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Meet Heidi Rose Robbins of The Radiance Project

Today we’d like to introduce you to Heidi Rose Robbins.

Heidi Rose, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up in Fargo, North Dakota with an astrologer father and an architect mother. My father taught me the zodiac with my ABC’s, and we colored chakras in blank notebooks at the kitchen table.

My mother taught me to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, to love art and to be a keen observer. As a child, I always loved expressing myself. I loved poetry, music, and theater in particular. For years, I followed the artistic path eventually earning my MFA in Acting.

Simultaneously, when I turned 19 years old, I asked my father to help me learn astrology in earnest. So, for many years, my love of astrology and my artistic path ran together. I started to offer readings while living in Seattle in the late 90’s and my astrology business has grown organically since. I see clients all over the world and use astrology to give the gift of perspective and encouragement.

Astrology is such a beautiful tool for self-compassion and forgiveness. It helps to clarify purpose and stimulates action. About 10 years ago, I began offering Radiant Life Retreats for women which blend my love of astrology, poetry and good company. We have gathered in Ojai twice a year, every year, to deepen our understanding of ourselves and one another.

We grow through embodying the astrological energies and work in partnership to help us all outgrow old patterns and obstructions. We steep in beautiful poetry, delicious food, great counsel and friendship. I have written poetry since I was 10 years old. My first book, This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty, was published in 2013.

And I have presented my poetry at two different TedX events in Los Angeles over the last 4 years. I love how poetry pierces the heart and can cut through to what matters most. Last year, I began a podcast which combines all my great loves called The Radiance Project.

In every episode, I talk with a guest about their astrological chart and how their lives reflect these energies. We share poetry that I have chosen specifically for the guest, and we talk about what Radiance means in our lives. Every episode helps grow our community and build the light.

I like to call myself a poet with the map of the heavens in my pocket. One of my greatest joys is to inspire and encourage us all to be our truest, most authentic, radiant selves.

Has it been a smooth road?
I have been self- employed for most of my adult life. And I have been self-employed as an astrologer which initially was not easy. Everyone is curious about astrology, but everyone also has a very strong opinion about it as well. It took me years to learn to feel at ease when someone would ask what I do for a living. Now I love to share. But initially, I felt I had to justify.

Astrology has gotten a very bad rap over the years, and that is in part, the fault of astrologers themselves. Astrology is a beautiful science and art that can deeply support us throughout a lifetime. It is a science of cycles and relationships. It is not fortune telling, and I am not psychic. It is not meant to scare people or forecast doom and gloom.

It is a way for us to work in greater harmony with one another and the natural world. It is a way for us to consciously evolve. And yes, it took me many years to find the language around this that helped me feel excited and committed to share the gifts of astrology.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into The Radiance Project story. Tell us more about the business.
My business is comprised of my one-on-one astrology readings, a twice-weekly podcast called The Radiance Project, and handwritten moon-notes, which I post on Instagram every morning around 6 AM, discussing the astrological forecast for the day.

Finally, there’s the Radiant Life Retreats where I’ll work closely with a group of women over a long weekend two to four times a year. I am known for solid, deep astrological counsel and the communities I have built based on love, radiance and mutual support. I have had many clients for over 10 or 15 years.

My clients return for perspective and encouragement. We navigate the journey of their lives together. We hold the greatest, widest view. Many of the people I’ve worked with also have a whole new relationship with the world of poetry. Poetry has opened their lives and soothed their souls. I love introducing poetry as another way to offer counsel and balm to our unfolding journey.

I care deeply about my clients and love more than anything to introduce people that have something to offer one another. So many amazing things have been created after The Radiant Life retreats. Lifelong friendships and collaborations are created. It is tangible and palpable love in action.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I see more and more people in their 20’s and 30’s completely open and excited to study and learn more about astrology. I think there is an openness and willingness to learn about ourselves through many different mediums and tools.

I love the radical new acceptance of paths outside the status quo — there’s less resistance to these new ideas now than when I first started. I love that people are willing to experiment and consider something outside the purely rational realm.

Many of us are realizing that energy and consciousness imbue everything and astrology is simply a tool that works with that realization. I am deeply encouraged about how astrology is being used by many more people as a concrete tool to help guide and unfold their lives.

I hope that within the next 10 years, parents and teachers and employers all begin to use the language of astrology more to deepen our understanding of one another and to support each person’s unfolding journey.


  • Snapshot Astrology Readings of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are available for $48.
  • A full, in-depth astrology reading is $280/hour. You will receive an audio of the reading and your actual chart. You can register for a reading -in person or via zoom – at

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