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Meet Ei Ei Phyoe Maung of Yoga Remedy’s Essential Wellness in Harbor City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ei Ei Phyoe Maung.

Ei Ei Phyoe, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I was born and raised in Myanmar and have always been a fitness enthusiast and actively involved in dance, aerobics and gymnastic.  I started teaching yoga in 2009 with my master teacher, Nan Mo, and assisted to establish a yoga studio in Yangon.  As well I ventured to India to further study yoga and meditation in 2011.  Finding many other incredible gurus throughout my journey, while pursuing a doctorate degree in Ayurveda, I decided to start my own wellness center, inspired by family, friends, gurus and loved ones and which would become the foundation of my practice.

When I came to the United States, I came as a full time student to be public health care profession.  I also open my doors to combining both eastern and western ways for the mind and body principles, the fitness industry and in the vast field of wellbeing.  So I started studying kinesiology, weight training, contemporary health, nutritious and anatomy, etc.  I was teaching yoga at people’s home, in the park, at the beach, and even business places as well as private group places where ever worked.  I also became a personal trainer and had a chance to work with many people at several thriving fitness companies in LA. As I was enjoying my experience at my workplaces, I also keep learning the culture, the society, the people and their life style deeply.  I was very amused by the many types of fitness and yoga classes which are very popular here in LA.  I also joined these variety of yoga and fitness classes including step class, sculpting, Zumba, Acro Yoga, TRX, candle flow, Vinyasa, Pilates, flying yoga, indo board yoga, SUP yoga, hot yoga… you name it I tried it.

I was learning and admiring all the new techniques.  Yoga I noticed was much different here developing into much more created styles and versions.  I always approach them with my east and west perspectives.  Even though I enjoy all this passionate creativity of fitness and yoga, I slowly started noticing that most of the people’s fitness goals and wellbeing wishes are not fulfilling to its optimum level.  Health statistics still shows that we are failing in the field of health promotion and disease prevention.  If more than half of the population in the US is on some type of prescription drug for chronic ailments, some major disease and anxiety, how efficiently we are promoting the health and fitness to prevent those costs?  It does not support the solution!

The obesity rate is still high.  I came across to train people who had diabetes, asthma, back pain, neck pain, joint problem, anxiety and panic attacks at their very young age.  Stress levels are also still very high.  We have house, we have cars, we have jobs and we have goals but still it was not the solution to the stress level. We are still confused with our food choices.  We are still not as happy and peaceful as we can be and should be.  When all these chronic ailments appear, we started going to chiropractors, physical therapist, healing centers, others types of therapies and so on.  And we spend so much time and money there.  This becomes also so off and on.

So, I wanted find out a better, more sustainable solution to that. Then I had a chance to take a month break and went back to my country.  I visited my cousins and relatives. There they had the most vibrant smile and they were so happy to see me.  They all face the same struggles and the same problems as the US but just happier faces and are ready to take me in.  The care and compassion is always there, never lost.  My heart was melted and all my training was completed right there at that moment.  I found out that we look at the west from the east and we thought the west has it all.  With health insurance and support from government, we thought western medical field and health care system got it all figure out.

From the west, we look at the east and think maybe we are doing it all wrong.  The truth is we have not look inside and see the science behind all this cause and effect.  Public health organizations are reaching out in so many ways now.  Science is also catching up with better research about the value of nature and alternative ways.  With both mystical and practical dimensions, I started understanding that the health care can actually go a long way only if we changed it into individual self-care.  Then I started remembering all my experience with my yoga journey like it happened yesterday.

It was my hatha yoga practices that healed my body back to normal very fast after a motorcycle accident.  I have been riding since I was a child and it was my only form of transportation I knew.  I had no accidents until then. It was one evening on Pacific Coast Highway in 2012. This crushed my left knee and my lower back to a point where I cannot bend forward or my knee. But with yoga practices, the body was quickly healed.

It was my Kriya practices (energy yoga) which kept my energy high and to be able go to work at 5am easily.  It was my everyday meditation practice that kept my mind stable and to deal with those emotional ups and downs.  It was Gyana yoga practice (knowledge yoga) that kept me motivated enough to do my practice every single day and give me a strong discipline and understanding the nature of my body and mind.  With my regular practice, I also found my devotion (bhakti yoga) towards this knowledge and experience.  Only with all of these combined, one will find clarity and really transform life to where one needs to be.

There was that point where I got stuck and I was not strong enough to overcome my emotional state of mind.  I know I needed to do more yoga, I knew I need to do meditation every day, eat better and change my bad habits, but my EQ (emotional quotient) was low.  I also had doubt in the process and not having enough knowledge to self-motivate and discipline myself contributed.  So it is important to keep all these wheels and tools of yoga going together so to not get stuck.  With very little that I know, I am ready to share every bit of it with everyone.  I also would like to introduce you to some of my masters who teach this original science of yoga and knowledge globally.


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living Foundation,

Sadhguru, Isha Foundation,

Jagad Guru Kripaluji Mararaj

Swami Mukundananda

Swami Govindananda

Swami Sarvapriyananda

James Swartz

Sister Shivani

Swami Radhana

Nan Mo

Has it been a smooth road?
Ah ha.. hmmm, and I would like to say there was no road at all.  Had to make one on my own and earn it. (Laugh…) Like the pages in a book without words there is no book there are no pages, no knowledge no path.  From Taunggyi, Myanmar…being able to come to United States and being able to survive and study here, to be able to work here and to start a business here, to do what I love to do and share this beautiful journey of yoga…it was all extremely challenging, a long story and a big leap.  I did not grow up in a rich family.  I have to figure out myself to study abroad.  My family supported me in any possible way because I was determined to go.  I do not know why I needed to go but I knew I wanted to see the world from both sides.  And after a couple years, I told my parents to no longer support me financially anymore.  I tried to survive myself even though it seemed impossible, I could not give more load to my family.  They did everything for me, already enough.  There were tough times where I miss them so much when I could not go to school or to work.  I just wanted to drop everything and go back. Sometimes, some steps we are scarred but we just have to turn them into stepping stones and keep moving towards the path that you have set forth.

So having my own wellness center to serve what works for me in my life, giving back to whomever needs it, at this stage, everything is happening as a miracle.  I am amazed that many people around me easily offer a hand and have invested into this.  I cannot be thankful enough to all who have helped us out in so many ways.  All the struggles became insignificant comparing to the grace I have received from them.   And of course there are many if I have to say.  From finding the space, renovating it to running the place with the best services that we like to provide and being able to cover all, it is going to be a very interesting yet fantastic journey.  I think we just need to be a little, if not a lot, more joyful and be peaceful wherever we are in life and whatever we are doing.  And I am also well aware of all the ups and downs that are present, still coming but we have the ability to be able to respond to every single one of them, responsibility.  We have an old saying in Myanmar, “Make big problems small and make small problems disappear.” My dad always says that. (Laugh…) So I will continue to do my best Daddy, thank you!

We’d love to hear more about your business.
By honoring the science of Yoga and Ayurveda, Yoga Remedy’s Essential Wellness offers tools for wellbeing which includes various types of yoga classes, fitness training, flying yoga classes, dance workshops, meditation, wellness workshops, Upa yoga seminars, Art of Living courses, retreats, cultural games and more.  We focus on the essence of yoga which is the subjective science of mind, body, emotions and feelings.  We provide services that bring one’s attention back to their own source which is the body, the mind, the emotion and their life style so that one can get back into their harmonious state well on their own.  We keep the studio as a place for everyone to come and build their own profile of fitness, to re build their joyful way of living, and to find the people who will support you on your path…very important.  We also focus on teaching yoga in its origin.  We are known for flexibility, various choices in one place, diversity of community’s activities. We are proud of our teachers who are of the most respectful.  What sets us apart from others?  I think nothing should set us apart from others since yoga means union.  (Laugh…) I would actually like to see all yoga studios come together and share our commons and exchange our different qualities and uniqueness.

Where do you see your industry going over the next 5-10 years? Any big shifts, changes, trends, etc?
As science and technology are developing at immense speeds in today’s world, the awareness of longing to have the optimal wellbeing in both physical and mental aspect is also rising in humanity.  Many of us become realized in that we need to look within to find the balance and harmony for the life style that we have always been wanting and in every aspect for that which is not even at any distance from us…only directly behind our eyelids.  As this subjective science evolves, yoga remedy will be reaching out to serve yoga, meditation, fitness and flying as the self-inquiry tools to transform and to take charge of our own wellbeing.  We stand as a bridge to cross over to find the dedication, the knowledge and the inspiration within one’s own self.  We will be the strong tie-in for everyone and for ourselves to grow in this journey ahead.  We cannot do this alone but together we will be serving incredible lives ahead.  There are so many yoga places out there now and it is keeps growing.  I think it is important to keep the science alive as a remedy for everyone to be at ease not just in physical but also in the mind.  So I humbly would like to welcome all the great yoga teachers and enthusiasts out there to come together and really unite us and make yoga available for everybody.


  • $10 per class (First Time)
  • $45 unlimited first month (First Time)
    • $20 for walk in
    • $145 for 8 classes
    • $180 for 12 classes
    • $120 per month for a year membership
    • $35 per class for flying yoga
    • $45 per session for personal training
    • $30 per class for SUP Yoga Class (including rental for paddle & board)
    • 15% off for all services for VoyageLA readers

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