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Meet Kelly Chambers of The Astrologer’s Daughter in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kelly Chambers.

Kelly, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I remember being fascinated by astrology – and really anything occult – from a very young age. I originally got interested in astrology with my childhood best friend. We’d buy those 99-cent “Starscrolls” every week to see what was going to go down Middle School. As perhaps chance would have it, sometimes they were totally right on and we loved reading about how earthy and ambitious we were (Capricorns!). I didn’t really get hooked until my mom got me an astrology reading as a graduation gift from high school. More than the reading itself, which was quite good, it was the book the astrologer recommended: The Inner Sky, by Steven Forrest.

I was in Europe at the time, traveling by EuroRail with a college friend, and dove into the book during our long train rides. I was having a bit of an identity crisis and the way this author broke down the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the fundamental building blocks of the natal chart) completely cured me from thinking I was some sort of 3-headed beast. It was just so psychologically rich and lucid, and I was able to recognize myself – and my “subpersonalities” as I hadn’t before. It calmed me and honestly made me think I wasn’t made wrong or as confused as I thought I was. We all have various sides to ourselves, and I was getting so caught up trying to figure out which one was the real me. The truth was they were all me – and that’s the first time I experienced the power of astrology – which is just an ancient practice of unpacking energies within ourselves as related to what is outside of ourselves (and what we are truly connected to – the Cosmos!) – and I was just so grateful.

I wrote him an email thanking him for his literary cure, not expecting to hear back from him. Not only did he write me back, but he offered me a chance to apply for his “apprenticeship program” which was available to anyone under 30, or what we astrologers call pre-Saturn return. I applied and got into the program, and for the next several years spent weeks absorbing his wisdom in Northern California or what my friends would call going to “space camp.” The rest is sort of history.

Has it been a smooth road?
I mean, are any roads smooth? Life has definitely knocked me on my ass a couple of times, mostly self-perpetuated grief spirals due to not trusting myself in relationships, but astrology has actually been pretty smooth. It was just such an organic process, but at the time I wasn’t thinking of it as some career path. I had just graduated U.C.L.A in Communication Studies and was set on being actress. Astrology was more of a hobby and something that helped me be self-aware and was just a lot of fun. Having insight into a human being, which I felt no one had time for growing up, was so fascinating to me. But to answer your question, yes – when I put energy into astrology and building my business – it seems to work. I think because there’s no real ego in it. I mean I truly enjoy it and want to do it as a service. The rockiest part is just taking myself seriously and charging for it. Haha. I’m getting there.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with The Astrologer’s Daughter – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
It’s just me. I’m an Evolutionary Astrologer, which is a branch of Western Astrology, and we place a lot of attention on the karmic story as told through the symbolism (signs/planets/aspects/houses) of the South Node of the Moon. The idea is that we’re here to evolve and while we all have some cellular memory and a certain default setting, whether you want to attribute that to past lives or early childhood programming or our lineages burdens (and blessings), we also have free will. I like to get clients really clear on their “South Node” story so they know not just what they’re working with, but what they’re working against.

As most of us know, familiarity is one of our primary human hungers; to be safe, stay within our comfort zone and sometimes just blindly repeat behaviors even if they’re completely maladaptive. The pull of the past can exert an incredible gravitational pull for a lot of us, and I feel like any information that just helps us catch ourselves in a pattern and brings a little more compassion and understanding, is key. What am I most proud of? Probably sucking it up and finally do Instagram videos. That took a while! That, and implementing a scheduling system on my website.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
People have dreams and live offbeat, creative lives. There’s an openness. A lot of people also love dogs – as I recently found out traversing the whole of Griffith Park to find a rescue Australian Cattle Dog on the lam. People have time for you (and your lost dog apparently) and I feel like there’s a lot of goodwill. What I like least? The fact that you have to create urgency. The city doesn’t necessarily give you that. That and the glaring homeless problem.


  • Event: $150/hour
  • 15-minutes consult: free
  • Hour Reading: $125

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