lewis Carroll said that “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

I like this idea very much. Society has somewhat pressured us into having a plan and believing we must always know where we are going in order to succeed. I think it’s ok to not always have a set plan, goals and a vision yes but not a set plan. Flexibility is important. Sometimes we know what we want and sometimes we don’t and if we don’t know what it is we want, the pressure to know can hinder our spirit. Passion is everything. Go steadily in the direction of what sets your soul on fire – it can be tough to listen to ourselves with so much white noise but if we really listen we all know what it is we truly want. In the meantime, just keep doing what you are doing, do what you are good at and be realistic too. One of the challenges I have faced is when a brand has a big vision and they want it quickly with little if any foundation or credibility to work from. I am not a magician. Nature never rushes but still it grows. It’s really important to be realistic in the pursuit of your dreams and your vision. Have faith that you will get there.

There is no need to rush. If you are in a rush that just tells me that you actually don’t really believe in your vision, don’t trust the process and may have another agenda, don’t have an agenda, be transparent in everything that you do. Also, respect peoples time. I have had clients that have not respected my time, that’s not good – I am running a business too so when we organize a meeting don’t invite a friend along and spend the next two hours wasting my time because you spend the meeting socializing with your friend. This has actually happened to me! Needless to say, it wasn’t long after that I let this client go. My pet hate is time wasters – I don’t have time to waste and you pretty quickly realize who is the real deal and who isn’t. Also, LA Connect is not an assistance service. We help you strategize, market, plan events and support talent, we are not a personal assistant. I have had a client make that mistake too.

Also, have an online presence – a website, social media etc. and use it! If you don’t have any of this, especially in the LA market you really don’t exist and it makes my job very challenging because I can’t show people your credibility in just one click. If you don’t have this we can do this for you – basic websites start at $600, we can help with social media content too and newsletters. When a client doesn’t have this and still expects certain things from LA Connect it’s an unnecessary struggle. We can make things happen for you but you must be prepared or prepared to be prepared. I have learnt over the past 16 months in business to be selective in what brands and talent we take on board, and in terms of events -how to work with an event budget so that the budget is realistic to the client’s needs. In the event world you can’t expect “Champagne on a beer budget.” Invest in your business and we can invest in yours.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with LA Connect – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Founded in 2017 LA Connect is a boutique personal service dedicated to driving the vocational goals of our selectively diverse clientele. With an emphasis on brands, events and talent we pride ourselves on delivering an affordable and personable custom-made approach to help you succeed. LA Connect will always cater to your budget with the firm belief that prosperity is fueled by passion not money.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Publicity (target media, press releases, relationship development.)
Events (launches, birthdays, weddings, promotions, guest curation etc.)
Brand Communications and Development (identify development, strategy, consulting and publicity.)
The Actors Package for talent (consulting, press releases, head shots, reels, editing, styling, websites etc.) -Exclusive discount services for members of our One Stop Shop launching in Spring.
Low cost web design with a quick turnaround. ​

At LA Connect, our services are certainly not restricted. Whatever you need, simply let us know. Consider us your one stop shop and let us cater to your needs so that you don’t waste time or money whilst developing your profession or organizing that special event. Let LA Connect provide the solutions and exposure you need to hit the ground running.

In Spring, we will be launching a special member only service “The Actors Package” which will include exclusive discounts for LA Connect members. Discounts on services that are crucial to talents career development. Members will pay a small yearly fee and in return will save money on services from Acting classes, head shots, content creation, demo reels, yoga classes, beauty services and much more. There is nothing like this and the one thing that sets LA Connect apart from competitors is that whatever you need, we will work within your budget.

As a company I think what makes us most proud is seeing our clients succeed! Currently I am working with the founder of Get Threaded® – a brow and beauty salon with a number of locations in Australia who are opening their first company owned salon in West Hollywood in April and a Santa Monica location in September. Its really exciting to see this female owned company expand across oceansAlso, being a new company that has already accomplished so much is extremely rewarding. As we are expanding I have decided to bring on a business partner – Eliza St John is an old friend who will be joining LA Connect in April. We went to High School together, share the same work ethic and interests. She is a real business woman and a great talent so I am really excited about sharing the platform with her. Eliza will be a great contribution to the future of LA Connect.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
The weather! I am from Sydney originally and there is this whole misconception that Australia has great weather – it doesn’t. One day it will be a warm summers day and the next day torrential rain will hit with a vengeance that will last a week. After living in NYC and Sydney I can honestly say LA is the most laid-back city I have lived in- maybe it’s the weather? Also, the opportunities are immense, there is so much going on and people seem pretty happy in their day to day lives – also maybe because of the weather? I also love the people you can bump into just going about your day to day life – the other day I bumped into Tommy Wiseau whilst on my morning walk – turns out we are neighbor’s! On Monday night I went to a party for John Williams and then immediately after bumped into David Foster – my partner, Rob and David use the same session musicians so they are pretty well acquainted. The other day I was stuck in traffic, turn to my left and there’s Diane Keaton walking down third street. This week I was leaving a meeting on Sunset and decided to walk a few blocks when I bumped into Ray Costa, of Costa Communications and whose client Alexandre Desplat just one an Oscar a few days ago, and my singing teacher has played privately for Streisands parties (I am a BIG fan). I am fortunate to meet a lot of A-list people because of mine and my partner, Robs line of work. All of which, is only possible because of the great city of LA.

Probably the thing I like least about this city is the superficial side. I like style and taste and I believe in being unique. Sometimes I feel like people are so caught up in wearing labels and finding a wealthy spouse that they lose sight of any type of individuality and become somewhat like a clone. It’s all a bit boring and predictable in that respect. I love nice things and I wear some designer labels and I wear Zara and Asos – but my style is dictated by what I like not what designer I’m wearing. It’s also dictated by practicality. I’d rather build up my property portfolio and invest in my financial security than purchase the latest Chanel bag whilst still living in a small apartment paid for by my roommates father – that’s not me but I know people who do that and parade around Beverly Hills like they are millionaires in their designer labels when the truth is they can’t even afford rent but will judge others because they aren’t wearing a label or driving a specific car. It’s kind of mean, it’s not smart, it’s bad business, and most of all it’s fake. Inauthenticity is another pet hate of mine. Every now and then I will treat myself, but for the most part I believe pragmatism and authenticity is pinnacle to success – not just in business but in life.

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GET THREADED®, Alexandra Geschwind

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