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An Artistic Voyage: exploring local creative and artistic works

Raw, unfiltered creative expression – from stories and photographs to illustrations and paintings – is at the heart of VoyageLA. In the coming weeks you’ll find in-depth conversations with many of the artists and creatives we’ve been introduced to lately, but below you’ll find a sneak peak of some of the art and artists that we’ve been most excited about recently.


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PROFESSIONAL IMAGE PROCESSING – PREPARATION BEFORE PUBLICATION IN INSTAGRAM Scroll to the side 👈🏼👉🏼 to compare the result before and after processing. The detailed process is described below. ⠀ Open the RAW file in Lightroom and do the basic color correction: open shadows, reduce highlights, add contrast. Enhance exposure with curves. Detailed work with colors: Saturation, brightness, hue. Correct lens distortion. ⠀ Open the file in Photoshop. Customize to the Instagram 4×5 format, apply a Portraiture filter, remove garbage and unnecessary elements with healing tool, correct the figure with liquify tool, make colors pop using curves, enhance dodge and burn. ⠀ Next, group the layers and open in Camera RAW. Add sharpness, vignette, color shadows and light, add a grain and fade effect. ⠀ Than export the file, transfer to the iPhone, and before publishing to Instagram, add filter you like with 10% transparency. Write text, add tags, mark the location – Done ✅ Post in your feed! ⠀ P.S. Ask in comments if I need to explain 💭 ⠀ ————— ⠀ ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНАЯ ОБРАБОТКА ИЗОБРАЖЕРИЙ – ПОДГОТОВКА ПЕРЕД ПУБЛИКАЦИЕЙ В ИНСТАГРАМ Листай в сторону 👈🏼👉🏼 чтобы сравнить результат до и после обработки. Ниже описан детальный процесс. ⠀ Вскрываем RAW файл в Lightroom и делаем базовую цветокоррекцию: открываем тени, убираем световые блики, добавляем контраст с помощью регулировки чёрного и белого. Работаем с кривыми. Далее детальная работа с каждым цветом по отдельности: Насыщенность, яркость, оттенок. Исправляем дисторсию объектива. ⠀ Открываем файл в Photoshop. Подгоняем под формат Instagram 4×5, расширяя края без деформации основных элементов, накладываем фильтр Portraiture, убираем мусор и лишние элементы, исправляем фигуру, добавляем контраст с помощью кривых. ⠀ Далее сводим слои и открываем в Camera RAW. Добавляем резкость, виньетку, красим тени и света, добавляем лёгкую зернистость и эффект затухания. ⠀ Экспортируем файл, передаём на iPhone и перед публикацией в Инстаграм добавляем понравившийся фильтр с 10% прозрачностью. Пишем текст, добавляем теги, отмечаем локацию – Готово ✅ Пост в вашей ленте! ⠀ P.S. Спрашивайте в комментариях если что-то необходимо пояснить ✍🏼💭

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Playing with light. Featuring the wonderful @themodel_sara

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#NP Wolves 🐺 @missdioranderson #jpierrephoto #leatherjacket #braids

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Yea girl!!! Brava @artemmink, brava. #hats! #RagTrade #ixartpark #proud

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@megfelix by @johnallanstudio #2013 #fashion #model #bra

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Bianconiglio 2019 #art #contemporaryart #3d #losangeles @gioia_di_girolamo

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🐶🚀📸 Let’s shoot!

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For those who don’t know the story… T’was two years ago. About 25min before the Oscars were about to start, when I glanced out the window to see if a friend had arrived yet. To my surprise, I see this little Chihuahua taking a dump in our front yard worthy of Best Documentary Short Subject. As I go out to confront his owner, I realize…he’s all alone. No human to be found. After some chasing around, we finally caught him. No tags. He was cold and hungry. We took him in and kept him safe for the night. We took him to the shelter and he was not chipped, nor reported missing or lost. After a month of searching for his home, and nobody ever claiming him, the shelter allowed us to adopt him. We decided that since he came to us on Oscar Sunday, it was only fitting we name him Oscar. His middle name would be whatever won Best Picture. For about two minutes his name was Oscar La La Land. But as it turned out, Oscar Moonlight has a much better ring to it. 😉 The rest, as they say, is Oscar history… 🐾 #Oscars #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #adoptdontshop @dustyphotos2

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