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Meet Christen Caudillo of BrowTendre in Glendale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christen Caudillo. Microblading Glendale

Christen, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I consider myself a late bloomer, but good things are well worth the wait. As a natural artist and entrepreneur, finding my place in the world had its many ups and downs. I consider myself a lifelong student, always eager to learn a new skill, process and technique. As a serial hobbyist, my “hobbies” were abundant: from shoe making, corset making, jewelry production, mold making, pattern making, costume construction, 3d design and display-making; but nothing that actually brought me a steady income because I was only ever happily making one of said item. I figured out I loved processes and the actual crafting of a product from start to finish, not so much the selling or mass producing. A true artisan so to speak.

I was still living at home much later than the average 20-something, due to debilitating depression and anxiety. Having depression and anxiety was a big hurdle to maintaining a job. I think the artist in me knew that I needed my creativity to flow, and nothing ever felt quite right besides being in my art studio working on a new project. I was encouraged to join the Esthetics program at my local community college, where I also got my Associates in Arts degree (after 8 years ha!). Don’t underestimate the power of depression. I loved doing eyebrows in Esthetics school, but never ever thought I could make a living at it.

I applied as a brow artist for a corporate gig and did that for almost 3 years. I was actually going to quit the field completely and had started going back to school to be an actuary. I researched other fields that had my interests, detail work, working alone or remotely, and being able to set my own schedule, I also loved doing math and problem-solving. I actually quit my full-time job with benefits because it wasn’t fulfilling (see, I’m such an artist!). Quitting my job was the scariest thing I had ever done, I had security, a great set of clients who loved me and I loved shaping eyebrows. I was going to school part-time and working part-time doing eyebrows. I quickly reached a point within a month, where I saw that my business was gaining momentum and I should make a choice. I was looking at the numbers and wow, I could actually make this into something! I knew school would always be there and sometimes opportunities happen, you just have to go for it and not be scared. So, I did.

Later that fall, I learned how to do eyelash extensions, my business exploded and it was actually too much for me. At that time I couldn’t handle the load and was too afraid of expansion. I’m a very calculated person and if something doesn’t feel right, I don’t want to do it. I was in a car accident that same time, so it was almost a blessing that I had to cut back and only do brows. Most people don’t understand the strain of living with anxiety and how debilitating it can be, but they do understand the physicality of being in an accident. I continued doing lashes when I was better but my passion was always brows, I just happened to be a perfectionist when it comes to fine detail work. I had groomed myself for this career my whole life it seems, without even knowing it.

My business was flourishing, I was renting a new room with more space, and learned micro blading fall 2016 after a year’s worth of research on results. I was also tracking other artists to see if it was truly something that I would want to offer my clients. I only ever want to offer my clients a service I can fully get behind with my integrity and ethics. It was actually a struggle for me to get going with the service because I was already 95%+ booked with my current services, and carving out time while still getting a day off every so often was especially difficult. I decided self-care would have to wait, a decision I am still juggling, but it is getting easier as I have finally learned to delegate and loosen up my grips with controlling everything. Quality control is a big deal to me, and I’m a people pleaser, so doing things for others is easier than making time for myself. I also love what I do, so it’s a bit tricky.

I decided I needed more space and was set on expanding for real this time. I was ready. I leased my current shop right after my micro blading course and it took 5 months with all the renovations, additions and permits I needed to finally christen my shop. It was glorious. Everything I wanted. Clean lines, subdued grey and white color palette, open and fresh, calming and best of all, all on my terms. No time restrictions, no hours to adhere to, I could control my own a/c, it was all mine. I hired an assistant who is like my second brain, and then we hired a licensed cosmetologist to pass my torch to a lash artist. Lots of long days, hard work and some days off scattered here and there over the past 3.5 years. I look at what I’m building and that fuels me so much, I’m also extremely passionate about my job, so I don’t like being away for too long. Being a business owner has pros and cons, but I would choose this life over and over again if anyone asks.

I’m a stickler when it comes to protocol, licenses/permits, and following employer laws. I want to be the best I can be, treat others how I want to be treated, and for our salon and brand to represent quality, consistency, and always felt welcomed. I am in love with my job, I love eyebrows, and I love cosmetic tattooing. My whole Facebook feed is only permanent makeup forums, at this point, I don’t even know if my friends make updates anymore! On my off time, I’m always on my phone reading, commenting, asking or answering questions. People are beginning to know my name and associate my work with consistency and beautiful results and they come to me for answers now! That is one of the most rewarding things to educate and guide others on their own journeys. I will begin training students in a few months with a unique structure that I feel will truly help an artist grow and be the best they can be. I want my work to precede me, to speak for me, which is one of the reasons I don’t have my actual name in my brand. It’s not just for me, it’s for a future, whatever that has in store and opportunities it brings.

Has it been a smooth road?
Not a smooth road, it’s been a scary road. I set out for 2018 to be the year of “No Fear, just do it!” So I’m adhering to it and reaping the benefits of saying YES. For so long, I was so afraid of expanding, for getting out of my comfort zone, but I was working too much, often 7 days a week 100% booked, that is not healthy or sustainable. I didn’t want my work to suffer, and of course my own health and happiness. A good client told me about the “E-myth” book about entrepreneurship and why it doesn’t work. I finally understood why I needed to delegate and grow. I would always have a cap if it remained only me. I could never grow if I was the only one doing services. There is also much much responsibility when you are a business of 1, sick days with a maxed out schedule mean you have to come in on your only day off and work another 7 or 13-day stretch. It’s not that I didn’t believe in myself, I just wasn’t ready.

Like I said earlier, I am a very calculated person and I go on intuition. I can’t be pushed to do something if it doesn’t feel right, even though it may look like the ideal solution. I have to understand all the ins and outs before I make a choice, but I know when the time is right it will be the right choice for me and my business. I have recently realigned my schedule so I can have a better schedule more conducive to being happy and enjoying more time with my boyfriend and our life together. I am always so afraid of making changes, but I know in the long run I have to do it for me. I can’t do my job if I am not happy. So, making a trip to the Korean spa is on my agenda every 3 months. Maybe one day it will be once a month!

We’d love to hear more about your business.
We are a niche boutique specializing in natural enhancements. We do brows, lashes, and the most natural cosmetic tattooing you’ve ever seen. I have always loved natural beauty, I’m sure it was growing up with a mother whose idea of putting make up on is applying coral lipstick! I grew up with a very low maintenance beauty routine, focusing on taking care of your skin and always wearing sunscreen. I always shaped brows naturally, going with each client’s natural bone structure and hair growth. The lashes we do, I want them to be extensions of each of our clients own lashes: soft and natural, but better. We love natural beauty that is easy to maintain. Our clients seek us out for predictable and natural results. They are either tired of filling in their eyebrows every day, they don’t want to look like they are wearing makeup, but they want to look their best. That’s where BrowTendre comes to the rescue. We offer the finest and most natural micro blading, lip stain treatment, cosmetic tattooing, lashes and brows in Glendale and most likely, Los Angeles if I do say so!

What sets us apart: I have been a licensed esthetician for almost 7 years and only shaping brows that time. I have seen thousands of eyebrows and understand all the different growth patterns and bone structures, that are all unique to every person. I am able to brow map the perfect shape for a client and make my hair strokes completely undetectable. They blend flawlessly with the client’s own hair. If you can’t distinguish the difference, then I’ve done my job perfectly. My healed results are the best out there. Many artists do not show their healed results because every freshly done brow looks beautiful. Fresh brows show artistry, healed brows show technique. I strive to deliver on artistry and technique! I often show my healed photos because I want clients to know I deliver consistent results I am proud to show off. My strokes are not blurry, grey or have a cloudy or shadowy appearance from poor technique. Many other artists will show original brow and a touched up brow, but not in between after its healed, that’s where you see the true technique. I am happy to show mine off.

I am most proud that my company stands for consistency and beautiful, dependable results over and over again. They seek me out based on my stellar reviews on Yelp and find they are more than happy that they decided to go with me.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I think Glendale is a fabulous hub for beauty! There are so many nail places I can’t keep track! I would highly recommend to come to Glendale and enter the beauty industry. The local community is big on looking good and taking care of themselves, whether natural or glam. I hope that Glendale improves upon stricter regulation for licensing and legitimate businesses, so they can help improve the industry by following protocol for client and practitioner safety.


  • Flat rate pricing for eyebrow treatments $700, check website for up to date pricing and current promotions.
  • Lip Stain, natural lip treatment promo $350, reg price $550
  • Lash Extensions start at $100 full sets

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Christen Caudillo

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