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Meet Dena Crowder

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dena Crowder.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Dena. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
It all began in a living room. What started as a small gathering of women for an evening of tea and transformation became a vocation.

I was in my twenties, and a few months earlier, I’d attended a seminar led by my mentor, a pioneer in personal development and transformation for business. At one point, while speaking to an audience of about 200, she paused to say: “it’s time for some of you get off the path you’re on and find your destiny.” She looked straight at me and continued: “This is for you, Dena.”

Heeding her counsel, I embarked upon a self-directed “Destiny Quest.” Meanwhile, a number of friends began asking me for help—mostly on matters of love and romance. “Hey, I’m busy seeking my destiny,” I told them.

Finally, I agreed to host an evening called The Essential Woman™. Twenty women showed up. As the night wore on, one participant turned to me and declared: “Dena, you can stop looking for your destiny. This is it.”

Thus, The Essential Woman™ was born. Over the next few years, I trained hundreds of women in multiple cities to “discover their excellence.” Some of those women have since become renowned leaders in their own right.

As I refined my methods, I continued to study with world class mentors, ultimately narrowing my focus to serve gifted creatives and leaders who are spiritually connected and choose to answer a Higher Calling.

From that cozy living room all those years ago to the TEDx stage (“The Power Is You”)

My mission has been consistent. Whether I’m serving as a Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO) to innovative founders, coaching high performing teams or working with up and coming artists, my message is the same: aligning with your authentic purpose create exponential results.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
There are always struggles in business.

For example, there was a short span of time years ago in which the following happened: I discovered a former colleague was trying to poach clients behind my back; uncovered a plot to steal my programs out from under me; was called dangerous because I was “giving women the idea they should have power;” and became collateral damage in a tussle between two political enemies—resulting in the loss of my corporate contracts and about 70% of my income.

But these bumps in the road pale in comparison to the ongoing challenge of educating people about power and how transformation actually ‘works.’

Radical change doesn’t happen after a one night stand with a seminar. It requires practice. This is, by far, the biggest obstacle to being in-power.

We say we’re ready for change. In reality, we often want the outcome but not the lifestyle that’s required for it to occur.

Transformation isn’t a make-over delivered on demand by a shaman or coach available 24/7 on your mobile app. It’s an all hands on deck process that calls on you to “wake up and grow up.”

One of my earliest mentors used to say: “as viewed, so appears.” I view my work as a sacred mission. It’s what keeps me going, keeps me grateful and humble, and reignites my passion every morning. It’s why, no matter what challenges arise, I love this work as much now as the day I began.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
Working from the inside out, I help clients connect to their inner power so that they answer their higher calling without burning out, selling out, or turning to the Dark Side. When you connect to inner power, you activate purpose.

I’m known for helping multi-talented, energy-aware innovators, founders and creatives during times of great personal or professional transition and giving them tools to navigate the tricky path of power. I’m also known for creating immersive experiences that increase synergy and results for elite teams.

There are many avenues for personal discovery here in Los Angeles. What differentiates me is that I identify the inner dynamics that are keeping you stuck and in pain, and help you transform your inner landscape. In business settings, I pinpoint the core power and purpose of an organization and highlight each person’s unique role in fulfilling it.

Like me, my method is a hybrid, combining elements of many modalities, all in service to “whatever actually works” to shift client trajectories.

Our modern world is steeped in the archetype of Victim. Life is happening “to” us rather than by, through, or for us. That’s why there are seemingly endless courses promising to turn people into uber powerful manifesters—it’s just another way of saying: “We know you feel powerless. Let us show you how to master money/romance/or find your purpose in 3 easy steps.”

But Power is not outside of you. We’re not at the mercy of a boss, husband, the board of directors or the stock market. I connect people to their Spirit and help then get ‘in-power’ by illuminating their unique power map.

When you know your map, you can find your way and leave an impact no matter what challenges arise. I’m so proud of my clients— the authors, entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and artists—who are using the principles of ‘pure power’ to shake up their fields. Their courage and generosity is lighting the way for a brave new world where collaboration and power to/with is the norm.

What were you like growing up?
I’ve always been passionate about history and storytelling. In fifth and sixth grade, I would write plays and persuade friends to act in them. It was a precursor to my current work- where I use characters and archetypes to highlight the roles we embody in the larger story of life.

I also hosted a youth oriented show called “The Elementary News” which aired on KTTV in LA and I guest starred on many popular tv shows.

It gave me the opportunity to change roles- an essential skill for all of us in our evolving world.

Competitive swimming was a big part of my early years too. It taught me the importance of discipline, practice and stretching beyond limits.

Then, and now, I loved reading, baking, hosting intimate dinner parties, inviting people over for tea, and watching classic films.

No matter what the activity, I always wanted to inspire meaningful discussions. This often prompted my grandmother to say: “you know I’m not in school anymore!”

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