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Hidden Gems: Meet Roxan Tucker-Browne of Roxy B FIT

Today we’d like to introduce you to Roxan Tucker-Browne.

Hi Roxan, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
I am a mother of three beautiful girls, a wife and business owner. I am of Jamaican descent and grew up in South Florida. Moved to the west coast five years ago in 2016 when my husband then finance took a new position with his company that moved us to Seattle. I moved as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I loved what I did, I had a great career. Shortly after we moved, we got married and then soon after, I was pregnant. Work became challenging, and my fondness of the company I worked for dwindled. I was losing my passion for my work. My final baby girl arrived August 20, 2017. Then word came from my husband that he was promoted and we were moving to California. Although happy for a new start, I was worried to start over again after only settling in Seattle for two years and with a newborn baby.

Moving to California was a shocker, the people, the prices, the changes in weather, not having any family or friends. It was all new and scary. I come from a big family always having gatherings, someone always around, friends just a phone call away to “no one” not a single soul. The excitement of being in California quickly faded when I realized I was alone, I didn’t have my support system, what am I supposed to do? I quickly went into postpartum depression. It was bad, I had suicidal thoughts, feelings of not wanting my child and hurting her, crying out at random times, self-sabotaging, it was dark. My husband was commuting long hours. I was alone for hours, no one at home to talk to, just me and an infant. I was losing it.

One day I remembered walking past the mirror and I took a glimpse of myself. I paused, I stood, I pondered and said to myself “Roxan you got this, you can overcome anything”. From that day, I put my daughter in her stroller and started to walk around the neighborhood. The sun made me feel good, I was getting my energy back, I started to find a reason to live. At the time, I had an elliptical and a few light weights and resistance bands. After walking my other two daughters to school, I would walk for a bit more then head back home and would add in some weighted exercises. I only had 3 and 5 pounds weights at the time. I kept going until I got stronger outgrowing those weights. With no heavier weights and not wanting to go to the gym with a newborn, I decided to workout at home, but I was limited due to lack of equipment, so what I did was strap my daughter onto my back in her harness and started to incorporate her into my workouts. It created a bonding experience and I was able to add more resistance to my training. The heavier she got, the more challenging it got and I had to start getting creative.

I already knew that I did not want to go back to working for someone after being a stay at home mom. I kept working and developing my skills especially with my knowledge and training as a Physical Therapist Assistant until I was able to transform myself. Seeing my transformation encouraged me to take the certification as Personal Trainer. I lost 60 lbs. naturally by changing the way I ate, the way I saw food, exercising frequently, staying consistent, being patient and realistic with the process and having the right mindset. With that, I’ve been able to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. The art of becoming creative especially while working out with a toddler, changing my eating habits led me to fall in love with my passion as a Personal Trainer and eventually turning it into my business. I started sharing my journey and moms especially took notice, my following on social media started growing. I had something here…. Moms were discovering that they can be moms and still workout and take care of themselves too. My posts on social media, especially about my abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) were popular. It was surprising to learn how many women didn’t know about this condition that happens during pregnancy and the ones that knew about it didn’t know it could be treated. I was able to heal my abdominal separation and build a strong core. I can now do things that I could never have thought of doing before.

I became powered by plants eating mostly plant-based, training effectively, and taking care of my mental health through meditation and routine self-care. I transformed a part of my garage, adding a few weights here and there. The crazy thing was getting my certification as a Personal Trainer was never the idea to have a business, I just wanted to increase my knowledge to train myself, I did it solely out of passion not for money. Then in one of my posts an old coworker commented “you would be a great trainer, you’re so good at this”. She planted a seed that grew and grew. I mentioned to my husband I thought I wanted to try it as a business, I started playing around with names until one stuck. ROXY B FIT Revitalized Body And Fitness. Then to my surprise, my husband came to me one day and said “your business is registered, you have an LLC, you’re a business owner. I was in shock, I was emotional and happy. I had no idea where to start. I wasn’t even sure what that meant, but what I was sure about was I was not going to work hard and share my earnings to help build someone else’s empire anymore. I wanted to build my own. What I didn’t know I had to ask, read, and research. Took lots of trial and error… I am still learning, especially the online portion, I am still technologically challenged, but I don’t let that hinder me.

​In my short time as a trainer, I have had the honor to train many people, women being my biggest client base. I started with one client and grew to three and only had three clients for about four months, but now I can say that I am humbled to be full service and I am booked non-stop doing both one on ones, partner sessions and group sessions. My challenges didn’t break me, they made me. I am honored to share and spread the wealth of health & fitness for your mind, body and soul. I want to continue to help women, especially moms gain strength, confidence to feel sexy and comfortable again. This is my mission, no woman should ever feel weak, un-pretty, unattractive in their own skin. I want to keep building up women, helping them break barriers and live an optimal life.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Covid-19…My business had just started picking up, I was booked and excited, I was on a roll, then my business took a hit. That morning of March 13, 2020 I completed my last fitness consultation, my client signed and was ready to start training three times per week….then boom an announcement was made later that afternoon (national news), The entire country was “Shut Down”. Schools, businesses, restaurants, gyms had to close immediately. I lost most of my clients. I didn’t know what to do, new business owner, new purchases, little resources I was so confused. This led me to tears. I mentally shut down for two weeks crying everyday, because my passion that I loved so much was a standstill. What was even more hurtful was watching big time trainers and influencers starting to move their business and training online. I had never done online before, I didn’t even have a zoom account. I was frustrated, I knew that they had the resources and manpower to do this so quickly to keep their businesses going. I thought I couldn’t do that and started to feel sorry for myself… Then a text message came from three of my in person clients asking… Do you plan to move to online training? My first thought was “no” I had no idea how to train online. I love social interactions, I love to see progress in person, that’s not for me, but then I responded yes… (without a real plan). What I did then was downloaded zoom, completed a tutorial, created passwords for all clients and made it happen. I had to teach myself something I was completely uncomfortable with, I had to learn as I go. It was hard, but the challenge made me a better trainer and coach for my clients today.

But that wasn’t the only challenge… let’s not forget I am a mom of three including a toddler who had just started pre-school, a wife and homemaker. Kids and husband were home. Everyone was driving each other crazy, between training clients and taking care of the family and the home in between sessions I was exhausted, mentally and physically. This led to anxieties, stress, overwhelm and just mental shutdown. And on top of it all, I suffered numerous losses during this time both family and friends. This ate away at me… broke me. My mental health was severely challenged to the point I had to seek help from a professional therapist.

Thank goodness I took that route, she helped me see things differently. I came to learn to appreciate what is and to be present in the situation.

I realized that if the pandemic hadn’t happened, I would have not begun online training and I would not have been able to connect people from all over the country to workout together. Some people think challenges are supposed to break us, but it’s the complete opposite. Challenges are supposed to change us, and that’s exactly what it did. It changed my fear to fearless, it made me persistent, patient, purposeful, resourceful and driven. My business survived a Pandemic mainly because of my passion, my drive, and dedication to getting people fit and healthy.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Roxy B FIT LLC?
Revitalized Body and Fitness My mission is to break mental and physical barriers to help bring new life and vigor to busy people like myself.

Encouraging not just physical but mental health to achieve optimal health. Teaching especially women to become strong and fearless despite their obstacles.

I offer one on one personal training, partner sessions and group sessions.

Strength training, core training/rehab, posture correction, Nutritional ideas, weight-loss strategies, and mindset coaching.

Are there any apps, books, podcasts, blogs or other resources you think our readers should check out?
– The black health academy
– The happiness lap
– dDiversified game
– Let’s talk yoga
– Sweaty Edges
– Black women’s Health

Vibrate Higher Daily (Lalah Delia)
The purpose driven life
The Death Class by Erika Hayasaki
From Anxiety to love
Business made Simple
How not to Die


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