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Meet Expert Photographer Julie Daniels

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Julie Daniels Photography.  Julie shares her story below.

I was always interested in photography.

As a teen, I spent hours going through Vogue magazine, and it was always the photography I remembered, not necessarily the clothes. My father was an avid amateur, we had a darkroom in our garage, and he taught me how to process film and make prints.  I was a publicist in Hollywood until after I got married and had kids, when I had a career change, and decided to go to photo school.  I chose Santa Monica College Photography Department, and it was like a whole world opened up to me!  I felt like I had been allowed in to Hogwarts.  I learned about film, digital photography, light shaping, post-processing, and marketing.  I have also dabbled in classes from local schools Art Center of Pasadena and Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP).

I am a commercial and editorial photographer, focusing mainly on children and kids fashion. I love the renaissance that has been happening in kids fashion, with the ease of the internet and the advent of Instagram and other social media platforms, we can now access independent designers and have so much more choice in what we purchase.  I love working with kids, they bring so much magic to the set.  I never know what to expect, because 40% of it is them directing the shoot.  It’s amazing, and always fun.

Another part of work that I enjoy is meeting and working with new people.  Whether it’s a new designer launching their first season, a magazine editor with a mission statement, or models, model agents, parents of upcoming child celebrities, or stylists and makeup artists that share a vision with me, I find it energizing to work together on a project all the way through to the end, and how we sort of become fast best friends, tossing ideas back and forth as we watch it unfold.

I get inspiration from everywhere.  An unusual accessory, a childhood memory, it could be as simple as a glimpse of someone opening an umbrella as I ride by in a taxi, and suddenly I come up with a whole story that needs to be told.

As far as the future goes, I’d like to keep moving forward doing what I’m doing, including traveling for work, and attracting brands and designers that I admire.

– Julie Daniels

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