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Art & Life with Ian Drummond

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ian Drummond.

Ian, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
I was born in Mississippi but grew up skateboarding out here in California. I’d always been into art, (mainly cool drawings and illustrations), but never explored it until a few years ago when I was working a job where I had a whole lot of free time to kill. I worked there for a few years, so I had plenty of time to practice and develop my skills as an artist in lieu of formal art training or education. As my drawings and illustrations improved, I made an Instagram to post the better pieces to, and I started getting more involved with art by way of commissions, a few art shows/events, and helping friends with their projects. That basically brings us up until now where all my free time is taken by making art for something or someone else as I’m loving it!

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
Most of my original art comes from a combination of things I’ve always wanted to draw as a kid, and whatever is influencing/ inspiring me at the time. That tends to include a lot of dinosaurs and space for me! I have a little dinosaur character named Chop the Dino which is the focus of most of my illustrations, and He also keeps things light-hearted and fun for me. I’ll also do a lot of fan art from my favorite movies, games, and comics, which is really just fun for me because they’re things I’ve wanted to draw for myself since I was a kid.

I use markers to color all my pieces, I started using them because they were convenient to carry around with me when I went to work and really versatile for things like coloring quickly, and also carefully putting all the details in a piece.

I never really try and include a message in my work, but it usually comes from a place of just wanting to laugh and put a smile on peoples faces. If I’m working on something and I can look at it and laugh, that’s honestly more encouragement than someone complimenting my line work or blending or something.

As far as what I hope people take from my work, I’d just hope that they find it as funny and entertaining as I do.

In your view, what is the biggest issue artists have to deal with?
I think the biggest challenge artists face today is establishing themselves and making a living from pursuing their passion while still staying true to what brought them to art in the first place. My main income is from my job, and any money I make from my art is a blessing, but it doesn’t pay my bills, just yet. While I’ll sell my original works, most of the money I make from art comes from custom pieces for ppl that usually have their own ideas in mind. So the more time I spend doing custom pieces, the less time I have to spend on my original works and enjoy what brought me down this path in the first place. Having only seriously considered an art career in the past few yrs, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of the art world, so who knows what the future holds. To overcome this challenge of taking my art full time, I’ve started to challenge myself to be more diverse and find what works best for me in terms of enjoyment and being successful with a career in art.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
My main platform I use is Instagram, and you can follow me at @switchbackdoodle

The easiest way to support my work would be to buy a piece or print, or helping spread the name! Word of mouth works best!

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 714-507-6300
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @switchbackdoodle

Image Credit:
Rosendo Tyler Veloz

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