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Inspiring East LA Stories

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of East LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble-rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out East LA’s rising stars below.

Aline Shaw

My name is Aline, and I’m Brazilian by birth and a California girl at heart. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I ventured to sunny Los Angeles as a UCLA student and graduated with degrees in International Economic Development and Globalization Studies. Read more>>

Tona Ramirez

I started as a classical violinist playing in local orchestras and traveling internationally. I grew up around musicians and artists and in addition to studying classical music, I was also exposed to a lot of traditional folkloric Mexican music. Once I started high school, I began exploring other instruments and genres of music and also began writing my own music. Read more>>

Theresia Rosa Kleeman

Making art for artists and arts entities flows from a life-long passion for hand-craft coupled with a fascination with materials and processes. After moving to Los Angeles from Ohio to attend school at CalArts, crazy opportunities presented to work with many notable artists as well as institutions such as the Los Angeles Opera and Los Angeles County Museum of Art among others. Read more>>

Tina DiGeorge

I’m a musician and film composer born and raised in Southern California currently living in East LA with my wife and two dogs. I’ve been playing music since I was big enough to wrap my fingers around the neck of a guitar, around four years old. Music runs in my family and there was always music in the house, whether on the stereo or being played live. Read more>>

Rachel Apirian

I spent over 10 years in the luxury fashion and beauty industries in New York City. A global traveler and content creator, I’ve worked for brands like Donna Karan Collection, Bloomingdale’s and Louis Vuitton. After leaving my corporate job to travel abroad for 7 months, exploring my love of photography, I moved to Los Angeles. Read more>>

Cherine Mendoza

I started getting into sketching in 8th grade. I was intrigued by the graffiti style art that I had seen around town. I was always known as the girl who can draw and did good on my art projects. In high school I started to paint on backpacks with puffy paint and it became a “thing”;lots of my friends wanted their names painted. Read more>>

Anna Buckley

I’ve always been a doodler — to keep me busy as a toddler, my mom would give me old receipts or gum rappers and a pen to keep me busy whenever she took me somewhere. My portrait drawings were first published with, and I created my Instagram, @annabucksdraws, shortly after. Read more>>

Kevin Minissian, Karineh Minissian

I immigrated to California in the year 1970 from Yerevan, Armenia with my Mom, my Dad, my little brother, and my two sisters. The decision had been made to put the oppressive communist regime known as the U.S.S.R behind us. Missionaries who had helped my grandparents escape the Armenian genocide were in California and had offered us refuge. Read more>>

Jennifer Kriske

In 2014 I was training to ride my bike through the Pyrenees. The trip would be 6 days long, 600 miles, and I would traverse 2-3 mountain passes a day. As I trained for the trip I realized how much was lacking in women’s cycling kit. Read more>>

Sammy Goodtimes

I started doing pop ups in Austin, TX part time and then blossomed from there. I’ve always made jewelry and started out selling on Frenchmen St in New Orleans and somehow got into vintage in the mix. I have an eclectic style so I realized early on that anyone who would come to my table or clothes rack could find at least ONE item that they loved. Read more>>

Olivia McCallum

I didn’t necessarily set out with the aim of starting my own business, or at least not this one. After spending the previous eight years in the film industry, I decided it was time to move on from the grind of working on sets. I wasn’t entirely sure which direction to go next, but I knew that, eventually, I wanted to be my own boss, with the freedom and opportunity for a more hands-on type of creativity. Read more>>

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