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Meet Brittany Noelle of The Joyful Tree Placenta Encapsulation & More

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brittany Noelle.

Brittany, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I have a long time passion in holistic medicine, ever since I was a child; I have been work/studying with a Naturopathic Doctor of Traditional Medicine since 2010 and I have been focusing on women’s health & fertility since the beginning. When I got pregnant with my daughter Freyja (2014) I was determined to encapsulate my placenta, it just made sense to do so. Sadly, I was not able to encapsulate my placenta because the doctor feared at the time that my long labor (5 days) may have resulted from an infection called Chorioamnionitis; knowing what I know now, I know that the doctor was absolutely wrong since I did not show any of the signs or symptoms of this very rare infection during labor and also the simple fact that my placenta was never taken to pathology for testing. I told the hospital that I still wanted my placenta and instead of giving it to my Placenta Specialist to make me my capsules I decided to take it home to bury it. (You cannot consume your placenta if Chorio. is present)

When I felt it was the right time to bury my daughters first “birthday cake”, I thawed out my frozen placenta, bought a rosemary bush and went into the backyard to bury it. At that moment in the backyard when I held my placenta in my own hands was the very first time I had ever seen a placenta, it was at that time, while placing my placenta in the fresh dirt that I realized this is what I am supposed to be doing! It was right then and there that I decided to start my training to become a Certified Placenta Specialist and start my journey of what would be The Joyful Tree.

Has it been a smooth road?
The beginning of any business is never smooth; for me it was a slow start and I figured that it would be but my friends and family were very open and eager to let me start with their own placentas, in order for me to gain the experience to become a superb C.P.S.

Recently, the CDC put out an article on a GBS positive woman from Oregon who consumed her placenta capsules in which supposedly resulted in her baby getting the bacterial infection from the capsules the mother had taken. Though this is only a single case in the millions of women who have consumed their own placenta for thousands of years and with the research in this article having many holes; It has still affected my business somewhat in regards to foot traffic but I must say the concerns Mothers have about the safety of placentophagy, especially those mothers who are positive for GBS are completely valid and these mothers still have an option to consume their placenta safely even if they are GBS+. On that note, I would not recommend the Raw method of preparation for a mother positive for GBS but rather the Steamed method and then dehydrated for 12+ hours at 160 degrees. Most Midwives and Doctors also recommend that if a mother who is GBS+, is going to consume her capsules, one must wait 3-7 days postpartum before doing so. Also, having a Certified Placenta Specialist that is current for certification for Biologix Bloodborne Pathogen and State of California Food Handler Card is important too; as well as having a specialist that you are comfortable talking with and who is completely transparent and accommodating.

Some other struggles for my business would be others who find it absolutely disgusting in what I do, whether that be a potential client, a stranger, a doctor, a nurse or my clients significant other. Having to discuss and explain often is what I do, I don’t mind this part of the business; I never take what others may think or feel personally, gives me an opportunity to show them another world.

Group B Strep and Placenta Encapsulation Safety

So, as you know, we’re impressed with The Joyful Tree Placenta Encapsulation & More – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
I am a certified placenta specialist, I own the company The Joyful Tree and I provide a service for Mothers who wish to consume their placenta for postpartum benefits and recovery. I safely prepare placentas into capsules form so that it is easy for a postpartum mother to eat. My placenta service includes an in person or over the phone consultation, pick-up, drop-off, umbilical cord keepsake and follow-up. My clients have the choice to add other options that are not limited to only their capsules; they may add on tinctures, salves, smoothies, prints, lactation cookies, bellycastng and Jewelry keepsakes. My company offers In-Home Placenta Encapsulation which other placenta specialists in my area do not usually offer; this is where I go to your home and prepare your placenta start to finish. I bring all my tools, equipment and sanitizing cleaners with me when I provide an In-Home Encapsulation and it is one of the fastest ways of getting your capsules. I have training in basic lactation consulting, I’ve studied with a Naturopathic Doctor of Traditional medicine since 2010, I am fully certified in my field; International Placenta & postpartum Association Certified Placenta Specialist and Postpartum Doula, Bloodborne Pathogens & OSHA certified & State of California Food Handler card.

I am available 24/7, 365 days of the year, I cater to my clients always, I strive and enjoy “mothering” the Mother because it is a time that she definitely needs it; most people are so focused on her baby. Which is why my saying for my business is “The Sacred Art of Placenta Preparation & Mothering.” I strongly value the women I work with and their beautiful placentas they bless me with. Since I have worked alongside an ND, I enjoy recommending different herbs, vitamins and supplements that focus on Women, Fertility & postpartum health; many of my clients come to me for input on natural remedies that may help with conceiving, anemia, lactation, basic care prenatal/postpartum, rashes or baby blues, etc.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
What I like best: I enjoy the diversity of the women I work with, those who were born here and those that were born in other countries; I absolutely LOVE connecting with all walks of life and all cultures and backgrounds. I enjoy learning what all types of mothering looks like, each culture has their own type of care, bonding and recovery. I have come to appreciate the Chinese way of postpartum care; 40 days of rest! Mothers are cared for and catered to, the only worry on a mother’s mind is to rest, heal and feed baby. They are given certain foods that are warming and healing for the mind, body and soul.

The majority of awesome nurses and doctors who fully support, accept and have a curiosity towards a mother’s choice to keep her placenta. Especially the nurses who are completely enthralled with placenta smoothies and see the benefits a placenta has to offer, even if it’s just from a nutritional stand point. You are awesome!

What I like Least: The traffic! Oh man, I’m glad I got my music! And sometimes there is that rare occasion where one of my clients have an unsupportive doctor or nurse in regards to her wishes to keep her placenta. There have been times where the release of her placenta does not happen, it was “accidentally” thrown away, they rush my client to get it out of the room before I arrive to pick it up, rude or unprofessional bedside manner and certain hospital will actually place a 24 hour-72 hours hold on your placenta or not have a release policy at all!


  • Take it Easy Package (Most Popular; includes pick up and drop off) $225.00
  • In-Home Placenta Encapsulation (Preparation in your home start to finish) $300.00
  • Keep it Simple Package (Client must drop off their placenta and pick up capsules) $180.00
  • 4 oz. Tincture (made with top shelf apple brandy, the good stuff) $40.00
  • 16 oz. Organic Smoothie $35.00
  • Organic Salve 4 oz. $40.00
  • Placenta Print (Colored) $25.00
  • Placenta Print (blood) $10.00
  • Lactation Cookies 12 count $25.00

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