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Meet Gold Mac Ivor of Belle Maison Agency in Century City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gold Mac Ivor.

Gold, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Before founding the Belle Maison Agency, I was serving corporate and individual clients as a respected financial advisor. After 12 years in the financial industry I felt bogged down by the corporate red tape in the industry. I loved working my clients and helping them but I no longer had a passion for the business. Since moving to Los Angeles 12 years previously I had developed a large network and was always the person my friends, colleagues or contacts called to assist them with suggestions on entertainment, organizing a party, etc. A friend recommended that I make that my business so I moved into servicing high-profile domestic clients as a personal assistant and estate manager.

I obtained my first domestic job through a very well-known agency in Los Angeles so I found out firsthand how they treated the candidates and what they promised to clients. I found that there was a lack of ethics and respect in the industry and wanted to start an agency that treated both the candidates and clients as equals. My personal belief with recruiting is that I am match making. Finding candidates that have the skill-set that my client may request can be easy but the real key is to find the interpersonal connection between the client and candidate. My biggest satisfaction in my business is when I transform my client’s life by matching them with an amazing candidate who makes their life more seamless. In addition, I am a founding owner of Riveter Consulting Group, which specializes in lifestyle management athletes, celebrities and high net worth clientele.

I hold B.S. in Management from Park University and achieved certification as a top-graduating Marine Corps Paralegal, Series 6, 63, and Life licensure, and financial consultant registration. I remain heavily involved in the Southern California community, contributing my time and energy to numerous nonprofits and child enrichment organizations.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? I had many trials and tribulations when I started my company. You do not know what works or does not work until you try it. In the beginning, you are trying to build your business so it is quantity over quality. Than over time you have to do a cost benefit analysis to really understand if the time you are spending on a certain project or client is worth the reward.

Two of the biggest things that helped me in my business was learning to say the word “No” and delegating. My initial reaction is always to say, “Yes” because inherently I do want to help. I always wanted to deliver but saying “yes” and not being discerning I really was doing a disservice to my clients and myself. Now if I do not feel I would be the best resource I will either refer it to someone or try to direct the client or candidate in another direction. This allows me to spend more time on the clients I can help and give them my best possible level of service.

Additionally, delegating more items to my assistant freed me up to not only market the company but also interface with my clients more which improves the overall understanding of a there needs and wants.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Belle Maison Agency – what should we know?
Belle Maison Agency is an elite domestic staffing agency. We specialize in domestic role such as nannies, personal assistants, and chef’s and estate managers. Belle Maison was founded on the premise of treating our candidates and clients as equals. I fight really hard to make sure my candidates have a voice with the hiring process. I listen and negotiate for both parties with the goal to find a permanent placement for my candidate and wonderful employee for my client. I spend a lot of time to help my candidates with not only resume advice but perhaps even assisting them to find a job with another recruiter. I wish I could give every candidate a position but I cannot so I do my best to give them the resources and knowledge I have to assist them on their search.

What makes us your discerning choice for bespoke domestic staffing services? Frankly, it’s because I have been there. With the personal experience serving families in the Los Angeles area it has given me intimate perspective on what it takes to fulfill all essential residential and childcare roles.

We know exactly which domestic skills and qualities are centrally important to your family’s wellbeing and security, and we know how to best find, evaluate, and place the people who can bring a higher level of service to the household.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
My friends have been amazing supporters during my growing process. They not only have trusted me to staff their homes and offices but have sung my praises with their friends and families as well. I’m blessed to have friends with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in different fields who helped me navigate through complicated business matters.

My assistant is also my lifesaver. We speak to dozens of candidates and clients every week. We have a database with over 4000 candidates. I simply cannot remember everyone so she does a great job of helping me remember certain candidates that we can match to our clients. Our job requires strong intuition and interpersonal skills so having her be “Me” essentially when I am not in the office is key for our continued success.

Lastly, I really enjoy my candidates. They are constantly bringing me gifts of appreciation. It’s really sweet. Just today I got a dozen roses and perfume. I feel lucky to be able to help progress in their careers.

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