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Art & Life with Sergio Robleto

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sergio Robleto.

Sergio, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
My journey has been crazy so far because I really feel like I’ve been all over the place as an artist in so many ways.  It involves everything from exploring different mediums, apporaches, methods, and especially exploring different themes and styles.  If anything I might seem more like an artist trying to avoid a career than actually make one.

I have religiously made it a practice to continually manifest my visions through a constantly changing aesthetic. Over the past 17 years, my art has been showcased or utilized in completely different niches of the art scene. A portion of these categories include being exhibited or published in various circuits ranging from graffiti, pop surrealism, abstract, figurative, conceptual, and even on film.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
As a kid I didn’t have much to look at in the form of art other than a couple books.  One of them was Norman Rockwell, and the other was a huge Bible with paintings from masters depicting scenes like Daniel in the Den of Lions.  Other than that there was one painting on the wall my Mom did in high school.  I can definitely say as a child the two individuals that inspired the fun in creativity were my brother Steven and my mother Christina. If my eyes caught anything else of interest it was typically comics, cartoons, and art found in the skateboard, graffiti, and surf scene.

So as I mentioned before my style is constantly changing. First and foremost that is because I firmly believe that there should be a lasting sincerity in the expression of one’s work. If I am to be sincere, then I am to be ever changing. Secondly, you cannot use one instrument, say a tuba, for example, to express everything. Likewise, I cannot express the complexities of the human condition or experience through one aesthetic. Lastly, My ambitions coincide with a need to create a work of art that will do a good work in the mind of the beholder especially when I am no longer around. In essence, there is a need to provide food for the soul.

Do note, however, that as disparate as my pieces may appear on the surface, they all carry a common thread amongst each other. Everlasting virtue is always at the heart of every creation. It’s one thing to satisfy the eyes with objects of beauty, but it’s another to satisfy the needs of the spirit. So if you ever look at my work, know the labor was to that end and you can dig from there.

Do you think conditions are generally improving for artists? What more can cities and communities do to improve conditions for artists?
The condition of the artist is typically one of struggle but lets be honest its the same for all professions to some extent.  The real difference is that a majority of people still don’t take art seriously enough to understand and correlate it with having a monetary value.  You got people saying stuff like “How about I pay you in followers.” Although sad but true I think that’s a scenario that will always exist.  If we can get people to shatter that notion it could spark an artistic boom.

However, at the same time we live in a day and age where markets and platforms are employing and financing more living artists than ever before.  Also cities are beginning to rearrange their paradigm on public art and begin the implementation of mural programs.  Having stuff like this is great, especially if the budget is substantial.  Opportunities and budgets like this can fund an artist’s ambitions and as most people know some ambitions come with a price.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
The best place to look at my work is on Instagram for now under the name @sergileto. It’s the most up to date glimpse into what I’m doing. I do have a website under construction at Lastly, you can see my work on the streets in the form of murals.

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Erwin Recinos on the pic where I’m on the ladder

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