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Meet Christina Santini of The Nutrition Doctor in Santa Monica

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christina Santini.

Christina, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I have always been interested in the medical aspects of foods – my mother was quite health conscious and researched a lot about nutrition as my dad had lung cancer due to smoking heavily. He was from a time where smoking was considered healthy back in the early days where it was introduced. This was, unfortunately, an addiction he could not quit. Later in life, I was reading a book in school in biology class about brain chemistry, addiction and amino acids.

It dawned on me that food has much more potential to balance us psychologically and physiologically, than just keeping our waistline in check. That amino acids could be used to heal the addicted brain. I remember thinking that this explains why many drug addicts also seem to become sugar addicts during their drug withdrawal – they are trying to spike the same chemicals that they were using the drugs for.

This triggered me into studying nutrition. Later I worked for doctors who helped me gain more insight into how to apply nutrition to medical care and interpreting blood labs. I have studied Biological Medicine in Switzerland where they are front-runners in natural medicine and advanced laboratory testing – in addition to taking several courses in Ayurveda to understand how eastern ancient wisdom actually overlaps with what we like to think of as modern science and so-called cutting-edge health knowledge.

Well, it turns out that much of what science shows today, only confirms what they have been doing since ancient times in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Part of this is because we still have little understanding of the mind-body-soul connection and how every single one of us has a specific constitution.

A unique constitution which must be honored via the lifestyle and foods we choose, if we are to live a happy and healthy life.

Whenever we go against our basic nature, we get sick. We cannot go against the laws of nature, regardless of how disciplined and rigid we are in our attempt to force our ways. No amount of strict dieting will last, if it doesn’t match our biochemical blueprint – then we will end up sick eventually, even if we think we are eating clean, raw, paleo, vegan or whatever the diet trend of the day is. Our food choices must match who we are at a cell-level to restore biochemical balance.

I do this both via analyzing clients’ medical family history to screen for dispositions, in addition to advanced laboratory testing revealing heavy metals, nutrient imbalances, organic acids and gut health, pesticide accumulation, hormones, stress markers and neurotransmitters. I find that listening to a person’s story will often reveal a lot about what are the causes of their symptoms – we have an inner wisdom and intuitive knowledge that shines through, when we allow it. Most of us just don’t do that – we tend to override it. when you listen to people, often they will reveal a lot about their lifestyle, emotional health and mood, that can point me in the direction of which labs need done to pin-point the exact imbalance causing the symptoms – whether that be weight-loss resistance, depression, auto immune issues, cancer, addiction, men’s sexual health or fertility problems – these are symptoms of a deeper biochemical imbalance that needs corrected to achieve a cure.

Has it been a smooth road?
The biggest challenge in working with natural medicine is, that there is no money in setting off resources to research it and come up with detailed guidelines on dosages to use for different diseases. Simply because you cannot patent food. Well, at least for now we can’t – with GMO foods on the rise, you actually can patent food – and that is super dangerous. This means food is no longer god-made but man-made.

Through history we have seen time and time again man commit Hybris thinking he can outperform the laws of nature – food is designed with so much intelligence, that whenever we mess with it, we lose out of much of the disease-fighting and healing potential in best case, and create foods that foster disease in worst case – a couple examples that are not even GMO-related as such are the issues with hybridized wheat and casein A1, which has led to an epidemic of gut health issues and people going frantic thinking everyone needs to be dairy and gluten free, when fact is, that the real issue here is that we have messed up the foods so that they chemically now are damaging us – the original versions had many health benefits, but now not so much. And that is sad.

Food in its original state carries so much vital intelligence that we cannot replicate. We try, however, in order to patent and profit from it. Did you know that most medicine today is inspired by a plant? But we do not use the plant, because there is no money in it – rather we develop synthetic medication that is riddled with side-effects and often contain vast neurotoxins as well.

That is a big challenge we all face today: how our health is being monopolized by lobby interests.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with The Nutrition Doctor – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
The Nutrition Doctor is a health clinic that specializes in advanced laboratory testing incl. heavy metals, detox, preventative healthcare, health screening, and nutrition therapy for diseases a-z, addiction and eating disorder support. Our philosophy is based on identifying the root cause of the symptom as well as understanding the individual’s constitution. We are based in Europe 6 months out of the year and 6 months in Los Angeles – with SKYPE follow-ups in between office visits.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I love how many creative and open-minded people reside in Los Angeles. It is very unique and easy to meet new friends who are passionate about what they are doing. Many people come to Los Angeles to be able to live outside a box – to make a difference on their own terms, to dare be who they are. I love that – the space to be whatever you want to be.

Well, the thing I like the least about LA that would be rigid one-size-fits-all diet trends I guess – with Hollywood around the corner, many of us do fall victim to self-proclaimed health gurus with little to no real education and that quick-fix diet mentality – and that does not make for a strong body nor a strong mind long-term.


  • Nutrition Consultation (includes 2x40min sessions in office or SKYPE) $375
  • Eating Disorder Nutrition Planning and Coaching (10×40 min sessions in office or SKYPE) $1400
  • Nutrition Follow-up (40 min in office or SKYPE) $150
  • Medical Thermography (full body scan 40 min) $500

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