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Hidden Gems: Meet Hollywood Hypnotist Kevin Stone

Today we’d like to introduce you to Hollywood Hypnotist Kevin Stone. Him and his team share their story with us below:

Hollywood Hypnotist™ America’s Celebrity Hypnotist
Kevin Stone – Master of Suggestion™

Kevin Stone is a Master Hypnotist and a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist. He is recognized as the #1 global expert and authority on hypnosis. Kevin’s hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques are sought-after by Hollywood A-list celebrities, world and business leaders, and top athletes. Kevin helps hundreds of people daily to improve their lifestyles for the better.

Kevin has an impressive list of credentials and is listed in the prestigious Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs! Kevin is a Master Hypnotist, Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, and a highly recognized sought-after Comedy Entertainer around the globe.

He is also a leader and pioneer, as well as a historian in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He is a “Senior Clinical Instructor” at the Craniofacial Pain/TMJ Clinic of the Otolaryngology Foundation at the White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. In addition to those accomplishments he is a motivational and keynote speaker holding workshops and corporate training programs for major Fortune 500 companies and others around the globe, is a television personality, an author, and a radio host.

Kevin is highly sought-after as the #1 global expert and authority on hypnosis and has been featured in countless media outlets and publications. Kevin can be seen on Teen Mom OG, The Morning Show, The Newlyweds, Celebrity Fit Club, Tyra Banks Show, Access Hollywood, ET Entertainment Tonight, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, BRAVO, and MTV. People Magazine, Star, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour Magazine, Self Magazine, US Weekly, InStyle magazine, and The Los Angeles Times, as well as many major news outlets and publications around the globe.

Kevin Stone’s passion for hypnosis started in his early youth and grew steadily over the years. He decided to sell his successful business to pursue his lifelong dream, enrolling in the only accredited college of hypnosis, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), where he studied under the world-renowned Dr. John Kappas. After graduating from HMI holding the degrees of Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist, he furthered his studies earning the title Board-Certified Hypnotherapist. Kevin then formed his two highly successful companies: Mind Growth Technologies™ (the clinical side of hypnosis) and Deep Sleep Entertainment™ (the entertainment side of hypnosis.) Between his many show dates, Kevin Stone is widely sought after for his expertise in hypnotherapy as well as his impressive teaching skills. For example, he has volunteered his time in the capacity of “Senior Clinical Instructor” at the Craniofacial Pain/TMJ Clinic of the Otolaryngology Foundation at the White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He works with and trains physicians in the areas of pain management and TMJ disorders. Kevin through Mind Growth Technologies™, which has blossomed into a full-service hypnotherapy clinic, has helped thousands of people to improve their lifestyles as well as on a worldwide scale through the entertainment media of Deep Sleep Entertainment™.

Kevin Stone is known both as the “Hollywood Hypnotist™” and the “Master of Suggestion™.” He creates a lively, comedy-laced, fun-filled hypnosis stage show during which he cleverly interlaces his clinical and teaching skills, producing a modernized “Las Vegas” stylized show. Kevin has been dubbed the “Sexiest Hypnotist” by MTV. “He dazzles his audiences with his wit, charm, charismatic personality, and creativity.” Kevin utilizes his artistic flair, talent, and showmanship to produce shows that abound with special effects, music, costumes, and props, making them “larger than life!” All shows feature full audience participation. The volunteer “STARS” of the show are given a special parting gift: Kevin’s own Perfected Mini-Hypnotherapy Session™, of personalized suggestions that they can use to improve their lives. During one performance, a man with a two-pack per day habit for over 35 years requested the suggestion to stop smoking permanently and he has become a non-smoker ever since!

Entertainment Today has acknowledged that Kevin Stone is “creative, flexible, mesmerizing, and very funny. He will, without a doubt, put a large spark into any event! He is a dynamic entertainer with truly innovative methods of hypnosis.” Kevin is adamant about not embarrassing anyone of his volunteers. The Los Angeles Times wrote that “The Hollywood Hypnotist darts through the most unique and fun-forgettable audience participation program in existence, never once belittling any of his volunteers.”

Kevin Stone is able to induce great depths of the hypnotic state in his volunteers by simply guiding them into a state of very deep relaxation. This allows their minds to become free from outside concerns, thus enabling them to focus all their concentration on the suggestions given during the show.

Kevin states “hypnosis is not being unconscious or being controlled. It is actually very similar to the state of meditation. In this world of unhealthy means of altering one’s consciousness, hypnosis is a fun and safe way, not to mention entertaining. It also provides an educational view of hypnotism and fun without the mysticism.”

When Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros., and Six Flags Magic Mountain were in search of a dynamic, versatile, and entertaining hypnotist for their corporate functions and theme park attractions, they ultimately sought out Kevin Stone. Pam Bugbee of Six Flags Magic Mountain stated: “Not only is his show wonderful, we found him to be affable and very professional.” Dennis Condon of Walt Disney Co., said “Kevin Stone and his show is a definite crowd-pleaser for old and young alike. Great family entertainment!” Additionally, Los Angeles’s premier radio station 97.1 KLSX, after an extensive search for a hypnotist to hypnotize an all-celebrity guest panel for a special broadcast, chose Kevin Stone as “THE BEST.” In fact, one of the celebrities, Denise Richards, stated, “I have tried before to be hypnotized by others, and I always thought it was fake, that it could not be done! But now that I have been hypnotized by Kevin Stone, I now know that it is real!!”

Kevin Stone is a highly sought-after motivational and keynote speaker for many organizations and companies worldwide. He offers a wide variety of seminars including weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress reduction as well as others geared toward corporate needs. He leads seminars, workshops, and corporate training programs for major Fortune 500 companies and others all across the globe. His seminars include teaching personal empowerment and life-building strategies, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills as well as training management on how to motivate their employees and staff. He combines his own innate sense of humor and vast knowledge of human behavior with his highly developed, fine-tuned skills in the area of showmanship in creating workshops and seminars which are fun-filled, educational, and entertaining. Kevin creates an atmosphere where learning is fun!

Kevin Stone has created many self-help audio download programs designed for those who desire to enhance and improve the quality of their personal life. The Total Power Programs feature full hypnotic sessions, giving the user the same benefit of a private hypnotherapy session in the privacy of their own home. Current titles include:

Lose Weight Now!
Stop Smoking Now!
Achieve Success Now!
Ultimate Relaxation

Each Total Power Program System includes complete instructions on how to get the most benefit from the program.

Whatever kind of engagement or event, Kevin will personalize it to suit any type of audience. Because of his incredible skill, flexibility, and versatility! You will not be disappointed with America’s favorite hypnotist, the one and only world-famous Master of Suggestion™, Hollywood Hypnotist™ Kevin Stone.

Don’t miss the most amazingly sophisticated, mind-blowing experience of a lifetime from the #1 greatest hypnotist on the planet!

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I started my journey as a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist over 30 years ago and my first hypnotherapy clinic opened in the city of Van Nuys, California (“The Valley”). Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy was still unknown, it was considered taboo, a mystical thing. Religion dismissed it, TV, books, and movies sensationalized it, and most people didn’t understand it.

To pursue a career in hypnosis was extremely difficult when I started because there wasn’t a lot of education, public awareness, or the applications of how it can help in a positive way. What most understood about it was what had been seen on TV, at the movies, and read in books. It is always a “villainous hypnotist” hypnotizing someone rendering them powerless to do what the hypnotist commands them to do. The stereotype is certainly not the reality of how hypnosis works, but that’s what almost everyone understands it to be.

I have learned to turn my struggles into stepping stones. These stepping stones, in turn, create my road to success. I am glad that my faith in God is greater than my fears. Scriptures, prayer, and self-hypnosis are how I continue to face the challenges. They do not go away once you feel you have reached some sort of success. The goal is to continually push the boundaries and to grow into achieving ultimate success. I eventually moved my practice to Beverly Hills working with Hollywood’s Elite and with thousands of clients globally.

The path to success is never a smooth road, I am of the mindset that it shouldn’t be! If it is not smooth, does not have obstacles or challenges. The human condition as a whole would NOT respect, give passion and dedication, as well as the commitment to the challenge of being successful. It would be too easy if it was just simply handed to any one of us. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the road is like being on a roller coaster of many highs and lows, twists and turns. By the grace of God, I am able to continue my journey!

My path has and continues to have many obstacles with twists and turns, people are becoming more aware globally of the applications of Hypnosis, my life’s passion!

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know?
I am a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Educator, Speaker, and Comedy Stage Hypnotist Entertainer. I specialize in addictions, sports enhancement, as well as pain management, and several other life-changing issues. I am trained in a variety of modalities, such as NLP, Dream Therapy, Positive Psychology, and of course Clinical Hypnosis.

My practice is my business. Hypnotherapy’s scope of practice is in the arena of avocational, vocational, or self-improvement; it does not offer therapy for emotional and mental disorders. (California Business and Professions Code Section 4996.14; Business and Professions Code Section 2908.)

I help everyone who is interested to enhance their professional or personal life. They know that there’s no top to the mountain; they are eager to continue to grow and learn.

I help everyone who struggles with fears, stress, weight loss, and/or smoking cessation, enhanced performance, sleep issues, health, fear of flying, general anxiety, and panic attacks, correcting addictive behavior, and amplifying performance. Applying my perfected techniques, a hypnotic state can be achieved by anyone.

Hypnotherapy can assist people in making changes more quickly and permanently. In addition, to learning several modalities, I am able to tailor sessions to my client’s needs.

Everyone who has a session with me leaves in an uplifted and empowered state.

What sets me apart from others in my profession? My passion, commitment, life experience, training, techniques, and commitment to continually be a source to give everyone the tools to reach their greatest goals and successes.

I believe that we are all born to succeed and win, however, we define that. We learn how to shrink, doubt, and play small. Whatever we’ve learned, we can also unlearn ALL behavior is learned behavior. I am committed to dissolving the negative programming that clients have learned and freeing their inner winners to achieve their maximum potential in life!

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on luck and what role, if any, you feel it’s played for you?
“There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

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