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Meet Hollywood Photographer: Lizzy Land

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lizzy Land.

Lizzy, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I fell in love with photography nine years ago and haven’t put a camera down since. My parents got me my first DSLR one Christmas thinking it would be a waste of money but were pleasantly surprised when they noticed that all I wanted to do was take photos all the time. I have been taking numerous photo classes since high school and am still learning just what it is I want to do and want to shoot all the time but I have all the time in the world to keep on learning and shooting.

Has it been a smooth road?
I was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014 and had no motivation, nor the physical ability to pick up a camera and take it out to shoot. It wasn’t until the new year post treatment that I was able to rekindle my love with the world my lens could show me. Thankfully, photography will always be there for you whether or not you take a small hiatus.

How would you describe the type of kid you were growing up?
My dad used to say that I “ran on air”–I would try to get the most out of my days waking up at the crack of dawn and barely stopping to eat. My endless energy went towards any and all kinds of art I could get my hands on and to any and all things I could climb. I wanted to do a little bit of everything–dabbling in piano, gymnastics, tennis, hip hop, ballet, art classes, volunteering with animals, and even my local church choir.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
On one particularly rainy day in Los Angeles (this doesn’t happen frequently, you know?) I finally got to break out my favorite yellow rain jacket and boots and ran as fast as I could outside with my classic Alice in Wonderland umbrella jumping in the deepest puddles almost getting swept away by the river the street always creates by the curb. My dad got this great picture mid-jump that makes it look like my umbrella was taking me away Mary-Poppins-style.

So, what should we be on the lookout for, what’s next in store for you?
I want to continue my art and take a small break before being thrown into the graduate school world for yet another degree. I’m looking forward to future experiences and things that get thrown my way and most importantly to share what I can with LA and with the world. For once I think I’m ready.

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