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Inspiring Conversations with Kristen Thomasino of Thomasino Media

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kristen Thomasino.

Hi Kristen, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I am a Global Humanitarian, Creator, and Host of The Social Good Magazine Series, including a publication and show, 22x Author, Data Scientist, and 2x CEO. CEO of Thomasino Media LLC, a media company & Chief Buddy Officer & CEO of Buddytown Consulting LLC, a global consulting services company headquartered in Los Angeles. I play other roles with additional organizations with “The Soldiers of America” as a member of their Board of Advisors to work on solutions for homeless veterans. I also advocate for Fibromyalgia patients as a Patriot Supporter and Volunteer News Mentor for Veteran Voices for Fibromyalgia. I am engaged in a nationwide Tourism campaign to help Chambers of Commerce and Visitors Bureaus share more about why people should come to their community to visit or do business.

I keep active by running education campaigns with organizations for special social good projects and working with diverse points of view on important topics I am researching in her Think Tanks related to Healthcare, Veterans, and Human Rights. I have had a successful past helping build one of the largest fintech networks in the country during my time with AvidXchange, Inc. playing a number of roles during my active 13+ year career, including being one of the top revenue producers and later leading teams of top revenue producers before retiring for my special projects in 2019 due to an unexpected accident on 15 feet of stairs and suffering from the impacts of severe chronic illness with Fibromyalgia. I went through a multi-year rehabilitation documenting the top practices that helped restore my mobility and reduce my suffering after experiencing periods of muscle spasms, right-side weakness, brain fog, and full-body weakness. I even at one time tested positive for Autoimmune Disease markers in 2019 and later was able to reverse that to negative after executing on rehabilitation practices with my rheumatologist. I spent 17 months on a ranch in Corral Canyon in Malibu, California training and rehabilitating my body during the pandemic.

My experiences led me to publish 22 publications as proof points of my rehabilitation, and I completed a Social Good Servant Leadership Tour in 2021 and 2022, working on several social good campaigns. I recently traveled to Paris, France as a Keynote Speaker for the World Women’s Forum 2023 and finished filming Season 1 of The Social Good Magazine Show. I am currently filming Season 2 of the show and about to release another motivational Podcast series available on major networks like Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple, Google, Pandora, Amazon Music, Podbean and more called, “Woo! With Kristen Thomasino!”

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Life is filled with unexpected events. Anyone can get hurt or have something random not go precisely as planned. So I had to learn how to adapt.

My major unexpected life event was falling down 15 feet of stairs because of my dog Gumbo. Life happens and my body wasn’t the same after that. It felt like I was walking on glass every day. My pain skyrocketed to a level 7 and stayed at that level for multiple years. Even soaring higher at some points. I started muscle relaxers and other treatments as I found doctors to help me figure out why my pain wouldn’t go away. Often it would feel like electricity was shocking me when I moved. It made sleeping, eating, and later doing many activities very difficult.

My body, during my rehabilitation, went through periods of significant decline. I would put in the work to do exercises and then pull something, trying to do too much too fast. I had to learn how to pace myself. Then, I started to experience right-side weakness in late August 2018. My condition had gotten worse since falling down the stairs in January 2016. The muscle spasms continued, and now I couldn’t use one whole side of my body with the same capacity. I was frightened for sure. I did the work, though. I got to specialists and kept going. I started new therapies that included getting needles put directly into my muscle knots weekly to help with what I was experiencing throughout my whole body. I met with physical therapists weekly and did what they coached me.

Still, my body got worse, and in the summer of 2019, at the end of June, after trying a drug that didn’t work combined with my therapies, my body went into full body weakness that included having difficulty breathing and holding my body up for longer than 1 hour. During this time, I was able to eat around 500 calories a day for many months because my stomach was so sensitive, and it took almost a year to being able to consume 1000 calories a day. I also experienced severe brain fog, and doing basic skills like cooking or counting was difficult; I also had challenges with my memory and speaking during this period. But I didn’t give up hope, and I kept training with specialists and assembled a complete health team. Finally, after 66 weeks of training at Phoenix Physical Therapy and Sports Performance with Doctor of Physical Therapy Tatum Robinson and 1500+ needles later, I was strong enough to hold my body up for 4 hours. I retired from my successful career at AvidXchange, Inc. and drove cross country with my dog Gumbo to Los Angeles, California, to access goods and services, train more and live.

I found a place on Airbnb in Malibu, California, a 225-acre ranch with various living quarters. I was staying in during a 70-day environment test I did up at Corral Canyon at what was Rancho de Chiquita that Geraldine Gilliland, a 2x Malibu Dolphin Award Winner and International Award Winning Chef and Restaurateur, owned.

Later as I got more adventurous, I got hurt while training in Malibu, California, many times. The outdoors was fun and challenging, especially for someone rebuilding their muscles and learning coordination again with lots of other things. Plus, unexpected events do happen. I already had pain that I was still monitoring and figuring out to move again. Also, rebuild my cognitive skills. It was February of 2020, before the closures that changed the country; a heavy device I had at home for infrared light therapy fell once during a significant windstorm at the top of Corral Canyon. 40 miles an hour wind gust shook the trailer that I was staying in. A 40-pound device fell off the bunk bed and smashed my foot. I didn’t break anything, but it hurt and made training difficult. I tried to go body surfing down at Malibu and got slammed into the shore because I wasn’t strong enough yet and hurt my neck again and other muscles. Still, I kept training.

Another time I was reduced from a supplement, my body began to experience tremoring and spasming again significantly for most of the day. That particular incident was so painful, and what my muscles experienced after all these years taxed me again and weakened me for months. I went to various massage therapists when I could be treated during the crisis, which helped me loosen my muscles after years of experiencing severe muscle spasms, knots, and tremors. Then, for 9+ months more, I spent on the tables 2 to 3 times a week, typically for 90 to 120 minutes, with a professional massage therapist in Venice Beach, California. I screamed on the table weekly and was exhausted after the therapies. Yet, through the pain, I found success and freedom. My body strengthened, and I could engage in more sports, martial arts, and boxing training.

Then when I was training with martial arts, I would get injured with the training bots and get hit in the head with a bar or something. Ultimately I made it through to strength and faster reflexes. After all those years of intense suffering, I found my strength and rebuilt many of my abilities.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
I am a Global Humanitarian, 22x Author and Photographer, 2x Show Host and Producer, and Data Scientist, and I love to adventure.

Thomasino Media LLC,, is on a mission to help the world become more understanding and kind by providing thought-provoking content that encourages people to gain insight into others’ perspectives. Each piece of media serves as an invitation for people to step out of their own lives and explore life from many points of view, with the goal being creating compassionate humans who cherish Social Good in all areas. Join us today on this inspiring journey! I founded this organization to create a platform for others who suffer to learn about my experiences and be inspired to assemble their own health team. Other topics include ideas for world peace and ways to move the economy forward. Content is available on Amazon for digital and print. For video and audio, available on 20+ networks, Thomasino Media LLC has two shows: “The Social Good Magazine Show” and “Woo! With Kristen Thomasino!”

The Social Good Magazine Show is a show that I produce and host. The Social Good Magazine Show is a beacon of hope for global communities, filled with inspiring stories that illuminate pathways to success. By sharing transformational concepts and taking action-oriented steps towards progress, we can collaborate on reducing suffering together—enjoying the journey along the way! So, let’s use this magazine as our roadmap: an opportunity to guide each other in discovering victory over adversity.

The Social Good Magazine Show is designed to inspire others to make a difference in their communities. This magazine showcases the stories of people positively impacting their neighborhoods and beyond. Whether it’s through volunteering, fundraising, or simply lending a helping hand, these individuals remind us that we can all make a difference. The Social Good Magazine series is the perfect tool for anyone seeking inspiration to get involved in their community. Learn more at

Check out the Full Season 1 of The Social Good Magazine Show

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Continuing coverage of Social Good News, The Social Good Magazine publications Volume 1 and 2 interview various people across America doing acts of Social Good.

Volume 1 included many remarkable individuals I identified as community examples for social good. Including Doctor of Physical Therapy Tatum Robinson of Phoenix Physical Therapy & Sports Performance; Latisha Williams MPH, Wil Gauper Property Management Professional and Semi-Pro Hockey player, Jamie Ranzan, President of Solera Senior Living; Amy Reher, President of Karmic Realty and owner of The Granada Theater and Uptown Lobby in Minneapolis, Doctor of Dentistry Michael Thomasino, Rob Sewell Former US Park Ranger and Entrepreneur, & the team at CASA of Del Norte, Lyz Reagen, and Christine Slette. Also, a special article with The Aspen Meadow Band and featuring two Portland School teachers, Luke Gaynor and Sarah Gaynor. I met these amazing people at the 225-acre Rancho de Chiquita in Malibu, California, during my training on Geraldine Gilliland’s ranch; she is an international chef, restauranteur, & author. Learn more about all the diverse people that I have met on my quest to spread Social Good.

In The Social Good Magazine Volume 2, I expanded my concepts and added my vision for the New Economy.

I am an enthusiastic steward for Social Good. Social Good is about how we create positive outcomes for everyone. I love to produce positive results with my energy and connect with others who like to help others too! So, I decided to make this magazine to raise awareness and share the stories of others living lives focused on Social Good in various communities worldwide. There are examples of fine people who give in unique ways in multiple communities. It is with the community that we will always succeed and move forward for progress. I like to spend time with goal-setters and high achievers—community stewards and visionaries. So, get ready to be infused with Social Good and inspired to act. These Social Good Warriors are the real deal. I have been spending my time in this volume with a Global Economist, a public relations genius, a humanitarian songwriter for social change, philanthropists making an impact, a Chambers of Commerce revenue rockstar, artists, DJs, human rights activists, entertainment professionals, veterans, and other interesting people. We have many reasons to be optimistic about our present and future. Inside this volume, we talk about vital game-changing concepts for many communities to help aid in economic growth and development. Are you ready for growth?

We are!

1. The New Economy & Buddytown

2. Top Learnings from My Case

3. What is Fibromyalgia? What did I learn?

4. Community Observer: My Time in Minneapolis for George Floyd

5. Chamber Business: The Value of Networking

6. Partnerships Matter: Meet Mike Howren, Lure Creative Design, Inc., an 18+ year Successful revenue generator for Chambers of Commerce and Visitors Bureaus.

7. Public Relations Matter: Meet Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA, a global public relations genius and film producer.

8. Meet Raffles van Exel: Humanitarian Songwriter of ‘Why Oh Why,’ Artists for Global Unity, featuring CeeLo Green, French Montana, Fantasia Barrino, Kenny Lattimore, and Emily Estefan. Watch on YouTube.

9. Self-Expression: Meet the first Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni, a successful artist and designer

10. Iran Crisis: Meet Noorieh Daili, owner of Next Salon and Iranian-born

11. Why Real Estate Matters: Rose Garcia, former star of ‘The Real L Word’ series.

12. Road Trip Insider: Around California, Explore the Desert, Catalina, Meet DJ Femme A

13. Building Community in Los Angeles, Be Curious Around Town: Rose Garcia, DJ Les Ortiz, DJ Goodboy Morgan, Jess Weiner, NiK Kacy, Eden & Jay, Nate Lovell, & Brian Sonia Wallace.

14. Think Tanks: Learn about groups & individuals in our communities doing Social Good
Health Council: Lupus Spoons Highlight, Sifu Ryan Scott, Veteran Voices for Fibromyalgia with Kristal Kent
Veterans Council: Oath to Country Foundation with Dr. Justin Gracieux, Robert Reynolds, Jesus, A. Shelton, Magda Ballestero Mayo, Norman Lawler, Brandi Anderson, Jessica Miles, Brian Alvarado, Rocio Alvarado, and others.

15. Social Good Mission Roundup: a 3-Year Summary of Social Good

16. Meet Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, Global Economist & Philanthropist, Economic Advisor to The George Floyd Memorial Foundation & Soldiers of America, and learn about his plan for the unhoused population in Los Angeles and beyond

17. About the Author of The Social Good Magazine Volume 2, Get to Know Kristen Thomasino,

18. What’s Next? Learn About the Social Good Experiment, Additional Content, Projects, and Opportunities to engage with for Social Good at

The time for Social Good is now! So take action, watch a show, and get your copy of ‘The Social Good Magazine Volume 2.’

Join the movement for Peace, Love, Health & Prosperity! Become a Social Good Warrior!

Is there something surprising that you feel even people who know you might not know about?
My parents took me for a visit to NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida as a child, and I asked them for one book in the store. It was the Space Shuttle Control Manual. Later that summer, I built a replica of the space shuttle control modules out of LEGOS and would practice being a Commander. When I was ten, I went to a space camp and was selected to be a Commander. I designed a space station in one of the exercises with an economic development component. I focused on specialty real estate types such as a Space Station with a Casino and Hotel. It was the Casino of the Cosmos. I like to learn and have enjoyed learning since I was a child. Technology has always been fun for me to figure out. I hope more programs like this will continue for other generations to enjoy and get inspired.

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