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Community Highlights: Meet Scott Holman of Reiki Daddy

Today we’d like to introduce you to Scott Holman.

Hi Scott, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
Years ago, I dreamt that I could make things move with energy flowing through my hands. I had a number of these dreams—I would raise my hands in front of me and objects would magically move by my own volition. I distinctly remember a chair floating in the air above technicolor green grass in the side yard of the house I grew up in, my arms outstretched and my hands held before me, a walnut tree reaching high above. Obviously, I was being shown something. We get messages all the time through dreams and coincidences.

I have always been sensitive to energy and conscious of the energy I carry with me and that surrounds us. I can enter a room or meet someone and pick up a vibe—good or bad; or someone I meet may tell me I have good energy. We all radiate and receive energy on a constant basis whether we are aware of it or not. The energy that constantly flows through and around us can have tremendous impact and can be influential for both emotional and physical healing. It can be quite powerful and when I became conscious of that energy, I’ve learned that it can be channeled.

A number of years ago, I began working with a spiritual advisor. I came to him because I had been going through a period of intense change and challenging emotional upheaval. I was feeling beat up and I needed to find my power and sense-of-self again. I had been seeing clinical therapists but was feeling I had reached a point where that mode of treatment had run its course and was no longer effective for me at that time. I was needing a different approach to explore and gain an understanding of the kind of life changes and growth I was going through. My coach used reiki-based bodywork as part of his coaching method in helping his clients. Through these sessions, I was able to release old energy and patterns that were holding me back and preventing me from living authentically. I was also able to more clearly understand and connect with a spiritual part of myself that I had been exploring for much of my life.

While working with my coach, I became interested in doing similar work. It happened that he was also able to train me as a reiki practitioner, so with him I reached master level. I had been thinking about a career shift for a while and found that the process of energy healing came naturally to me, so I began building a practice. The more I work with people on their healing, the more aware of how powerful and influential sharing this energy can be.

During this time, I also began sharing personal experiences through social media. In some cases, this sharing lead to conversations around growth and healing. I came to understand that we are all connected through our shared experiences and I found that I was able to help people to know that they were not alone in what they were feeling and to help them shift their thinking toward living a more conscious life. With this discovery, I did the work to obtain my coaching certificate and it’s been extremely rewarding to help people shift their thinking and behavior, and start living their life in a way that is more positive and aligned with their goals. I love the process of coaching because it allows me to apply the experiences and lessons I’ve learned in life. If you’re in your 40s why would you hire a coach who’s in their 20s? They wouldn’t have the life experiences. But a coach in their 20s would be great for teenagers who need guidance. This is where sharing experience comes in and those experiences can help others.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Well, yes and no. The whole process of training both in reiki and coaching flowed naturally for me. Researching and learning can be an exciting phase. But then COVID happened and for those of us in any in-person profession, our work just stopped. Even online sessions subsided because many people just cocooned to emotionally navigate a global shutdown. So, here we are in post-COVID and in many ways, I’ve had to start from scratch in building my business, which means increasing visibility along with working on reputation and word of mouth… both of which take time.

A challenge with being a reiki practitioner is that many people don’t have an understanding of what it is. Many think it’s just some woo-woo BS that they can’t relate to, which is unfortunate. If one knows the history then there would be a greater understanding of reiki’s benefits. Practitioners not only helped people with emotional/spiritual issues but also with physical ailments. There were full-on clinics in Japan that existed for treatment and teaching. Today, reiki is being used in hospitals to help promote physical healing around traumatic ailments such as cancer, which for me says that acceptance is gaining. So, I feel that a part of my job is to educate people on what reiki is and how it can benefit everyone in practical ways.

We’ve been impressed with Reiki Daddy, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I am a reiki master/practitioner and a transformational coach and am certified in both.

Being a reiki master means that I can both practice and teach, and I’m trained in the most traditional and original method. I’m also honored to be included in a distinguished lineage of masters/teachers stemming from reiki’s founder.

Reiki’s benefits include:
• Emotional and spiritual healing, including anxiety and trauma
• Release of negative energy and patterns
• Energy balancing and centering
• De-stressing and relaxation
• Treatment of physical ailments

By being a coach, I work with people who are at a point in life where they may feel stuck. They want to grow, evolve, and move forward, but they don’t know where to start. So, I help them take steps toward defining their goals and identifying what may be holding them back from taking those steps. I think of coaching as a shorter-term, practical process where my job to listen and understand, and provide tools that may help someone move beyond limited beliefs about themselves, so they can live consciously and authentically.

Coaching benefits can include:
• Identifying issues that may be limiting behavior
• Identifying core beliefs around identity
• Shifting personal perspective around behavior
• Living more inline with one’s goals and desires

Part of what sets me apart is that I’m actually certified in both of these modalities. In California, you don’t have to be certified as an energy healer or a coach, therefore many people just assign themselves titles without training or experience. It believe it’s a tremendous responsibility to be working with someone’s energy and directing their life—no one should be taking that lightly and I think it can give this work a questionable reputation because many practitioners don’t understand how important that responsibility is.

I do a lot of reading and researching, and contemplating ways to incorporate different approaches into both my reiki and coaching practices for everyone’s benefit. Lately, I’ve been reading a fair amount about Ayurveda and Native American healing practices, and thinking about ways I can incorporate how being in nature can help my clients in their healing and growth. This work is an ever-evolving process for both my clients and myself, and ongoing education is vital to the practice. We all have a responsibility to the communities and world that we live in. It’s up to us to live by example so that we can inspire others to be kind and empathetic people—especially now when the world is such a challenging place. It’s important to understand that when we heal and help others, we heal ourselves.

If we knew you growing up, how would we have described you?
I was a shy, quiet kid, but very creative and sensitive. I was always making things and being crafty. My family lived in the far suburbs and my siblings were somewhat older than me with their own friends and lives, so I spent much of my childhood without friends nearby. All of this can fuel imagination and creativity, and I think intuition as well. You learn to rely on your own emotional environment for entertainment and support. I always had a sense that I saw the world in a different way than the kids around me and I think that holds true today. Being gay also adds to the equation since it can influence how you view the world, even if one isn’t fully aware of it as a child. But, I was lucky that my family traveled and camped regionally visiting many of the national parks in the western US and spending a lot of time in nature and just being outdoors. I’m really grateful for that experience and some of my best childhood memories are from these travels and just being in nature.

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