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Meet Mo Fit of Mo’s Motivational Health Club in Inglewood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mo Fit.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
The Challenge That Changed My Life and Inspired The #MoFitMomCommunity Movement:

I did not play on an athletic team, learn an instrument, or join a club as a teenager. I persevered through school to obtain a MA.Ed but did not have the confidence to engage in these character building activities. I vividly recall observing my mother struggle with her physical and mental health while juggling her career and children.

As a teenager, I dealt with fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular pap smears, constipation, mild eczema and severe acne. I’ll never forget when a Gynecologist told me that it may take me a little longer to have kids. Since my Pap smears were irregular, I was instructed by my Gynocologist to do semi-annual biopsies to assess that the changes in my ovaries weren’t a sign of cancerous cells developing. I was only 17 years old and kept this a secret for eight years.

I prayed constantly that what the gynecologist told me, would not be the case. When I experienced my first miscarriage, I believed this certainly could be the case but I continued to pray and continued to have faith.

I graduated college at 22 years old and embarked on my career as a High School English teacher. I suddenly felt it was the right time to start a family. Subconsciously I remembered those words: “it may be difficult”.

It became a burning desire to know that I could have a healthy, happy child. When I discovered I was pregnant, some of my closest family and friends weren’t happy for me. They felt I was “rushing life”. They did not know my testimony. Today, I still believe my five years old is a gift from God. Yet, by the time he was three months, I found myself drowning in unhappiness.

I was 205 pounds at my six weeks postpartum checkup. My doctor told me I was a borderline diabetic. At 23 years old, I was informed that I may need to be on insulin.

Prior to my pregnancy, I was 170 pounds, so I could not help but ponder, “How did my body get to this point? How could I be faced with a lifestyle disease before my life really started?” This is all I could think while I battled what I later learned was postpartum depression. While I was grateful for the birth of my son, deep down, I knew it was time for my own rebirth.

Many factors turned my pain & sorrow into passion and motivation. The discipline manifested into self-love when I realized it was more about my son and my community than it was about my body image.

I decided it was time to embark on a journey to understand health and fitness. This became my motivation for becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist.

There was a need to be the change I wanted to see in my family and my community.

My grandfather passed from diabetes and heart complications. After that, I watched my parents and grandmother battle the same lifestyle diseases.

I had dreams of modeling and wanted to break the chain of lifestyle diseases in my family. I confronted the reality of my health condition through a scale and a camera. I started by creating a “weight loss journey” album on my phone because I was tired of avoiding the mirror and started taking pictures of what I saw instead.

Eventually, I resorted to my passion for books. I enrolled in ISSA Personal Training, Group fitness, and nutrition specialist course. After earning my certificate and conducting research in nutrition and fitness, which I based five core lifestyle changes that fueled my passion, determination, and motivation. I accepted that to develop discipline, I had to get past the “rehab stage”. That’s the stage where I drowned in anxiety from fighting temptations and wanting to give up. I literally had to accept that food was my addiction. I didn’t believe I could see results and I continued to crave my favorite foods. I enrolled in the gym at Planet Fitness but went inconsistently.

After a couple of months, I experienced a paradigm shift. I bought smaller sized clothing and set a date to fit into them. Then, I used the research to adjust to the following five-lifestyle changes that is now published guide called Mos 5 Step Challenge™ :

1. Drink one gallon of water daily,
2. Consume last meal at 7:00pm,
3. Minimize portions of food that have starch, sugar, and salt,
4. Replace one meal or snack with a natural juice blend,
5. Engage in “at home workouts” for 30 minutes daily. (I included my child in creative exercises that I offer now on the @mofitmomapp)

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Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Building a start-up company with minimal experience in business and technology was nerve-wracking. I battled fear and anxiety every step of way. I still find myself doubting the path I am on towards making an impact. I convince myself that although this is bigger than me, I can surpass the challenges. I had people take advantage of me because I am an African American woman and may have less expertise than them. Therefore, trust issues continue to be a mental block. Other times, I struggle to maintain a balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. Moments when I want to play with my son or focus on nurturing him, I’m scrambling to complete a task or attend to a conference call. Time management continues to be a struggle since I’m still developing a strong team.

Please tell us about Mo’s Motivational Health Club.
I am an Educator, Personal Trainer, and Founder of Mo’s Motivational Health Club™. We provide educational fitness service products and resources that motivate you to live healthier and happier lifestyle. We’re launching a mobile app to kickstart the #MoFitMomCommunity movement – our mission is to help women and children break the chain of lifestyle diseases in their communities through developing habits around wellness and fitness.

MoFitMom™ Fitness mobile app is a child-friendly interactive exercise software mobile application. The mobile app is the resource that facilitates the moFitMom™ Wellness and Fitness Experience, a dual program, partnered with Fit Whitt It, that educates women and children on how to develop a fun and interactive workout regimen, followed by a wellness and/or mindfulness workshop. Our philosophy is that we can break the chain of lifestyle diseases in our community one woman and child at a time because they sow the seeds for future humanity.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?


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  • FREE Health Consultation
  • 30.00 – Weekly Virtual Fitness Coaching
  • 175 – Coaching Package

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