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Life and Work with Alexandra Roxo

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexandra Roxo.

Alexandra, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I went from being a director and directing for Vice and Viceland, producing and selling two indie films and having a TV deal to devoting my life to helping women feel more empowered, home in their bodies, and have the courage to stand up and be bold in the world! It was a big career pivot, to go from the film and TV world, agents and lawyers to all of a sudden one day having a sense of knowing that I was meant to graduate and do something else. It took a ton of courage to make the shift! I was afraid of what people would think at first. Would I look cheesy becoming a transformational coach, a healer, a motivational speaker?! I wondered what my agents and lawyers and TV and ad world colleagues would think… but I went for it anyway! And within a year I was booked solid with clients, featured in the New York Times as a coach and healer for women, and had a book deal with a major publisher. It was clear I was MEANT to be doing this work. Since then I wake up daily and run my business with joy and truth and authenticity and it feels awesome. I love helping people have the courage to step out of old systems and programming and be themselves. It feels great.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The point between the old career and the new one was gnarly! I was broke. Confused. Thought maybe I was crazy for doing this. But I kept on. The things that held me together in this limbo or avoid between lives were my daily meditation and journaling practices, dance, community, quiet time, and nature. The basics. When we are going through a big Uplevel or change we have to do the basics REALLY well. Because some days the old ways of being will just seem easier. The old bad habits or stale patterns will call you like “Hey girl! come back!” And you have to have the things in place to keep you strong in these moments. PATIENCE. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and trust. But making bold moves and risks is what creates massive change in the world and in our own lives. We have to risk looking dumb or failing, playing it safe just doesn’t get us anywhere. So even when I was broke, alone, and confused I kept looking within and trusting myself and the journey.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I specialize in helping women speak up, claim their spiritual and sensual power in the world, break free of playing small, and SHINE. I use ancient spiritual tools combined with modern scientific research to create programs, classes, retreats, and workshops for women. I also work with a small number of people one on one and my book “F*ck Like a Goddess: Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power.” comes out February 2020! It’s like having me as your coach at home! You can use the book to make big changes in your life and step out like a goddess / wild thing / empowered woman and stop playing small.

I am most proud of the ways I have helped women step out of old patterns and past traumas that have been keeping them in pain and hiding. The women I have worked with step out and start businesses, write books, create products, make peace with their bodies, are able to feel good again— and that makes me so happy and so proud!!

I am unafraid to look at the tough stuff with people. Thats my gift. Nothing scares me. Clients tell me atrocities that have happened to them and I don’t flinch. I hold space for them. I listen. And we learn how to take that pain and make art of it in LIFE. I don’t run from the hard stuff or pretend “All is okay! Life is sparkly!” I know many and most people have been through the really hard stuff. And facing that is key to claiming your power.

Were there people and/or experiences you had in your childhood that you feel laid the foundation for your success?
Absolutely. I started working my first job at age 12. I was always really excited about sharing women’s stories. I read Anne Frank and auditioned to be her in a play at age seven. I wanted to stand up and speak and sing and dance and express myself!

I also had a ton of experiences of people telling me I was “too much” and treating me badly for being expressed and alive and radiant! I was called names and picked on as a kid in Georgia. I was called a sinner. I was shamed for being happy in my body and happy to be beautiful and dance and celebrate myself. So that pushing down on me created the pressure needed for me to become the me I am now.

All the people that said I wasn’t good enough. I was worthless. Not attractive. A slut, etc. I thank all those people for being personal trainers for my strength! I wouldn’t be as strong and badass and also radiant if it weren’t for them.

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