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Meet Patriana Jones of 2020 Book Club

Today we’d like to introduce you to Patriana Jones.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Patriana. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My life looked great. I was traveling for all-expense paid out-of-state opportunities, I was making good money, and my consistency was really beginning to pay off. Yet, I found myself emotionally unstable at the time, fighting off random bouts of anxiety and depression and just overall melancholy.

When the late and great Nipsey Hussle passed away, that also took me a notch deeper into the darkness and I just wasn’t happy on an internal level. So I went back to the teachings of my parents and for a few days I just kind of prayed and sat with myself. I cried a lot in those days and my goal was to connect to the Highest Recharging Energy, which we all have access to. I asked for a sign. What should I do? What is my next move? I need to just rest, slow down. I need time. To find myself because I’m not sure I know who she is. That’s what I was praying.

While I was in Dallas on a work trip, I stepped on the foot of this man and I quickly apologized. He accepted and then he paused for a moment…and his first real words to me were, ”Wow, you feel very spiritual”.

The connection between us as we spoke with each other was quite instantaneous. It wasn’t physical, but on a soul’s level, he understood me. I understood him. We spoke for…hours the next day after he invited me to spend time with him. We spoke all day really. By the end of that first encounter, we committed to a relationship with each other.

He was the opposite of me. My polar opposite, really. We found that to be interesting. He also was very spiritual, calm-spirited, yet intelligent and wise and a strong presence despite how low-key he was. One of the most confident individuals I’d come across.

Watching him slowly had its impact on me. I wanted to feel the internal peace he possessed. He knew himself. He also was 100% supportive of my journey to self – discovery. We agreed that I would come to London, where he was, and I would spend a few months focusing completely on myself. No pressure of work, of financial obligation, of most stress factors that plague us. He wanted to give me as pressure – free of an environment as possible to figure out…Who is Patriana Jones?

So I went to London. I explored a lot. Traveled often with him to nearby countries, expanding my world view. I went on walks, would journal often, read a plethora of subjects. I started studying World History through my favorite resource Khan Academy, which is this free online school, and that took me into studying Philosophy and just many subtopics.

Which led to the emergence of my philosophy of intentional development and birthed the 2020 book club, an online book club for intentional personal development.

Junk learning and junk media is honestly damaging our brains, our souls, our livelihood. My goal is to create as many spaces and opportunities as possible that can help myself and others counter and, at the bare minimum, keep ourselves balanced against so much of the ill-intentioned and misintentioned media, information, and energy that’s floating around.

Has it been a smooth road?
Considering that it took me going on the journey of self-discovery to even birth the idea….no it wasn’t a smooth journey. Rebirth is never a smooth journey. It’s messy because your internal struggles are highlighted in a very blatant way and you can no longer hide behind any of them. I was resistant in some stages, mean, difficult to deal with, emotional, and processing a lot of emotions always. But also, I did tremendous amounts of healing the moment I took self- accountability for myself. I gave space to acknowledge my life experiences, I processed my thoughts on those life experiences, and I gave myself power and authority to decide my future moving forward.

Having a supportive and encouraging partner who also holds me accountable helped a lot though. Now I’m in a space where I can hold myself accountable. I want to possess life – affirming traits and so I have the choice to hold myself to those types of expectations…and I choose to.

Once I tackled the burden of self -accountability, then the tools of sustaining and facilitating a platform such as the one I am building…started becoming known to me.

As long as I can walk in truth, pro-activeness, and progression…then I have the confidence and the authenticity to speak to the 2020 book club members about their own journey.

Please tell us about 2020 Book Club.
2020 book club is actually apart of a larger resource that will be available to the public January 2020. This platform is fueled by the process: emotional intelligence leading to intentional development resulting in conscious living.

Emotions is at the root, always, of every single woe that the human is plagued with. Learning to cultivate a healthy relationship and understanding of your emotions leads to effective communication and the ability to form a well-rounded and life-affirming perspective of situations and environments, which inevitably improves one’s quality of life.

In order to harness that ability though, one must have several tools fully activated and available: self-awareness, self- accountability, community of support. That is what both 2020 book club and my larger resource focuses on and facilitates.

Although the larger resource becomes available in January 2020, the 2020 book club has been available since October 2019 and has accumulated about 65 members. A book is chosen every 4-6 weeks and broken down into a course of several weeks and members are given many tools to help them stay encouraged and also to internalize the material and tools they’re reading. After all, reading is the easy part. Applying it is the important part. My book club focuses on improvement in 4 core areas: EQ, IQ, Finance, and Relationships.

Members have been very active, participating, and connecting with each other and it’s honestly beautiful and keeps me inspired.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
The beautiful part about my platform is although I am a Los Angeles resident, my book club and many of its resources and opportunities are digital and completely accessible globally. That is the beautiful side of technology.

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