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Mid-Wilshire Inspiration

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Mid-Wilshire’s (and K-Town, WeHo, Mid-City) finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Mid-Wilshire’s rising stars below.

Elton de Almeida

I’m a writer-director from São Paulo, Brazil, but I currently live in LA. From a very early age, I knew I would become a storyteller. Stories took up most of my time—whether I was reading novels, going to the movies, or sitting in front of the TV for hours. But I didn’t just want to consume them; I wanted to create my own. As a shy, introspective kid, the best way for me to express myself was through writing or making “experimental” videos with a camcorder my mom won in a draw.  Read More>>

Oryan Levi

Though my memory is shrouded in a fog of teen angst, I remember taking the news that I had to become fully gluten free as absolute tragedy. A death to all my favorite foods. This was 2009 – gluten free products were confined to a tiny section on the shelf, our “bread” was a 3 pound brick sweetened with fruit juice, and rice cakes reigned supreme. Read More>>

Eldad Alfi

I started the Zula Den in Jan 2023 as a community healing space for live music and many healing modalities such as sound baths, guided meditations, breathwork, ceremonies, workshops etc. This place is part of my life’s purpose and I’m excited to continue sharing it with the community and touching more lives. Can share much more in detail during the interview. Read More>>

Katya Awar

I have always loved reading and writing little stories to escape reality. I started writing a novel on Wattpad when I was 12 years old, and it garnered over 400,000 readers. This gave me the confidence to pursue writing as a career, so I went to Northeastern University to major in English. I quickly realized that writing was not built into the program, so I switched to Media and Screen Studies in the hopes of pursuing something more creative while I wrote and published my novel “Soulmate” on Amazon Kindle. There was one screenwriting course available my senior year, and I took it out of curiosity.  Read More>>


Renee Noa Harris

Growing up I had diverse interests and – as it often goes – went in the direction of my dad’s work and studied business at university. I was keenly interested in marketing and management and after earning two degrees in those areas I worked for a while in fashion before running a retail chain in Australia. At a relatively young age I was traveling the world and while I enjoyed my work and its lifestyle, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied.  Read More>>

Roquesa Brown Jordan and Marsha Austen

Roquesa Brown Jordan has fostered over 50 children in the past seven years. Marsha Austen is the Director and Co-Founder of Hope in a Suitcase, a grass-roots and volunteer-run nonprofit that has provided new luggage, clothing and comfort items to over 25,000 children and teens in Los Angeles foster care. Read More>>

Marion Simms

My philosophy is simple – maintaining your appearance should be part of a full time commitment to preventative health, self-esteem and well-being. My clientele comes from all parts of the city and state, and all walks of life. And it gives me great satisfaction to see each one relaxed and happy when they leave the salon with glowing, healthy skin. Read More>>

Andrea Brody

My story starts with back pain. I was working in corporate graphic design. I sat at a desk all day, and my body, especially my lower back, was in constant pain. I searched for a solution and heard Pilates helps with back pain. Sure enough, I got stronger, and the tension was released. I fell in love with this form of exercise as it helped me feel less stressed, too. Read More>>

Dr. Richard Oelberger

I was a high school basketball player who competed in national competitions and has continued with my journey in sports and psychology into adulthood. Currently, I am a clinical and sports psychologist providing services to organizations such as Red Bull, NBAPA, MMA athletes, and Cedars Sinai Hospital. Read More>>


Joseph Mwamba

As a black kid growing up in the white suburbs of Northern Indiana, I didn’t identify with anyone growing up. But then I watched my first episode of Disney Channel’s THE FAMOUS JETT JACKSON, played by the late Lee Thompson Young. It was the first time I saw a lead character who looked like me, but more than that, he oozed cool. Jett Jackson was adventurous, ambitious, and incredibly talented. He was who I wanted to be. The show got me curious about television, and once I looked up how TV got made, it was hook, line, and sinker from there. Read More>>

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