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Meet Domonique Echeverria of Universal Mother in Frogtown

Today we’d like to introduce you to Domonique Echeverria.

I am a disabled, queer, latina, intuitive reiki healer, medicine woman, seer, artist, muse, big sister, and the creator of the Universal Mother healing collective and resource site. My life is a telenovela so I’ll try to fit a bit in and for the rest you will have to hunt down my stories! HA!

Throughout my teenage years and 20s I worked as a costumer, model, dancer, muse, and nightlife personality from SF to NY to LA, like a glamorous and surreal three ring circus bouncing around like a fireball of energy; modeling for Chris Habana, Givenchy, Gypsy Sport, and hosting for Susanne Bartsch, Ladyfag, Frankie Sharp, and my original mother, an OG universal mother to all, Juanita More. A series of unfortunate events and back to back traumas from malpractice issues with doctors, to family trauma, and relationship abuse, lead me to the breaking point of the amount of suffering I was able to withstand. . . and in November 2015 I threw myself in front of a train in New York as an attempt to take my own life and my body was ripped to shreds. My right arm and leg were amputated, I fractured my spine, ribs, pelvis, collarbone, ruptured my lungs, spleen, and as soon I was taken off breathing tubes and IV, I was locked in the psychiatric unit against my will for 21 days even though I was psychologically cleared to be released back to the medical floor after 48 hours.

After enduring extreme abuse from the hospital staff and being overmedicated, I looked around at the other patients covered in feces, urine, their bodies marked up from self-harm, men and women wandering the halls like brain dead zombies, I knew, THIS WASN’T THE WAY. The way that our country treats sick people, whether mentally ill or physically ill is fucked up, they are trained to treat symptoms and overlook the roots of problems (go watch the show Diagnosis on Netflix). They treat us like guinea pigs that they profit off of, the medical industry is a business and the money from big Pharma is funding the immigration camps and keeping children in cages RIGHT NOW, it is a for profit business that could care less about the soul of the individual. I had to fight back. I am still fighting back. I couldn’t let myself be another causality of the destruction that this patriarchy is causing. The women in my family have fought too hard for me to give up, so not only did I fight back, I have evolved into a person I never imaged I could become. I had to question everything I knew, medical professionals, therapists, and trust my intuition… and I’m glad I did because it saved my life.

If I would’ve continued the irresponsibly prescribed treatment options that the original doctors and psychiatrists from the hospital wanted me to stay on, I would be in chronic pain, in a wheelchair full time, or possibly dead. I turned to indigenous elders, I went to shamans who pulled physical and emotional pain out of my body, they offered wisdom and guided me through my grieving process. The healers that I met during my recovery not only healed the PTSD from my suicide attempt, they helped heal the trauma from before, and not only did it heal me, it has been healing my family. It blew my mind how effective the tools that I was finding were, and I felt like I owed it to everyone around me to share. Universal Mother is a site and healing collective connecting you to the healers, places, and remedies that have shaped my physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution; it is my offering to all who are suffering or seeking guidance.

Now I am living in Los Angeles and offer group healings with guest healers, one on one sessions, and counseling. I still ping pong back and forth between coasts but offering my energy in different ways these days. If you are seeking guidance or support visit and don’t be afraid to ask for second opinions, remember it’s your body and mind!

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Universal Mother – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Universal Mother is a web of healing resources curated for people who don’t know where to start. On our site you can find a list of reiki healers, chiropractors, intuitive healers, book suggestions, sound therapy, inspirational videos, insightful articles, other healing sites I found helpful, earth medicine suggestions, and a list of online and in person sanctuaries. The amazing thing about Universal Mother is our web, it really is a collective labor of love and shared wisdom from some of the most knowledgable healers I know. It is an energetic superhero team of many mothers and sisters.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
I am looking for investors to fund our work. Many of us spend a back breaking amount of time healing people in need who lack funds, from abuse survivors to people in the homeless community, women in the prison system, people who are grieving, retired veterans with PTSD, people with high medical bills due to chronic pain and illness. I want to call in investors and funding so we can amplify the work that we do. When someone is grieving or suffering, there aren’t many free options out there, I want to change that.

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