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Meet Kimberly Meredith of The Healing Trilogy Ministry in West Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kimberly Meredith.

Kimberly Meredith is a Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. Blessed with a unique array of extraordinary healing and psychic abilities, Kimberly is quickly gaining recognition as one of the world’s most gifted Medical Mediumship Healers and foremost Spiritual Speakers.

Kimberly channels messages through her eyes’ blinking codes as a tool of communication from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and Angels. Kimberly is often compared to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, a Medical Intuitive, and the most documented psychic of the 20th Century.

Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, Kimberly is directed by God to perform laying-on of hands or psychic surgery. She can “scan” or see into the body faster and more accurately than the fastest MRI and thermography machines.

When everything is well in the body, the left eye blinks. When the right eye blinks, there is a problem within the body. Both of Kimberly’s eyes will blink simultaneously when all is in spiritual and physical balance within the body. Kimberly’s healing gifts awakened after her Near Death Experience in 2013.

Kimberly has healed and helped many thousands of people, removing tumors, restoring hearing, curing cancer, correcting immobility, and completely healing people of many types of physical and emotional disease through the Holy Spirit. Kimberly leads miraculous worldwide healing events during which many are healed.

To better understand her abilities, Kimberly was recently invited to undergo testing with Dr. Norm C. Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a neurosurgeon with over 45 years spent working with spiritual healers. The proof is in the testing. The results were profound.

Dr. Shealy’s tests of Kimberly recorded her ability to heal even through walls. Dr. Shealy concluded that Kimberly appears to emit scalar energy, a unique type of energy associated with genius inventor Nikola Tesla.

In 2017, Kimberly was selected by PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility to undergo ongoing tests to further understand the inner workings of her talents. After participating in multiple double-blind scientific studies, Kimberly’s healing abilities are beginning to reveal the convergence of God, Spirituality, and science.

Kimberly is a highly-regarded frequent guest on numerous nationally-syndicated radio shows and podcasts, where she demonstrates her healing Medical Mediumship for people listening around the world. Many have been healed simply by listening to the sound of her voice on radio and YouTube. Kimberly has been featured in numerous major publications, including the covers of Awareness Magazine and The Life Connection Magazine and interviewed by Whole Life Times and now has her own radio show. The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show airs every Tuesday night on KCAA. A healer like no other, Kimberly Meredith bridges the gap between God and science.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
While having displayed some abilities as a young child, I experienced my first profound Near Death Experience at age nine.

In 2012, I was struck by a car while on foot. As a result of the accident, I experienced two more Near Death Experiences. I was in the hospital for two months. It was uncertain if I would walk again.

Upon returning home from the hospital in a wheelchair, I was immobile, in extreme pain and had a brain concussion. I was in a neck brace, unable even to hold my head up. Facing unbearable pain, in hope of healing my cervical neck injuries and jaw, I began to use a cold laser machine sent to me by my uncle. Every doctor discounted any hope the laser would help me.

However, I decided to throw all of the pain pills away and give 100% of my faith in God for my healing! The laser finally began to generate new tissue; bones in my neck and jaw. This success prompted me to get my license as a laser therapist.

While I was at home healing, a friend facing his own rotator cuff tear (shoulder injury) came to visit me. He asked me to try the laser on him. He commented on how my hands felt hot and had a healing effect on him. The laser healed him fully in only two sessions. He shared his success down at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach.

Afterwards, I repaired the Achilles heel of a prominent trainer with only one session with my bare hands, the laser and chanting prayers. The word of my healing ability spread like wildfire. His doctor was shocked with the results. Plans for surgery on his Achilles heel were canceled. I suddenly had 200 people literally lined up at my home!

This laser proved to be more than just a gadget; in my hands it became a conduit for God’s energy. With the wheelchair in the corner, I stood on my feet to heal people all day long. More healing gifts began to rapidly unfold. I never advertised and I worked from my living room. Within six months, I also became a Reiki Master, and more energetic abilities emerged. People came from all over to see me, including many holistic practitioners and people in spiritual groups.

About a year later, another shift took place, and I began to channel while removing energies out of people’s bodies. My ability to channel became stronger. I began having rapid eye movements and scanning abilities, with my eyes blinking and informing me of the presence and absence of physical conditions. My eyes blink in codes, as a tool of communication from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and Angels, and let me know when a disturbance has been detected within a person’s body.

While my hands are on the person’s body, I receive information intuitively and through my eyes’ blinking. The information is similar to what an MRI or X-ray would reveal. In this way, I am also able to detect trapped emotions and negative energies encapsulated in the body.

Since my awakening in 2013, many healing gifts have rapidly emerged and continue to lead to many miraculous healings. I now have a large practice in Sherman Oaks and travel nationally and internationally for healing events.

Please tell us about The Healing Trilogy Ministry.
Kimberly Meredith is the founder of the The Healing Trilogy, a non-denominational ministry that welcomes and accepts people of all race, religion, and spiritual beliefs. We truly honor and respect every living soul. We believe that God is love and by accepting the power of our higher consciousness, we can be healed and have peace on earth.

The Healing Trilogy continues to progressively move forward in the advancement of conscious healing. We continue to witness many miraculous healings, which allow people to experience what is possible through God. When you put your trust into the Holy Spirit, it expands. There is no better person to relay this message than one who has received.

With each step you take toward personal healing, raising the vibration of your consciousness and leading by example in support of a vision you believe in, you create the possibility to become the hope you seek.

The Healing Trilogy offers the following services:

  • In-person Medical Intuitive Scan & Healing
  • Skype Sessions
  • Laying-on Hands and/or Psychic Surgery Hands-on Healing
  • Receiving the Miraculous Miracles Events
  • DNA Activation Classes
  • Monthly Breast Screening Medical Intuitive Scans
  • Healing Trilogy Pilgrimages
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Spiritual Trace Channeling Session
  • Cold Laser Collagen Regeneration Facial-BIO Stimulation
  • Animal Pet Scan & Healing Session

Medical Intuitive Scan & Healing:
Kimberly’s scans are analogous to an X-RAY or MRI scan. Our physical body has an energy blueprint. The intuitive scan perceives energy blockages, areas of stress and disease within this blueprint. Specific medical details and trapped emotions are revealed. This provides an energetic portrait of the client.

The first step is to be relaxed, breathe and be open to the process of the dimension of miracles.

As a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon and Hands-on Healer, Kimberly uses this energetic information to develop a holistic plan for healing that can comprise not only the physical dimension but also the mental and emotional as well. She can see the physical body as an energy blueprint, is guided where to lay hands by the Spirits and is often guided to do psychic surgery.

Kimberly’s unique technique of blinking and using her hands to scan over your entire body are highly accurate. We kindly ask you to record your session to maintain important information that is being channeled to you. Adults and children are welcome.

Skype Session:
Kimberly is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Surgeon and Hands-on Healer, using this energetic information to develop a holistic plan for healing that can comprise not only the physical dimension but also the mental and emotional as well. She can see the physical body as an energy blueprint and is guided on where to lay hands by the Spirits.

If you like, please have questions for the Spirits to answer. This is a fully trance- channeled session. A Medical Intuitive Scan will follow with healing to serve your higher good and growth.

You may record the session to hear the various types of information that is being channeled to you. You must have a Skype account already set up. Kimberly needs to see your entire body in order to scan you at your appointment time. We kindly ask you to record your session to maintain important information that is being channeled to you. Adults, Children & Animals are welcomed.

Spiritual Trance-Channeling Session:
Kimberly provides individualized Spiritual Trance-Channeling Sessions to help you develop your own unique gifts on all levels. Kimberly assists those who are living in the 3rd Dimension of fear-based decisions, to move forward to the 5th Dimension of abundance, love and God. We want as many people as possible living true to their most authentic self in daily life, making healthy and heartfelt decisions.

During a Spiritual Channeling & Mediumship Session, we look at the flow of your life-energy, where balance can be restored, where and how regeneration is possible and permitted. Kimberly is guided to channel many Ascended Masters to answer your questions. Please have your questions prepared in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ format. Health and flow on all levels is the biggest pattern, so that is our focus.

Animal Pet Scan & Healing Session:
Kimberly will need you to have your pet on a leash, or in a carrier when you arrive in the office. She will be directed by the Spirits to do an energetic scan and then a healing. We will be praying together as the healing takes place. Both you and your pet will fill an altered state of calmness and relaxation. You can compare notes at that time with your doctor’s notes.

Please have your questions prepared in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ format to ask about medications to Kimberly’s guides. Animals easily accept the healing of the Holy Spirit energy. They are natural creatures that live in the moment. You are encouraged to take notes and record the session.


  • $300.00 – 60-minute session fee (In-Person)
  • $250 – 60 minute session fee for Animals
  • $300.00 – 60-minute session fee (Skype)

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
One day when I was outside with my paternal grandfather, Lloyd, who was teaching me how to ride a bicycle, I found a dead bird. I’m not sure why I decided to do this, but it felt instinctual. I laid my hands on the bird, and I began to pray on the dead bird.

To my surprise, the bird miraculously began to move around in an effort to flap its wings. It had come back to life! I didn’t know what to think. I tried to ignore it and tell myself that it did not really happen, but that didn’t last for very long.

Finally, I went inside to tell my grandmother about it. She came outside to see the bird and seemed surprised, but then made a comment about my maternal great-grandmother Josephina. She said, “Maybe you’re taking after her with healing abilities.

If God wanted the bird to come back, that’s good. You did good, Chon.” Afterwards, I was so happy! I felt the energy and joy of God.

I had an exceptionally close relationship with my paternal grandmother, Bernice. When I was two months-old, a family friend mentioned how I was such a pretty baby and gifted me with an unusual Vietnamese name, “Chon.” All of my family and friends called me “Chon.” My grandmother, Bernice, called me “Chon” until her death.

For many years I believed “Chon” meant “pretty baby.”

Years later, after the divine intervention, my Reiki Master told me “Chon” meant “God” in Vietnamese. My grandmother Bernice had been unknowingly calling me “God” all of those years.

Moments with my grandmother were some of my fondest childhood memories. I always cherished the time with her.

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