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Art & Life with Cameron Thrower

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cameron Thrower.

Cameron, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
As a filmmaker, I’m a big fan of the short film, so in that vein; I’ll make this long story, short. This marks my 10th year living in Los Angeles, it’s been quite unique, to say the least. I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Growing up in the south, I was always looking for a creative outlet; making VHS movies with my friends, community theater, and marching band. Post-film school I spent a few years working with the AmeriCorps Program then moved to Hollywood to pursue my dream of becoming a film director.

They always say, “Everything happens for a reason”… and looking back through the struggle, I can definitely say I find that to be true. Every job I’ve had on set, I’ve met someone that has inspired me and made me a stronger filmmaker. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to collaborate, not dictate. That’s my style. It’s the way I work.

Looking back over these past 10 years, I’m very proud of the 30 films, music videos and commercials I’ve had the pleasure to direct and produce in Los Angeles. A few years back- One of my films, ‘Pretty Boy’, started to gain momentum and garner some attention, traveling to over 45 film festivals around the world. This film marked a turning point in my career. I had the opportunity to direct the talented actor, Nick Eversman, and thus began a beautiful collaboration on the film.

My new motto was “quality over quantity”. We really took our time with this film. These actors and this crew became my family. I still work with the brilliant ‘Pretty Boy’ Director of Photography, Jesse Aragon, on numerous projects today.

“Quality over Quantity” really paid off because directly following ‘Pretty Boy’, I had the opportunity to direct the Oscar-nominated & Golden Globe-winning actress,  Maggie Gyllenhaal, in my film ‘Beauty Mark’. The film was produced by Dana Brunetti & Jameson Whiskey. This was a game changer for me and a proud moment in my career that I will never forget.

‘Beauty Mark’ and ‘Pretty Boy’ caught the eye of managers and agents around Hollywood. Today, I couldn’t ask for a better team! My managers; Adam Harris Engelhard, Bash Naran & agents at WME; C.J. Fight, Travis Dunlap. The team keeps me incredibly busy with meetings, new scripts to read, and are absolutely moving things in the right direction for me when it comes to future projects. As of now, we are developing two feature films, with one of the shooting later this year. Pumped about both!

Please tell us about your art. What do you do/ make/ create? How? Why?
I like to make films that make me think, but more than anything, I want a film to make me feel. I remember growing up and going camping, sitting around a fire, listening to people tell ghost stories. The ones I remember the most vividly were the ones told by the emotional storytellers; the ones that jumped into the story and pulled you in for the ride. That’s the way a film should be experienced.

A story told by an emotional storyteller; leaving out the bits that you can imagine yourself, making you care about these characters; these people. That’s why I create. I want people to see characters that they might not get to meet in their daily lives.

What’s the message or inspiration, what do you hope people take away from it?
The main inspiration behind all of my projects is finding the light within those dark spaces; the corners that aren’t comfortable to explore. How do we find peace within these characters, or do we even have to.

Joe McKernan (my writing partner) and I wrote a RomCom feature that’s filled with hope, love, and heart- but also explores the darkness of those three things. We hope our audiences are inspired by the message of the film; to love and respect yourself, do whatever it takes to get to the other side.

One of my favorite inspirational people is actor/ producer Rebekah Tripp. If you’ve watched my projects over the past 10 years, you will find her name in the credits as my leading lady. The thing about a message or inspiration is that sometimes you can find it within the people you surround yourself with, and she’s one of them. She’s been one of my biggest supporters and has been able to carry my voice within these projects. I highly recommend shortlisting her for your next movie- she’s a star!

What should we know about your artwork?
You can find a touch of John Hughes, Garry Marshall, & Nicolas Winding Refn throughout my writing and direct style. If they had a baby together – I would adopt that child right away.

Do you think conditions are generally improving for artists? What more can cities and communities do to improve conditions for artists?
Overall- I don’t think it ever gets easier, and it shouldn’t. The struggle will always be there for an artist; emotionally or physically, just because we get so attached to our work.

It’s so important to be an artist right now, in this day and time. We need hope, we need action. We do this through filmmaking, dancing, acting, music, painting, and even protest. We all have a voice, we just use it differently. Thank you for spotlighting my voice today. 🙂

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
Watch our films on Vimeo & YouTube, follow our cast and crew on Instagram!

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