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Meet Kathy Murphy of Recreate Beyond Limits in Greater LA, Ventura County

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kathy Murphy.

Kathy, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Jan 2, 2015, I got hit on the head by a surfboard and knocked out. I came to and was swallowing water, and could not move. I could not believe after all I had been through recently care and loss of both parents, divorce, Lyme disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and was removed from a 34-year career. I could not believe this was it for me. Then something pulled me back on the board, I was still alive. I knew from that moment on that God had plans my purpose here was not over. I went back to school and became a certified health coach, then life coach, and still study and work with my own coaches and mentors so I can better serve others. I had been coaching others my whole life in many ways.

I wanted to help others see that it is never too late for us to start again. All of our lives get flipped over so many times, but we can always flip it back again. I believe we get a do-over every day. I have years of do-overs, and always lived outside the box, and created what people thought was impossible.

I incorporated surfing into my coaching, because I had to bring all of me, what I loved, including surfing into my business. I have always helped people get comfortable in the uncomfortable, helped them work through fears, and do things they thought were crazy and seemed impossible.

I think what helped me as a coach was that I was raised in a family where you always just figured things out, so my creativity helped me to always see a way where there was not one.

Today I am living my dream in Ventura, California. I am a coach and am now an author, singer/songwriter, and an inspirational speaker. I still surf, and often with my adult kids and cockapoo Shami. I help others to see that their dream belongs to them, and is within reach too.

I have continued my personal growth journey that recreates my life constantly. This past winter, I played in a creating the impossible group with my mentor Michael Neill, and it took my coaching and understanding of how life works to a whole new level. During the three month program, my dog and I wrote, published and released a book with our message “SAYS WHO”. I also wrote/sang/recorded a song “SAYS WHO”, and got onto national radio. I had no clue how to do any of these things before I began, and I did not do any of them the way the world messages told me I should. You see, my message to people is that what’s holding them back from living their dream, is just misunderstandings about how life works, limiting messages that got inside telling them what they cannot do, should do. They get to choose, to ask themself, “says who I have to live a certain way.” I also wanted to show people through them, that there is no one way to do life for everyone, we are missing out on our potential when we try to fit in.

When we learn to dance with life, the creative energy I call God, (it does not matter the name) life can be lived lighter, be more fun, and fully alive. We realize what is really available to us in life, and see choice and possibility beyond our wildest imagination.

Today, I do not over plan, overthink, or try to control so much as I used to. I am less stressed out, burned out, and when I get knocked out, I bounce back quickly. I know that life is to be lived just by showing up and moving in the direction we know we are meant to: step by step. I have more peace in the chaotic times, more joy, and I experience all of what life brings, knowing it is just part of the natural flow of all life. I am helping my clients and everyone I connect to, to bring more of that into their lives as well. That helps me to know that I am on the path that is mine, fully alive.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
No, not a smooth road, if it had been, I would not be who I am today. It was October 7, 2012, I was surrounded by seven armed men telling me not to move. I did not work in a bank or a convenience store. It was my office, and some of the men I had worked with before. A high-level political state office had sent them to take me out. I wasn’t sure at the moment if it meant out of my job or take me out personally. It was a long journey back from that, but I had become resilient and unstoppable from a young age, and it was a good thing because I felt as though life was over for me. What I loved, what I was passionate about was taken from me. However, I left knowing that I fought to the end for the public to get to do what they loved, and for years that opportunity would still be available to them, and that made the struggle worthwhile.

In 1974 I became on the first women firefighters, that was far from smooth. No one wanted us, and they openly tried to make us fail. In 1977 I became one of the first women peace officers. We had to work twice as hard, and in those days were openly treated differently. I felt it was worth the struggles and despite being told I could not do it, I persisted, for me, and for everyone who came after me.

I always fought the system and found a way to do things, despite the naysayers. Even in the political arena, I was always up for a fight, if I knew it was for the good of the people. I took chances, I took risks, I found a way.

Recreate Beyond Limits – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
My company is recreate beyond limits. I am a transformative life coach. I help women stop buying into the limiting messages and create a more empowered life experience. Most of them who come to me are stressed out, burned out, and working harder and harder to get it all done. For a while they can do it, and are high achieving women, but then things start to fall apart. Their relationships are all challenging, especially with themself as they try every self-help technique and tool, but the anxious thoughts keep them overthinking and trying to control life. Many of them have anxiety.

I specialize in helping women stop living the life they thought they should, and start living the life they wish they could. I am known for waking people up, helping them to come alive. People fall in love with life when they work with me, as the journey unfolds they spend time doing what they love, having fun again, getting back in touch with their inner voice, the kid inside. They find a newfound peace, joy, and freedom no matter what the circumstances are outside them. I am also known locally because I take people surfing as part of coaching, stretching comfort zones and playing with peoples fears in a fun way.

What sets me apart is that rather than helping people with only what they perceive is in their way of what they want, the problem, and focusing on that, I focus on helping them to understand how life really works, what our true nature is. When they realize and see this for themselves everything in their life shifts, and every area of their life gets better. Everything outside them appears to have totally changed too. On the journey, the past stories are no longer impacting them, they do not worry about the future, and past perceived limits and problems are no longer a problem. They become fully alive and engaged in each moment. Coaching in this way is life-changing because when they see what is really available to them in life for themselves, it stays with them always.

I am most proud as a company of the smiles, joy, and aliveness that I am able to help others create in their lives. I am also proud of the company for the work I do with teens teaching self-leadership and life skills in a program called GIRL BU, with a foundation I started to create powerful women leaders of the future.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
For me, success is “living” a fully alive engaged life, enjoying the ride and experience no matter what it brings. It is spending time connecting with family, friends and people. It is bringing smiles to faces, helping people enjoy life, and serving others. Success is not a number or a thing to be measured by the outside world. Markers for me are First: Am I in the game: playing full out? Am I showing up each day? If so, I am successful. Additionally : Am I having fun being me? Am I staying open to God working through me? Am I doing what I know to help create a better world?

Contact Info:

  • Address: Ventura California
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  • Instagram: @recreatebeyondlimits.
  • Facebook: recreatebeyondlimits@sayswhoisyou Facebook page
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