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April Fiske

As a kid, I wanted to have an exciting career, something out of the norm, something fun. When I realized I wanted to do makeup, specifically “movie makeup,” I used Planet of the Apes as an example of what great special fx makeup was. I did a little background work when I was 20 to check out what it was like being on set and get to any makeup artist that would talk to me. Read More>>

George Zamaro

My passion for photography started my sophomore year of High School. I took Yearbook as one of my electives and the company that published our books paid for 5 students to take courses at Pepperdine University over the summer. I, of course, took the photography class and feel in love with it. Read More>>

Tracey Taylor

I started my Career in San Diego where I grew up and knew if I was going to do this there was only one place to go so I moved to in Los Angeles in 1992. It was pre-internet so I took my portfolio to all the top modeling agencies and started doing test shoots, meeting photographers and building my business. Looking back I can’t believe its been 24 years. The time just flew by! I cannot express how much I love what I do. I became a Beauty educator 9 years ago and teach master classes to other artists and private clients. Read More>>

Daniel Deitch

The summer before my first year of high school, my family embarked on a trip to Europe. Walking through the busy streets of Italy, Greece, Turkey and France, I began to notice the individual stories surrounding me. From a nun standing in the doorway of an ancient Roman church, to a homeless man playing piano on the street, I realized there was something magical in these individual stories. These stories weren’t only things that could be found, but they could be reshaped and made into stories that were even more original.  On this trip I had found my true love in commercial photography and decided to pursue it full time while still in high school. Several years later, I received my BFA in Photography from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Read More>>

Lindsay Morris

I was lucky enough to discover my passion for beauty at a really young age, we’re talking 5 years old. Constantly finding myself deep in my grandma’s makeup bag covered in lipstick and blush. It wasn’t until after college that I made it my career. I am now a full-time makeup artist, wife, blogger, and lover of all things girly. Read More>>

Lindsey Best

I always knew I was going to be a photographer. As a kid, my parents gave me a polaroid camera that I began using to document my surroundings. As I got older, my passion for this documentation grew and the idea of being able to hold on to moments fascinated me. Approaching every photograph I make from the perspective of showing what a moment felt like, rather than just what it looked like, is the backbone of my work. Read More>>

Sean Ware

For as long as I can remember, I have had a camera in my hands. Whether it was shooting home movies on a super-VHS video camera, or shooting stills of my friends, I’ve always felt comfortable looking at life through a lens. Read More>>

Amber Talarico

From age 15, I was always cutting or coloring my friends hair at home (with the supervision of my Mother at the salon she owned, of course!). I was very artsy and loved bright colors. Once I turned 18, I enrolled in cosmetology school at Aveda. About 4 years after cosmetology school, I grew an interest in special FX and decided to move 2,500 miles to Los Angeles and enroll at MUD in Burbank, CA. Read More>>

Kathryn Robbins

With my background in dancing and musical theater, I became interested in make-up. I graduated from JLS Professional Make-up Artist Course in Hollywood,CA, with a certificate of completion. I have a valid Oklahoma and California Cosmetology license. Read More>>

Jeffrey Ringer

I have been a commercial photographer for over 30 years. I began studying photography, film and video production and evolved into full marketing and advertising. My true photographic passions are in photographing people and scenics. I published my first book in 2013 and am currently working on my second. Today, I enjoy getting to know people I photograph and making the images that show the personality and passion of the people I photograph. Read More>>

Alexzander Carnel

I have always loved art and technology. I originally started schooling for 3D Animation at a trade school called East Valley Institute of Technology, during my senior year of high school in Phoenix Arizona. I did very well in my studies there in 3D Studio Max. I soon found myself not being as enthusiastic as I thought I would be about that career path. Read More>>

Jennifer Muller

I always loved fashion and beauty since I was a little girl. I was 14 years old when I first remember my aunt saying that I could put lipstick on in the car better than she ever could. I signed up for the regional occupation program (ROP) at my high school when I was 16. Read More>>

Jenna Moore

I can never really remember the exact time that I began taking photos. I have memories from as young as 5 years old, stealing my mum or grandmas camera and using up the whole roll. I always loved having a camera in my hands and knowing that I could save moments and more so, people. In high school, I had been in all the art classes and just really enjoyed creating things. I decided to complete a Diploma of Photo Imaging and further my knowledge of photography 5 years ago. Since then, I have focused on Portraits and Documentary work. There’s something about taking an image of someone who is unaware and just being present that I love. Read More>>

Brian N

I try to draw my inspiration from my surroundings. Whether it be color schemes or architecture or just the unique nature that is life, I find art and beauty anywhere. My primary form of photography has been boudoir and glamour-based, and almost always I prefer shooting outside of the studio. Beyond this very alluring genre, I’m into car photography, specifically ones of the modified variety, as well as gaining a strong interest in cosplay. Read More>>

Emma Smith

We lived in Los Angeles most of our lives but we moved to Seattle when I was pregnant with our daughter. In 2006 we started our photography business and slowly started growing and working towards fine tuning our branding. We branded ourselves as a husband and wife team and played off our strengths and the connection we build with our clients. In 2011 we moved back to our home in Los Angeles and have been full throttle since then. Read More>>

Corinne Nicole Yurewich

I would say my passion for the beauty industry started when I was 10 years old. Every morning I would set up shop on the back of the school bus where I applied Smackers Lip Frosting and white eyeliner on myself and anyone who asked. I also remember playing in my mother’s makeup and looking through magazines as child and trying to copy the flawless makeup applications onto myself and my mother. With my mother being an artist, I grew up surrounded by creativity, countless art lessons, and projects. Read More>>

Rosi Greenberg

My love of photography began at an early age. My father and brother were very much film buffs so it was in my DNA, to say the least. I spent a lot of my spare time in the darkroom as a youth, often ditching class to develop my images. Read More>>

Rima Baroudi

I’ve been playing with cameras since I was a kid, watching and learning from my dad, a serious photo enthusiast. I learned on film and took classes and joined clubs and workshops. Photography is constantly evolving and my work has greatly improved by taking the initiative to seek out and learn new things all the time. Read More>>

April Garcia

Honestly, I didn’t grow up always wanting to be a makeup artist. I wasn’t a girlygirly. I never wore much more than some thick eyeliner and mascara. Originally, I wanted to be an actress. I was living in New Jersey and would occasionally go to New York for auditions. Read More>>

Alizee Lutz

It all started in France where I come from. I was 15 when photography became an important part of my life. I did the first exposition in the village I grew up , Saint Tropez, I was 18. Read More>>

Jason Stoll

I was born and raised in Beverly Hills. I graduated from Beverly Hills High School and UCLA with a B.A. in English. I’ve been a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild since 1993. Growing up I have done 20+ national commercials and a few co-star roles on episodic TV. Read More>>

Adam Aguilar

I began shooting in middle school to keep memories of my friends because we were going to high school and I didn’t know who was going to Reseda with me. I was shooting on and off for years just with the idea of capturing friends capturing memories. I didn’t see photography as anything else until I saw a photo my cousin Rudy had taken. I grew up around horses; my grandfather loves horses, and I always watched him exercise and run them. Read More>>

Brett Erickson

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City. I dropped out of college to “find myself” and moved to NYC. When I was there I bought a camera and fell in love with wandering the city and taking photos. I then moved back to Utah to get a degree and after I graduated I moved to LA. I now shoot mostly fashion, advertising, and musicians. Read More>>

Kate Peris

My journey to a world of styling has been a blessing. In my youth, in the backwoods of Oregon, I was surrounded by a flow of constant creative expression. In regards to fashion, my mother and I would collaborate on sewing projects for the first day of school since means were limited. It was my first experience of being fearless in fashion. Read More>>

Rick Head

I realized early on that photographs are captured moments in time that can be shared with others. From a young age, I would buy disposable cameras and photograph my family, friends, various activities and places I would visit. As an adult, I discovered photography as a means to create my art. Consisting primarily of Black and White portraits, nudes and landscapes, I have been known to shoot some color when it strikes me. Read More>>

Keean Afrasiabi

Getting my first camera at the age of 17 wasn’t much different from how others may have started, it was when I started analyzing my photos on the computer that started my fascination with the medium. Being born four and a half months premature resulting in me being almost blind had always taught me to do things my own way, and photography was no exception. It has truly shown me the world I was missing out on. Read More>>

Alex Dean

I became a photographer because I have so many interests. This was a skill I could use in anything from fly fishing, filmmaking, sports, and music. I started in college where I realized that people I knew were making a living doing something I have always been interested in and I thought, “I could do that.” I think I have a long way to go and with an industry that is always evolving, there is no shortage of education outlets. Read More>>

















































































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