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Life & Work with Lupe Fuentes Cambiasso

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lupe Fuentes Cambiasso.

Hi Lupe, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am an actress since I can remember, and I’ve always wanted to live here. My determination and persistence helped me coming to LA to study at Stella Adler Academy of Acting, back and forth within three years.

After many years of building my career, studying and working very hard to make my dreams come true, I decided to make it happen and got my artist visa! I would be able to work and live in the City of Angels. Like most of the artists in this town, I had to leave my country, my family and friends, in order to find better opportunities in my field: acting, tv hosting and VoiceOver. With fears and hopes, I came to live to Los Angeles knowing it would be hard, challenging but also a way of growing up. My parents, who always supported me, were sad and proud at the same time. Their little girl would be happy chasing her dreams, however, far away. But this little girl was scared and anxious too. Though I did everything I had to, faced challenging situations and finally moved to L.A!

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve arrived and I can say I’m proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished, personally and professionally. Every time I talk to colleagues that are interested in coming here, I love to share my experience of living in Los Angeles. It reminds me that everything is possible, even if it’s difficult. Of course all the covid situation made this year a bit more complicated for all of us, but right now, I’m happily writing this from my hometown because I’d come to visit my family after a year and a half of living in California. This is the silver lining of this 2020 for me.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I decided to come to LA to study in 2012, and I fell in love with the city. I went back and forth three times before I actually moved here. The first three times, I lived in Hollywood. Walking around and taking buses. I had to learn everything about the public transport life. I got lost, found myself with no cash, or very far from I was supposed to be. Everyone told me “nobody walks in this city” but I didn’t care. Now, I’m in The Valley getting to know a lot about this part of the city. Eventually got me a convertible red car as I’ve always wanted. The sunny days in LA are perfect for it. In every single trip, I learnt something new. About the city itself, places to go, places not to. About the parking: tickets, deciphering the parking signs. Of course, with this decision came a lot of responsibilities. Dealing with the DMV in order to get my license. Which gas station were cheaper or more convenient. Paying my insurance and keeping the car tuned up. In Los Angeles, having a car in much more than just owning a vehicle. Much, much more.

Housing is a very important issue you have to face here. The pricing, the roommates and the neighbors are crucial. I’m a very open-minded person who loves to socialize, and in this city I’ve found amazing people with completely different stories and backgrounds. That allowed me to know more about the diversity of the town and also about myself. Living in a different country can be challenging and my experience was no exception. This trip also brought me new adventures: I had to get my social, I had to apply for a couple of credit cards to build my credit, I had to learn how to make my taxes and everything involved with the life in this city.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
Acting is what I love the most, though along the years I discovered my passion for teaching as well, so I became a Drama Teacher a few years ago. My experience includes acting on stage, working on tv as a host, working on my own radio shows and also working as a Voiceover Actor. I enjoy playing with my voice either for animation, documentary or commercial. Last month I was part of a congress organized by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences that took place virtually this year. As a producer, I had to hear talent’s demo reels and give them a feedback. I work for Latino Casting Hollywood so I was representing them in this amazing event. Since I arrived in L.A. I worked on Music Videos, Tv Shows, Theatre, Infomercials and Commercials. I am a versatile artist who enjoys working in each of those fields. Currently, I am producing a Tv Show called “On The Rocks” where I make cocktails and share some stories about them while I teach how to prepare them, and next year I’ll be hosting the second season of a cooking show called “Infusion”. I can’t wait to share more about these amazing projects!

What do you like and dislike about the city?
Los Angeles is amazing. The landscape is beautiful and you can find mountains, beaches, lakes and the nicest hikings. The weather is lovely too if you like summer. I love that you can grab your car, drive for an hour and be in a completely different place, surrounded by nature. Every neighborhood has its own personality but I love to live, walk and go out in Hollywood. Within the years, this neighborhood gathered a lot of homeless people that live under the freeways. That is very sad and makes me wonder if is it there any solution at all to that. Also in Hollywood the parking is complicated, but if you know the streets, you can find good spots. The difference with my hometown, Buenos Aires, is that here is not so common to walk. You have to drive everywhere, and that includes dealing with the traffic and parking issues. I love to walk, but here if you don’t go for a walk by your own initiative, you don’t walk at all. If you have friends, you don’t get to see them so often. It depends on where they live if they can drive to where you are, or if they are not busy working. Most of the artists in this town are freelancers, so the schedules are very different. I could say that L.A. has its own way of living it, and it’s necessary to know all about it before you decide to come and live here. But I absolutely love it!

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