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Today we’d like to introduce you to Audrey Hope.

Hi Audrey, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today?
It has been said that to find real happiness and inner peace a person must bravely go after their life purpose and to listen “to that still small voice within.” I began to hear the whispers in my heart at a young age in Queens, New York, where I grew up. While other kids were outside playing, I was getting ready for my higher mission. I always knew something was up because my name had hope in it, and my first name is Audrey, which means noble spirit, and I am a girl from Queens who teaches women to be royal to themselves. If you put that all together and add the spiritual yearning that was sewn into my DNA, I just had to do something great. This feeling was always with me and it haunts me to this day.

My mom and dad were Jewish parents from Brooklyn who just wanted me to get married and have kids but I wanted to escape the family programming and to learn self-esteem and to fulfill a big destiny. I searched for freedom of self and enlightenment with a passion that Ramakrishna says-one must go after like a man whose hair is on fire goes after a pond. I knew then and now that pain can be fuel, a jewel, an invitation to ascend and I share this truth with my clients – where you stumble, their lies your treasure. (Joseph Campbell)

My dream to share ageless wisdom and secrets of the soul led me to study journalism and theatre in New York and London and eventually took me to Los Angeles to get into Films and TV. It was while working in Hollywood that I became distraught by the way women were portrayed in the media. I also had a part-time job in a clothing store and I would hear women talk about their suffering. There was never any woman who ever felt she was enough or that she looked okay. No matter what size or shape or how young they were, they were never happy with themselves or their bodies. They always had to fix something. This hit me hard and I realized that the universe was leading me to my destiny – to help women heal from their loss of self and take back their power. I put together the pieces – that their lack of self-esteem and the pain it caused was deeply rooted in the society, the media, the culture and our history. I had to do something!

I read two books that affected me greatly – The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf and The Undeclared War against American Women by Susan Faludi. I was on fire! I decided I had to go on TV and tell women they were brainwashed because they didn’t know! I wanted to use the media as a source of empowerment. I had a vision while sleeping and the name REAL WOMEN came to me, and the mission statement – a TV show dedicated to creating positive female role models in our media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. And so, it began.

Through sheer determination that nothing could stop me and the magical law of attraction, I got guests to appear on REAL WOMEN who were the leading voices of our age. (This was many years ago when spirituality was a strange word and no one wanted to touch it). But I pressed on and found money through garage sales and selling clothes and shoes and carrying equipment across the city, delivering tapes to TV stations and hanging flyers on every billboard I could find in Los Angeles. To me, there was never a choice.

Many of my guests changed my life and inspired the world. I interviewed Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Susan Jeffers, Judith Orloff, Joan Borysenko, Riane Eiser, Barbara Hand Clow and many other heroines. But it was when I met HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, World Spiritual Leader, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, and Associate of Gandhi, that my mission made real sense. Shri Mataji inspired me to know that by restoring the divine feminine, we are restoring the spiritual balance of the world. As it was stated in the Vedas, “the degree to which a woman is respected is the degree to which a society prospers.” I still hold the doctrine that it is the woman’s mothering energy of love and compassion that is the hope for our world.

I was never the same after meeting Shri Mataji and my goals expanded into spiritual and global resonance. I knew it was time for re-evolution, a higher movement, a circle back to our divine connection. What began for me as a mission on the ground, fighting for a woman’s basic rights, wages, votes, body protections, respect and freedom from abuse – was now an inner journey to the resurrection of her soul power. I knew that to have peace on earth – all women needed to be fully re-seated on her throne. I know that a magnificent destiny awaits when the goddess is awakened. Her story must be a victorious tale about a beautiful queen who took back her royalty.

Real Women was picked up by the Wisdom Network and was a great success and won many awards. Real Women will remain my greatest honor because it was breaking into a new frontier and inspiring a renaissance of the soul.

Then I started doing women’s groups in my living room. People came and brought their friends and they brought their friends and they just kept coming. My mentor said – “okay, now it is time. Tell the universe you are ready for more.” And so, I sat on my couch and surrendered. I made a decree that I would sit and wait for the universe to bring me my destiny. It was kind of spiritual active – non-action. I waited on God.

I got a call from a friend who asked me to drive with her to a rehab in Malibu. And because I was in the middle of this experiment of letting my life come to my front door – I went on the ride. When I got to the healing center – they hired me and later said – go heal! And for the next 20 years and counting, I sit with people from all walks of life and help them find revolutionary ways to heal their pain at the deep core level of the soul.

All along the journey, I met master teachers who dared me to walk through firing flames of purification to transform my issues and become my best self. My world changed but that beginning passion to help people get back their power and to know the truth of who they are and what they carry – remains my forever fuel. Now it translates into helping people with their problems of addiction, trauma, relationships etc. and my continued mission to use the media as an evolutionary tool!

The spiritual journey is the same road for all of us – we lose to find to never lose again, we crucify to resurrect. The alchemy is to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and to return from the dark night of the soul-enriched. And like Dorothy in Oz, the answer we seek is in our own shoes. We already have the shoes. Time to know it.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I have always felt alone in my quest. When I created REAL WOMEN TV dedicated to creating positive female role models in the media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world – I was told – “the world is not ready for spiritual issues.” I did not let the rejections in the TV pitches to the studios affect me because I was determined. I decided I would stop trying to fight what is in place and start a re-evolution on my own. I did manage to get the most powerful women voices of our time on the show and REAL WOMEN was seen internationally and was picked up by the Wisdom Network on the East Coast. I probably was one of the original YouTubers also. Then my mission found its way to healing others – in the renowned rehabs in Malibu, California and I was again alone in my quest. I started to fight to bring another piece of the pie to healing – which was to bring a higher revolutionary perspective and get to the root of the root soul.

My way of Soul Healing is a magical, powerful process that goes beyond the rational mind and the five senses and the traditional boundaries of therapy, into the deeper soul where real change takes place. People don’t really heal in their mind, though they can write a thesis on their issues. In this type of healing, one is invited to enter divine energy and into a new state of being, and to do what the masters of old called “the great work” – to alchemize body, mind and spirit – and to move from a lower state to a higher one, from humanness to divinity, from caterpillar to butterfly.

Spiritual Soul Healing is about solving the riddle of the soul at the root of the root and to bravely walk-through firing flames of purification to burn problems forever. One is asked to ponder, who are you without your 3D reality and your story? The answer is the light. The answer is to embrace a new frontier in healing – to know the truth that we are multidimensional light beings, electronic light beings made of frequency and vibration and blessed with an unlimited power to heal ourselves and our world and to live in peace. Anything is possible when we know the power we possess. Anything is possible when we are rebooted and re-plugged in – to source. One can feel the divine vibrations on one’s central nervous system and to know – we already are what we seek.

We suffer because we do not know we have this divine power! We have fallen victim to the greatest conspiracy theory of our age – the oldest trick in the book – the brainwashing, to confuse and distract us from the truth of who we really are. But now is the time to stop this lie and to activate the hidden potential in our DNA, and to turn on our lights and use divine tools to manifest our great destiny.

In my work, I am devoted to doing whatever it takes, to going to whatever level is necessary to accomplish – soul freedom. With soul diagnosis, I will look into past lives, the other side, soul contracts, karma, life purpose and energy wisdom. The goal is to find the soul story, the soul wound, the long-ago wound that got reactivated in childhood. Unless that deep loss of self is retrieved, one will spin in a never-ending circle and repeat the same story with the same characters and themes over and over again. Life and relationships form patterns and themes and when you track the soul story, you can save years of therapy.

With soul healing, we view pain as a divine wakeup call and problems and addictions as a guidepost to show us where to look to find the potential jewel. Pain charts the story, the wound, the scream, the unexpressed cry in the soul. The pain is the call for transformation and an invitation to ascend. It got you to your knees and got you to the gate of healing and got you to begin your sacred journey. Seeing in this way removes shame and guilt and lets people have hope that they can repair their mistakes and not be lost in eternal punishment.

The goal of this type of healing is the return. It is the return to our authentic self and the power we are born with, Dorothy in Oz and like Michelangelo who said, we must remove the stone to the art that is already there.

It is to know that the authentic spiritual path is not about reaching nirvana and singing kumbaya – but instead embracing the road of the warrior and to know that the more you grow in light, the more you will be challenged, and it is worth it. This is the real game and when you know how to play it and what to expect with the armor of wisdom, you can triumph. As time has passed, the soul piece is now more accepted and I work with doctors and therapists who value the missing piece in healing.

It has not been an easy road, but when you follow the calling of the soul – it is worth it.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I have been a spiritual counselor and healer for over 20 years at Seasons Rehab in Malibu and in my own practice in Los Angeles, and it is my mission to help each person I meet return to their authentic self, to embrace a new way of being and a higher spiritual perspective. Heal the soul/heal the addiction! It is never just about the drugs or the alcohol or the diagnosis but instead an invitation to evolve and to “know thyself.”

It is time to move into the frontier of the soul and to see pain for what it really is – a doorway, a cry, an invitation to ascend. On your knees you can look up and dare to face yourself in the light of day. Addiction and pain charts the story and show you where to look to start the journey to resurrection and to find the potential jewel of your soul. Of course, you need the right healers to do so, alchemists who can go down into the cave with you and help you solve the riddle of your soul and what you came to earth to heal.

One must bravely dare to walk through firing flames of purification and explore, release, and process the pain and the sleeping dragon hiding in the closet. As you heal, you get to drop the old identity, the drug story, the victimhood, the blame and the attachment to the family and the wounds of the tribe – generationally and ancestrally. You get to burn the old story and move into the soul story, a truth that changes the 3d reality into your higher self – caterpillar to butterfly. Once the butterfly flies free in all its wonder, joy and beauty, it can honor the caterpillar and everything that got it to fly. In spiritual soul healing there is this hope for a new light identity beyond the horror story of what mom and dad and life did to you.

Ponder this – who are you without your story? It is for all of us to come back to the light of who we are, always was and always will be. The spiritual law must be to end shame and guilt and stop the abandoning the self. The replacement must be spiritual new boundaries – I will never be mean to myself again. I will never allow my energy to be taken. I commit to do everything it takes to have a great life. I am now the creation of my reality.

People suffer from the deep loss of self. One has to uncover the “soul wound,” the long ago wound that got activated as a young child that never got healed. Until that loss of self is retrieved one will repeat the same issues, meet the same characters and themes over and over again. It is self-criticism that kills us. It is not what others do to us that is the problem, but what we do to ourselves because of it. We look for outside validation (the two o’s the others and the outside). And we suffer because we give our energy away and let others take it. Perhaps we did not speak up and we hold in our pain.

We try to silence the monster of trauma and abuse. We put the sleeping dragon in a storage bin and hope it goes away and cover it up with work and distraction and life, but it only festers and grows and surprises you when you least expect it. It shows up like a jack in the box – that gets activated at the strangest times and scares us to death. Why now you ask? Wasn’t that long ago? Didn’t I hide It well? Or the energy of pain shows up as an illness that matches your soul issue and forces you to finally look deeper.

People suffer because of energy overwhelm. They don’t see through the language of energy wisdom and don’t know that they can be sponges that take in the energy of others. One may think It is anxiety or depression and the doctor can try to give you a pill to cover it, but this is a suffering from the body holding in too much luggage for too long. Or you never released the pain that is locked inside. Or you gave your energy away or someone took it. When boundaries are invaded and you are hooked and chained to someone or something, you need a soul retrieval to get back your soul energy that belongs to you. And then once you see what happens from energy perspective, you must keep 100 percent of your energy locked in and through a decree, a vow, you must never leak it again.

No one left us a manual on how to live and what it is all really about. I help my clients by sharing the way of the spiritual path. Call it New York spirituality because it is real and to the point and there is no time to waste. If you want a great life, you can have it, but it won’t be easy and the more you seek the light, the more you will be challenged by dark forces. We manifest our issues and what we need to learn. Everything happens for the highest good and life is a mirror for soul growth so you can reflect what you need to become a master of your destiny. When you ask for truth, everything you need comes to your front door to help you heal. Life is the real guru.

One has only to begin. Tell the wind and the universe you are ready. Commit to doing what it takes. Make the time and space for it. Dare to face everything in the firing flames of purification. Seek out a therapist, a support group, a center to help you unravel your pain story.

Healing is worth it. It is worth everything to become your best self, to be healed, to have great love and inner peace. It is my sovereign wish to do all I can for my clients and the world – to make this happen. Soul Healing is the new frontier.

One must always keep a higher spiritual perspective.

One must dare to learn from the pain.

Can you talk to us about how you think about risk?
One must dare to learn from the pain. Pema Chodron, the famous author has said -it is the way we look at things that makes us miserable. It is important that we all try to lift ourselves up out of our pain and to find meaning in our suffering and to hear the alarm of the wakeup call of the times. And Joseph Cambell, my other hero to live by – states – that you must follow your bliss. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

We all want safety in a planet and universe that does not offer that. The only safety is following your own heart and soul. If you follow someone else’s scorecard or doctrine, you will pay the price with pain, resentment and regret.
In my healing work and sitting with people in pain from all walks of life – I can state without a doubt – that if you don’t follow the road of authenticity and truth – and your own calling – you will get sick and be very unhappy.
There is no choice. Happiness and inner peace require a freedom to follow your own train. Become a seeker of truth and stay there. This is the life purpose that Victor Frankl speaks of – to be on the intention of your soul’s truth.

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