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Meet Jennifer Molina of Enchantress Thee Babbler Spiritual Services

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Molina.

Jennifer, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I have always been spiritually inclined and tapped into this esoteric way of life. Ever since I was a little girl, I experienced increased levels of heightened senses and awareness & it was my mother who was my early Earthly guide who helped me through many challenging episodes experienced as a child – she was my first introduction to the spirit of Unconditional Love vibrations up until the day she died when I was only nine.

After she passed, life for myself was not an easy road and definitely the road less traveled. When most kids were playing (although I played) I was interested in ghost, aliens, ESP, Psychic Powers, Martial Arts, Being a Faery ninja, witchcraft, tarot cards, ASTROLOGY, and anything else that was typically not widely accepted nor openly shared. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I was raised Catholic and studied all religions. Learning has never escaped me and it is something I am passionate about. Interesting facet about my upbringing is that no one in my family taught me any of these things nor was any of these practices that others in my family followed. I literally was drawn to playing cards & declared myself this wizard & had learned so many card tricks – so anyone and everyone (all the adults in my life) I wowed them with card tricks that I learned to master. During these times, I also learned that playing cards spoke to me in different ways and that I was able to communicate other kinds of messages using cards and from five years old and up, I was doing cartomancy and then sometime later read a book on it and studied it – by the time I was ten I was an avid cartomancy reader and by the age of 11 my uncle bought me my first real tarot deck that came with crystals and I LOVED it!

An active leader & team player in every community I have been a part of and I have received numerous awards for all of my accomplishments during all of my academic years. I come from a family line of domestic abuse – many whom battle addictions, anger, behavioral patterns & conditioning and although I struggled at first to get myself out of this karmic trap and cycle – my entire life purpose has been geared towards the evolution of our human species and overcoming cycles of abuse, pain & addictions that were never healthy for any of us. Even though I have been a victim in many of my old stories, it was not anything that I have ever broadcasted to the world. Instead, I found that it was I that people were drawn to always and without identifying myself yet as an Empath – I naturally gravitated towards helping everyone that the divine brought into my world. As a small child, I was the therapist to many of thee adults in my life & so naturally while receiving an education, I was led to study fields that allowed me to be that beacon of light and hope to others. Varying forms of art in its expressions are my grandest tools of healing methodologies that I gravitate towards instantly and it is a huge part of my lifestyle and the align of work that I do on a daily basis.

Shortly after starting college, I became a mother to a beautiful Glowing Goddess whom I have raised on my own since she was 1-1/2 -2 years old. During these times, my spirituality was not the main focus in my world although it was always an active part of my life. My daughter born gifted immediately showed me that her connection to the divine also was powerfully strong and active. I did not want her to ever feel like she could not be open with her experiences and so she has always been raised to know no other way but this way of spirituality. For the first ten years of her life, I was highly ambitious and worked proudly within the fashion industry and excelled magically in this department. By this time in my life, I was dating this Psycho whom after four years of dating, found a way to completely isolate me and rule me with fear and so I no longer was allowed to work in the fashion industry because it created horror for me behind the scenes – so for two years, I was this prisoner fearing a man whom she felt would kill her one day while afraid of all the threats he made to those she loved. It was during this time when rock bottom hit for me that I began to go public again with my creativity – because I needed an outlet of expression that was more than my diary.

Then that was when I created Enchanting Babble on blogger. It became my outlet of cryptic poetic expression that allowed me to share my story without revealing my story. It also tapped me back into spirit. I became an active member of this Christian church and was a teacher for the kids which is something I taught for years when I was younger and fulfilling my duties as a Catholic Church Member. Children have always been an important factor in my life in regard to the align of work I currently do. Our children are our futures and they motivate me to continue to work on my own evolution and assist the collective as I have always been led to do. The only part that was missing from the entire equation was my truth in acknowledgment over this. It takes time to see the whole picture that is being painted abstractly that during the living moments of the experience, we sometimes just simply can not see it in its entirety. Even though all of this may have been going on personally with me – I was still the go to person for everyone else. But I now understand all this lifelong learning I have done that was preparing me for the life that I now experience today – and the beauty of me knowing that even now, my purpose is still expanding while I grow into my own infinite potential.

Either way, flash forward in time to when I worked up the courage to leave ALL ABUSE behind, I safely made my exit from the Psychopath in 2010 – and thankful as ever to have survived, I went into my healing hermit mode for years to explore my own inner shrine and discover whom I was at this time. Going back into civilization after being held prisoner was rather eye-opening for me because now I went back into an industry for me. I was successfully thriving in two years prior and now I was questioning all of its meaning. No longer did these things resonate. I ended up constantly changing jobs and feeling like what am I to do next? I was fortunate enough to land an awesome freelance position within the fashion industry that allowed me to operate my functions from anywhere.& so this is when I used my new created time to explore educational pursuits again. This is when my career evolution began because I went from Fashion World to New York College of Health Professions where I studied Occupational Therapy / Massage Therapy / Yoga and it was here where my mindfulness living practice truly began. The mix of both Eastern and Western modalities of practice brightened my world view and allowed me to approach the science of healing with mind, body, heart and soul concepts. Learning the true nature of my innate ability to be able to intuitively know where to touch someone without them ever having to say what is bothering them because I already know – it is rather fascinating.

Attending this college awakened me to the conduit of healing that I am and have always been while and afforded me the opportunity to gain the needed knowledge of all these concepts, practices, methods and functions that resonate with me that I practiced naturally but the self-acknowledgment that would help me to see was laying dormant in me awaiting for what lay dormant to reveal itself into my consciousness. Working alongside and learning from Powerful Spiritual Practitioners of varying degrees was an honor for me to be a part of in my own educational development. It was during these times that thee Empathic Humanitarian began to unleash and I started living this lifestyle more and more as I discovered new ways to be a part of this evolutionary cycle. I became a NYC Volunteer, Certified Hospice Volunteer, and I began to break away from my own judgments about my Spirituality and I began to use my growing platforms to offer Spiritual guidance for free and the response I received was encouraging for me and so I continued to expand this way as I explored furthermore the emerging doors that were opening for me. After completing my course studies and learning that Massage therapy was still not the path for me because draining of my energies, it had become due to the ongoing demand of my services.

So when I was done studying this field, I had determined that it was a part of my journey but not my destination. This shocked everyone because they had no clue why in the world, I would not put into active use my skills and find success in that way – so I was asked by those close why did. I waste my time studying something I had no intention of using? That was a good question – but the only answer that felt right at that time was that it was a part of my journey and not my destination. So for the first two years after schooling, I did nothing in the field of Massage Therapy / Occupational Therapy. Yoga was the only practice I applied daily in my life and was also teaching at the Hudson Guild School in NYC as a New York Cares Volunteer. During this time, I was embracing my growing online popularity and exploring my creativity in various ways like making crystal jewelry and doing tons of FREE stuff. While I was figuring it all out and allowing time to pass by all I knew was that I did not ever want to go back to 9-5. I was able to stretch it out for some time but I am a single mother and I had to hold down the fort. So after all of this exploration, I was left feeling drained and experiencing heavy spiritual downloads in cosmic seeing ways and No income being generated that would be considered sustainable so I was forced to go back to work in order to survive.

Going back to work put me back into the matrix but unplugged from the matrix and I knew I had to figure it out I just did not know what exactly I was figuring out. Meanwhile, I was always doing it – I was always helping. I was always guiding others. I was always thee therapist for those around me. I was always the Healing energy everyone needed to rub off from because it felt good. But still, I couldnt see my purpose. During this time of going back to 9-5, I wrote & published my first Poetic style book called The Darker Knight Light of My Soul – A mini lovesick adventure. This book inspired by Love and the Twin Flame /Soul Mate concept and it took an encounter with another soul to spark the flames ignited in this book. Still due to my experience of the energetic drain from the Massage Therapy Field, I refused to consider this as an option and so it was not an option.

Led by the divine, I was being guided to leave the 9-5 industry I found myself trapped in and like a wild card, I took a chance to start afresh with this Entrepreneur dude that was a major part of the Golf Industry. It was here that he helped further open my eyes as to what I can be doing in my life. It was with him that I was beginning to see the conditioning of my world and how I, too desired to create something of my own that I loved. It was here that I also learned I can not be told what to do – or that I was done with being told what to do. Sometimes it takes being fed up to make needed changes. So we departed ways and I serendipitously came into contact with two different companies that guided me back into an industry that was more up my ally. One of them I still work for as an Independent Contractor for The Children’s School of Yoga, is an awesome Yoga Program offered to children and families at various locations throughout the Hudson Valley, NY region, Rockland, Westchester, NY counties, Bergen, Essex County, NJ, Fairfield County CT, Pike County, Pennsylvania, NYC, Hoke, Cumberland, Lee County and North Carolina. Her program has taught thousands of students yoga starting from as young as one-year-old. After her training that was without pay and which felt like a forever process, I finally began a joyous new outlet for myself doing something I absolutely LOVE. I have traveled for her Company and have taught 100s of students varying in ages from 1 year old to 17 years old.

At the same time, I was introduced to another successful Entrepreneur Woman that was rising in her industry as the youngest Successful Female Franchisor. This Company is what brought me back to Energy Bodywork and my own personal discoveries of what I desire to do with my gifts. I appreciate the training received at this Stretch Studio and I was vibing with two Women Founders who inspired me further to discover what dream I am to create into reality. I still did not see this clearly but I was in a way better position of being able to discover my highest potential. All of it leading me into the position I am happily growing as I continue to expand my healing practices. My life work is centered on assisting the collective on their own evolution with my own uniqueness that inspires new waves of healing to take place that is not limited to the more traditional conditioned views of therapy and healing. Energy Body Work, Coaching, Teaching and Creative Entertainment are my specialties. I use my entire life experience as a blueprint to the calling of my life that has always been waiting for me to claim it. I am thankful for the people whom I learn so much from and have as mentors. It has provided me with glorious tools to implement in my life to structure my services in a way that works.

The reason I created my website was because of the overwhelming responses from others I was receiving in regards to people desiring to book me for readings, channeled messages, coaching, yoga, energy bodywork, and all other forms of spirituality that is individualized. Led by spirit, I was pushed to launch my website even when I felt I was not ready and thankful I am to have listened to the guidance being received because I launched my website right before our current Pandemic hit and it was during the Pandemic that my Spiritual Work and services became all of a sudden on full high demand & having the website helped organize this new platform of business I was always doing without structure and order. Had I not created the site when I did. I am not sure I would of been able to handle with grace the amount of souls that contacted me during this lockdown period. Having created this site has further expanded my Spiritual Services and business in so many fabulous ways. I am not better able to assist the collective along with those that desire more than general assistance made free to the public.

I work with so many beautiful souls I am eternally grateful. There is not just one line of work that I do on a daily basis. I work with Professional Athletes on a daily basis providing my own Signature style of Energy Body Work that is tailored to match their specific needs. I actively teach in the NJ / NY area and online for the Children’s School of Yoga. I am an active Blogger and Youtuber offering loads of free content that is healing, helpful and evolutionary for those that find me. Those that seek me for guidance are those who are ready for such levels of depth into their current now moments of reality. I not only approach things spiritually but scientifically and practically. Granted there is a lot of knowledge I receive from the divine that defies all logic and reasoning. But there is a lot of science and truth to many understandings of our body systems that with proper knowledge and execution of communication to help others to better understand their entire functioning system is everything that I do in more structured ways now that offer long-term benefits and results. As youthful as I appear, there is a lot of divine wisdom existing here. I help people tap into their own fountain of youth that it is even believed by many I work with that they look and feel younger ever since working with me.

Understanding my involvement with social media, I feel is important because it was a huge catalyst to the Inspirational part of me being made public, a new version of me being born. I was never really active on social media because when it became popular, I was a prisoner who was not even allowed to think for herself & because it was not a part of my generation, it was not anything craved by me – so the blog I had started back in 2008-2009 was more than satisfying for me and it was serving a purpose that was helping me be more open. The growth of my blog did not take place till years later actually and I was informed by someone else that my blog had developed a large viewing. I started the blog in 2008-2009 and it was not until like 2012-2013 that my blog went from 0-5 views, if I were even lucky to now having over 60,000 views. This was around the time Instagram was becoming more popular. Instagram being the first social media platform aside from blogger that I actually loved. So it was on Instagram that I started to develop my speaking voice – and it was on these two platforms that began my journey into Living my Life Purpose although this was not at all evident to me during the process. I was one of the early birds on Instagram too which is why my name is @Enchantress which is constantly a target for hackers who keep attempting to take over my account. After the movie Suicide Squad was released my account was not safe and I was even hacked and for a few days till Instagram resolved the issue, I had lost my account to a hacker who wanted the name, Thankfully I got my account back and it made me have a whole newfound appreciation for the creation I was a part of making. Till this day, people still attempt to offer me payment for the name, It is not for sale.

SO for most of my time, I was only sharing on two platforms that resonated with me even when I created others… The others never moved me like blogger and Instagram did – now I am also in love with YouTube. It is on these magical platforms that I have grown more in confidence about the path I feel called upon to do and it is also a wonderful platform that has increased my client base due to the audience that supports me constantly and is growing.

I may be in the healing field but it is my artistic drive that motivates me. My voice is sound healing too. I speak poetically naturally. I am a Creative Artist that moves passionately with Joyous expression. It is this alchemy in me that continues to attract souls that need my assistance. Having grown in my own experiences and understanding of energies and currencies, I am able to healthily better assist and contribute to the expansion of Alternative Lifestyle Healing Practices that educate and inspire others to heal and feel transformed.

Due to my life experiences of overcoming abuse, addictions, breaking behavioral conditioning patterns and generational curses – I am an extremely an Expert in helping others grow through and work through many of their blockages, challenges and toxicities. Trained and highly skilled in Reiki Energy Body Work, Stretch assisted practices and alternative healing methods proven to work overtime – I continuously thrive on developing successful methods of treatment and self-care that is remarkably life transformative for those that I have the privilege of working with. There is no one way to do things – but I am an Explorer and love to discover varying ways that are beneficial to our evolution. Mind, Body, heart and soul infusions is the theme of my life work. I see with clarity now the road I traveled to get me here where I am able to be a motivating influence to thousands at a time and it certainly has transformed my life.

My relationship with my daughter is a remarkable one. She was not raised at all traditionally and it is she and I who have broken the generational pattern of conditioning of living in our family tree. My daughter is a highly evolved Soul incarnated on this planet with her own mission that she is actively pursuing. I am a proud mother to a 19 years old Goddess who is following her passions and creating the life she dreams. She is the one who nominated me for this and shocked I am of her surprise action that truly is not typical of her to do and it is with gratitude I receive her most thoughtful kind gesture which further motivates me to continue on this path. It means the world to me that she believes in what I do and that is an honor.

Some terms used in life that can describe the kind of work I do: Shaman, Witch Doctor, Alchemist, Reiki Master, Energy worker, Body Worker, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Channeler, Empath, Seer, Artist, Healer, Earth Angel, Light Worker, Stretch Specialist, Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Poetess, Writer / Author, Intuitive Guide, Mother, Coach, Teacher / Educator, entertainer, Comedian, Starseed.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Lack Mindset due to growing up in perceived poverty. Overcoming abuse and trauma. Raising my daughter on my own. Being the black sheep of my family and feeling alone. Struggling to survive by having to make a living slaving away. Fighting off energy attacks. Dealing with Narcissist. Going against the grain, I was isolated in every way. Dealing with hateful and jealous people. People pleasing. My extra sensory overloads that made it difficult to be around people at times. My life has been no smooth road until now and still, there are challenges we must face always. Being an Empath and not understanding the heavy that comes with being one.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Enchantress Thee Babbler Spiritual Services – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
Enchantress Thee Babbler Spiritual Services is an Umbrella to many of the things I do that are not limited by any shape or form. My Artisan Healing platform is constantly transforming and evolving as I transform and evolve too.

I am a Social Media Influencer with a growing following where I share healing energies, insight, knowledge and offer free guidance to many souls. The three major platforms used for my business is my blog with over 1/2 million views and growing ( my YouTube channel with over 26,000 views – which is currently being phased out because I created a new YT channel same theme and concept and even the same name. Also, my Instagram with over 2000 followers which I am very active within these communities.

There are several things I am notorious for one of them is my Exceptional energy bodywork. My hands have been called gods and my Intuitive knowing of being able to help others with their pain and assist them with major healing is my signature trademark. I do not work like a traditional massage therapist or physical therapist. This is entirely a signature blend of energy bodywork that infuses both eastern and western modalities of treatment. The greatest tool used is my intuition and channeling of the divine during any session of mine. Magic occurs.

My Spiritual Guidance and personal readings are most popular and I have astounding reviews on my google business page. I have been giving people readings and intuitive guidance for over 25 years.

My work with children is exceptional although it is separate from my personal Spiritual Services being offered. My work with children is under my role as an Independent Contractor for the Children’s School of Yoga. I am one of the popular requested teachers – a favorite of the kids.

My presence is healing and my voice is therapy for many people. Oftentimes people book me for my energy which becomes a muse of inspiration for them.

My knowledge and ability to communicate complex issues or understandings of things esoteric in knowledge and the science of applying these concepts in our 3D landscape is a huge part of my calling – the ability to make sense out of what is challenging to comprehend about these concepts. is highly sought out by people who resonate with me and who contact me due to a recommendation from others who work with me.

I specialize in energy/bodywork that can not be taught. I help people on their awakening journey to better understand the process. Currently, I assist many on the developing a better understanding / innerstanding of the processes that are occurring in and around them that go outside the norm.

My energy sets me apart from others and my mastering of alchemy is major healing energy & also in high demand for me in my field for various reasons all depending on what is being requested by me from others who seek my services. I help a lot of people work through their Shadows which is similar to therapy but approaching the shadow sides from an alternative perspective that incorporates all multidimensional layers of reality and it all depends on the belief system, readiness and openness to the person that I am working with. Because of the levels of overwhelm I had experienced with people reaching out to me, I have created various affordable services that were inspired by those who contacted me for help and in this discovery, I constantly evolve because there is no limit to the kind of stuff people will contact me for – it can be for energy bodywork, a reading, a house clearing, reiki, dream analysis, musings, an ear to listen, advice, intuitive guidance, coaching, crystal healing, automatic writings and channelings, insight, tips and tricks, knowledge, custom made items such as candles, rituals, affirmations, energy crystal wands, and so much more. Opening my online business has further expanded my business by allowing me to healthily handle the demand of others that simply seek help for whatever brings them my way.

No matter what, I am an artist all day everyday and my poetry is very healing and I look forward to sharing more of my personal artwork with the world. Please look at this video collaboration between I and Lucy Martin who is the videographer and editor of this artistic collab to my very first shared Lyrical Poetry Video.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
YES, there are so many wonderful plans for the future that I am excitedly preparing for and working on NOW.

There is much to be expected in regard to the align of work that I do. Also, connecting with many other Spiritual leaders and learning from my mentors have motivated these current projects of mine.

I plan to bring into tangible reality wonderful things that would benefit our world mind, body, heart and soul. I am currently in the process of building this legacy of Alternative Healing methods & tools with all my wonderful creative ideas inspired through the divine – my experiences have strengthened my resolve in making sure that my Artisan ways also highlights the way that assists the collective healthily and powerfully. Thankful to have reached this level of stability within my own field that now allows for me to further expand on my practice in sharing all this valuable information that are healing tools needed on this earth. Evolutionary growth motivates me more. I am excited to have the ability now to finally take action on many NEW divination designs, formats and tools the divine has inspired me to create that will benefit others and assist in transmutation and transformation and our elevation here on earth to live our best lives always in our now.

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