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Nickolas Ha

I grew up surrounded by the beauty of Hawai’i. I have always had an interest in photography and videography, even from a young age. My parents have numerous photographs of me playing with a camera as a child. In terms of photography, I first started out as a landscape photographer, which in my mind is only natural considering you’re surrounded by the huge variety of gorgeous scenery that can be found in Hawai’i. Read More>>

Jordana Sheara

I’m LA native, raised by a father from South America, and a Mother from Western Europe. I grew up very curious, and luckily, my father had the patience to answer my endless flow of questions. They both had adventurous and exciting lives, so I always assumed my life would be the same. Read More>>

Geoffrey Nicholson

My interest in photography started as a teen. My father did photography as a hobby, introducing me to various format cameras and teaching me how to print in our makeshift basement darkroom. Soon after learning how to operate a camera I started photographing hardcore punk shows in the 1980s for a fanzine I did with another friend from high school. Read More>>

Michael Maxner

I studied photography and design in Chicago and after a few years out of school, my wife and I decided to gamble and move to Los Angeles with no jobs and only $5000 to our name. I lucked out and found a full-time job, after only a few months, in the Fashion E-commerce industry and then worked my way into a freelance career after building up a few steady clients. Read More>>

David Oswald

I’m a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in portrait, fashion, glamour, beauty, and landscape photography, for the advertising, editorial, and retail markets. I have written two books titled, A Journey Through Mukuntuweap: The History of Zion National Park and The Moab Canyons Experience. Read More>>

Erin Marie Miller

There’s honestly no brief way of explaining how I got from Point A to Point B with photography. It’s been a long road and I’m still on it. Mostly it’s just been a series of unfortunate and serendipitous events. I’ve never been able to decide what I wanted to do with my life or where I wanted to live, and I’ve always had terrible luck with men, so I just moved around a lot to keep things interesting. Taking photographs has always been the only thing that has ever held my interest for longer than ten seconds because cameras always seem to make better friends than people do. Read More>>

Yuya Parker

I moved to Los Angeles from Japan four years ago to study landscape design. Although I’d been taking many photos since junior high school, I never thought I would want to do it professionally. What got me interested in studying photography was that I started going to different cupcake shops and bakeries in LA and started taking photos of their cupcakes and bread. At that time, cupcakes weren’t popular in Japan. Read More>>

Joshua Caine

Long story short, I sorta fell into photography. Growing up I thought I wanted to be a musician. I played drums and toured in a number of bands. Realizing I didn’t have a natural talent for music I continued to tour with bands managing them and shooting photos all across the states as well as over a dozen countries in Europe. Read More>>












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