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Meet Abigail Gazda of Hearts Unleashed in Long Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Abigail Gazda.

Abigail, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
After a year of healing from divorce, I moved from Northwest Indiana to Southern California in March 2017. I have moved seven times since publishing my debut book, Giving Up Giving Up: The Memoir of a Quitter. Since its release, I have dubbed my life ‘book tour.’ I’ve been rockin’ the digital nomad life having lived in San Clemente, Seal Beach, Portland, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert.

Born and raised in Whiting, In. I always knew the West Coast was my soul’s home. Momma Ocean, the Sierras, the beaches, the palms, the sunsets, all of it. All the energy has a gravitational pull on my being. I love being here.

In my growth as a life coach, I became an author, speaker, podcaster, and publisher. I have dedicated the last three years to build my full service personal and professional development company, Hearts Unleashed.

My favorite project within my company is the Hearts Unleashed Podcast. I tell a lot more of my story on there because I love being a walking, talking, living, and breathing example of what’s possible when you live your heart unleashed. Of course, I didn’t start with this whole grand plan.

As a collegiate basketball player, I went for my Bachelor’s of Physical Education and Health with an endorsement in Special Education. I went straight into teaching and athletic coaching right out of college.

I was devastated after three years of teaching knowing that I did not want to teach in the education system. Every day I spent there, I grew more tired and resentful. I felt ashamed for not loving a career that I had spent four years and $120,000 creating. I felt like an epic failure and yet, I knew I wouldn’t stay to either away.

I left and began managing a large corporate gym chain for three years and found life coaching in the mix.

A kick-ass chick that I hired part-time asked me to come watch her life coach certification program. She asked me to come observe because everything she was learning in her program was stuff that I was talking about and she was right. It was like I had found the promised land with a tribe that spoke a language I had only every heard from within. It was magic and I never looked back.

I have trained to be a coach and I am seriously one of the best coaches I know (yeah, toot toot)  but the true test was learning to become a true business person. While I was prepared to start transforming lives and unleashing hearts, I had NO idea how the hell to explain what I was doing.

Sure, I found my tribe but I had no idea how to translate what I was learning or exactly how big of a difference in was making in the world.

That process took a solid two years and a LOT of tears. Now, I can’t stop talking about, teaching, and preaching the absolute magic of transformation, subconscious reprogramming, and emotional intelligence.

I am so proud to do the work I do in the world and to get to know me even more, I invite the readers to check out the Hearts Unleashed Podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
In my growth as a woman and entrepreneur, I see how every choice we make has it’s risks, rewards, benefits, and consequences. I have also seen and personally been shown how no matter what choices we make, things happen that we cannot always predict or plan for.

So, yes. I have most definitely had failed launches and months that I was choosing between gas or groceries.

I believe that struggling to find your worth is a natural initiation phase of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I believe that everyone is gifted and not everyone is gifted at turning their creative flow into their cash flow.

So ONLY AFTER years building my business, one day I was stressing over money (again) as I realized I was making the last payment of my audiobook costs. The total project cost me somewhere in the range of $3,500. I was sweating money the whole time I was producing it and was coming up with the cash one dollar and one client at a time.

When I made that last payment, I sat there and acknowledged to myself ‘it didn’t kill me.’ I didn’t die and I now had MY audiobook in MY Audible library next to Gabby Bernstein and the late Louise Hay.

It was worth every penny.

After having that experience with multiple projects, I grew tired of it. I saw how in the last five years, my income levels had ranged from 20k a year- 56k a year and every month of every year, I was still living paycheck to paycheck. Waking up out of my sleep panicking about bills. Moving money from one account to the other not to overdraft. Hyperventilating about how to make it all happen. After years of the ‘starving artist’ mentality, I saw that it wasn’t about money. It was about me and my relationship with my success/failure.

No title, role, job, income level, accolade, challenge, adversity, or obstacle is really that different. We just choose our own flavor of them. I choose to be a CEO of a thriving global company. It comes with its unique set of challenges and payouts. Same as choosing to be a corporate employee, teacher, or parent. Some people spend their money on hobbies. Some on fashion. Others on others. And entrepreneurs on their business. It’s all one in the same.

My invitation to anyone reading this is to choose the life that will make you the most excited, accept your personal brand of ‘obstacles/challenges,’ and face them head-on knowing that we all have something to face.

The grass is not greener.

The road is not clearer.

Walk your own path.

Enjoy the idea that each problem is an opportunity to expand your capacity for more.

And also, I STILL rely on auto-correct to spell entrepreneur. I expect that challenge to be forever. #CanWinEmAll.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Hearts Unleashed – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
Hearts Unleashed is a full-service transformation company helping you live with full freedom, power, and self-expression in every area of your life. We specialize in working with heart-centered individuals developing emotional intelligence. This work includes subconscious reprogramming and putting your past in your past! With products and services for everyone at any stage of transformation, we support souls speaking up about their silent struggle. We also help self-development junkies ascend into self-mastery.

From, free content on social media and the Hearts Unleashed Podcast all the way to intensive digital courses and 1:1 coaching programs we have a curriculum for transformation that will help you accelerate creating a life you love. No matter, where you are along your evolution, Hearts Unleashed has got your back. Our commitment is that you don’t get stuck on the transformation train. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to authentic connection with each of our customers and clients. Prioritizing depth over width, helps us dive straight into the hearts we are unleashing.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Back in June of this year (2019), I found out that I fit the bill for the term ‘Visionary’ as described in Entrepreneurial Rocket Fuel. I already had an inkling that my constant stream of thoughts, downloads, and hair-brained ideas was beginning to bog down, overload, and confuse my team.

AS SOON as I learned the difference between a Visionary and an Integrator, my team of five women and I sat down for a good old whiteboard session and mapped this baby out!

I would talk and talk and write and write and film and record and just hit publish. When we backed up to look at the three-year timeline of this company, we could see where it will be going for the next thirty years!

This tight-knit, homegrown company will have a global impact of raising the frequency of humanity right from sunny SoCal. What we offer will continue to evolve and take shape; from an entire curriculum for transformation to the next book coming out in 2020, to retreats, book clubs, certification programs, and so much more that is so hard to keep quiet about until it is ready to share!

One newsflash (that your readers will be the first to know), is that we are currently finalizing all the details to launch HU “Hugh” House Publishing. I am currently interviewing heart-centered aspiring authors who are ready to get their mission and message out of their hearts and into print.


  • Take advantage of my free mini-course The Keys To Moving The Needle In Your Life.
  • Book a 60 Min Clarity Call with Abigail for $97

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  1. Robert Ritter

    November 28, 2019 at 08:53

    I have been watching, listening and reading a lot of what Abigail Gazda has put out there for almost a year now. I can honestly say that her insights into life, liberty and the pursuit of unleashing your inner greatness, has certainly helped me become more focused, purposeful and grateful. Her real, raw and witty style and downright practical and actionable ideas are just what the Doctor ordered for hard working Entrepreneurs and anyone who needs to hear that the only thing between you and your best life ever, is a commitment to yourself to keep trying. Visionaries see things before they are even thought of by most people. And, because they are so far ahead of the game, they are leading the way and blazing a trail for those who see their footsteps in the waist-deep snow. Not prone to looking back, visionaries keep moving forward and upward until they have done what others have said was impossible. And though it’s lonely at the top, they can rest and take in a view that is reserved for only those who can see the path before it has been well traveled. But, they will not rest for long, because they will always be looking for that next challenge that life will bring to those who embrace the journey, and believe in the human spirit to overcome every obstacle in their path. Abigail Gazda is well on her way, as she helps anyone who has a desire to look deep within themselves to start up that summit. One step, one day, and one unshakable desire to begin is all she requires. And her email address is (It was misspelled in the article)

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