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Meet Audrey Hope

Today we’d like to introduce you to Audrey Hope.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Audrey. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
One of the greatest spiritual gems of advice that I got from a powerful teacher- “Heal everything, then surrender and wait on the divine.” And I did just that. In Santa Monica CA, in the middle of my living room, after years of healing and soul work, I said to the winds of heaven- “I AM READY, SHOW ME THE WAY.”

I decided while I was waiting for the angels on my couch, I was going to do only two things – open the door to anyone who knocks, and answers the phone. It was in the middle of my spiritual experiment that I got a call from a friend, “Take a ride with me to a rehab in Malibu.”

Because I made a vow to do my magical research, I had to follow the yellow brick road to wherever it leads. And it led to a beautiful mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the next thing I knew – I was offered a job as a Spiritual Counselor. “Go heal”, they said. And so, the journey began…

For over two decades I had the supreme honor and privilege to work with Stars, Celebrities, CEO’S, Leaders, Politicians, and people from all walks of life on their trauma and pain – and in “my way”- at the deep core level of the soul.

As a little girl growing up in Queens, I always knew I was different. While others were outside playing ball and roller skating, I was studying and preparing for my higher calling. Maybe it was that my name had “Hope” in it or that my first name is Audrey – (which means “Nobel Spirit”) or that I am a girl from Queens who teaches women to be Queens, who own their power. If you put that all together, it matched the yearning in my heart and soul, to do great things. This feeling was always with me, even though I lived among people/relatives whose highest aspirations were to live a safe average life -which was to have kids and make a lot of money.

I started acting at age 10 and the President of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts told my mother, “Audrey is a Star” and I heard that. It really fueled my big dreams! And then I heard the same message when I was discovered on stage by a high-powered agent at the Little Miss America Pageant and starting auditioning for parts. My passion for reaching people continued and when I grew up, I went to Ithaca College for my BFA and then on to London to study classical theatre. It was all so much fun, “the stage” – but always knowing how fame can be a higher mouthpiece for issues that matter. One day I left New York for Los Angeles, the golden land of Film and TV.

I worked at a clothing store on Main Street in Santa Monica to support myself and while I was putting away the dresses, I asked the universe, “Why did you put me here selling women’s clothes?” Later I realized what the angels had in mind for me- I was watching and listening to women. There was not one woman, not one, whoever felt good about herself! No matter what size or shape, women are never happy with themselves or their bodies – too short, too fat, too old, and always needing to fix themselves. This was my evidence of women’s lack of self -esteem and the pain it caused in everyday life and I began linking this spiritual crime on women to her history that was stolen in history, and the way she is portrayed in society, and in the media.

I read two books that affected me greatly- The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, and The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi. I decided that I had to go on TV and tell women they are brainwashed because they didn’t know! I wanted to use the media to set the record straight and as an empowerment tool to invite everyone into a revolution in perception.

One night in a dream the name REAL WOMEN came to me and the life purpose mission statement – A TV show dedicated to creating positive female role models in our media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. When I woke up, I began creating a new spiritual TV show, the first of its kind (before anyone would even think discussing these issues on TV) and my guest were leaders of our age, visionaries, and pioneers who still inspire me to this day. I interviewed Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Susan Jeffers, Riane Eisler, Joan Borysenko, Judith Orloff, and others. I did the show for years and won several awards for blazing a trail of cultural and spiritual significance.

It was when I interviewed HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, World Spiritual Leader, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Associate of Gandhi, that my mission took on a deeper scope. Shri Mataji said – that we are upon a special time in our history, the blossom time when we can end emotional, spiritual economical and global turmoil by connecting to the divine energy within all of us. The new frontier is Self-Realization- the inner transformation of the human being. After meeting Shri Mataji, my dreams and goals were never the same, as it now had global and spiritual resonance. I had to be my name – a voice of hope.

Nothing could stop my determination to enlighten. I studied with master teachers and traveled to remote places to perfect my soul and to learn the secrets of the universe. For my show REAL WOMEN, I found money, equipment, did garage sales and sold shoes. I carried cameras across the city, delivered tapes of my shows in the back of my car and hung flyers everywhere. For me, the mission was never a choice.

Then I began doing healing groups in my living room. Everyone brought their friends and they just kept coming. And then there was that experiment I mentioned where I began my revolutionary soul work on people suffering from hardcore trauma and addiction. With the universe’s support, I was able to develop my gifts. I get a download of the soul story and access to whatever level may be necessary for transformation- this life, past life, the other side, karma, contracts, energy, etc. People really started to get better and live with hope.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I learned that the spiritual road is not a walk into nirvana, but if you choose to take the high road, then everything you need to become a master will come right to your front door. You have to walk through fires of purification and heal everything. You have to become your best self, so absolutely every weakness will need to be strengthened. Knowing this has helped the rough roads, the big challenges. The concept – that with great power comes great responsibility has been my life – saving button. I survived and thrived because I wanted to be a great soul with the power to heal and help, so I never got off my path. I feel I was programmed to live a big life.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am known as “the buster”, “the ultimate problem solver” and a force to be reckoned with. They use to have a joke at my company- enter Audrey’s office at your own risk. That was because I would stop at nothing to get the job done- heal what must be healed.

I am a Soul Healer and as an alchemist, I will go to whatever level is necessary- this life, past life, the other side, soul contracts, curses, karma, and energy to heal issues forever. It is exciting because you truly never know what can happen. I have taught myself to get a download on the soul story, and so this can lead to a wild adventure. There are too many stories to tell, but I feel so privileged to have worked for two decades with people from all walks of life on their deep-seated problems and pain.

I call Spiritual Soul Healing a magical process to heal beyond the rational mind, the five senses and the traditional boundaries of therapy into the deeper, “root of the root” of the soul, where real transformation takes place. Otherwise, if you stay in the mind, you can write a thesis on your issues- but you won’t heal. Spiritual Soul Healing is a return to the truth of our power (that was taken from us)- that we are multidimensional light beings who can heal ourselves and the world.

Real change must be a full alchemical change from our limited 3dimensional identity and earthly story into our divinity. It is to enter a new location, a new state of being. Like base metal into gold, like a caterpillar to butterfly, one must activate their original light essence and the hidden potential in our cells and DNA. It is like we turn on our lights and raise the volume dial, of our frequency and vibration. It is like we reboot our divine computer to zero point and enter a new reality and timeline.

Spirituality is not blind faith with a set of rules. It is a new place, a real feeling experience of bliss that we are born with. Like Dorothy in Oz, who always had the shoes, like Michelangelo who said to remove the stone to what is already there. The kingdom of God is within all of us.

Where is the manual, the instruction book on how to play and win at the game of life at this powerful juncture?

It is my mission to help make sense of the journey, so suffering can cease. With spiritual soul perspective, with higher glasses, and a deeper compass, one can know the truth- that everything serves the higher good and growth of the soul and the planet.

I am still astounded at the magic that happens when you open up the keys and codes to higher guidance and dimensions. The spiritual upgrade and soul healing are available to us all, and for addicts, it offers a beautiful new perspective that ends shame and guilt. Addiction and all pain are an opportunity to ascend, an initiation by fire. Pain gets you to the gate and when you arrive at the doorway, you can say goodbye to the caterpillar and fly free as the butterfly- the limitless light- the truth of who we are.

Where do you see your industry going over the next 5-10 years? Any big shifts, changes, trends, etc?
When I started doing spiritual soul work, no one was doing it. I begged TV producers and companies to do TV shows on the subject and the world was not ready. I felt like a pioneer. The spiritual TV was just too far out then. Now there is a crack and an opening and the world has evolved.

But now we are upon the time of the new earth, a re-evolution, a spiritual upgrade. We are upon a great karmic cleanse, and old paradigms are breaking down. Everyone is getting a wake-up call. The clarion call has been sounded. We are upon an era predicted in ancient books, by prophets and masters about this powerful age of Aquarius,  the Resurrection, the Golden Age. This is what the great teachers of enlightenment have been preparing us for – the collective awakening of humanity. Notice that so many of the wise masters have gone because “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

We are here for spiritual upgrade and to rise up to become our best selves. This requires that we walk bravely through the fires of purification, knowing that every weakness and issue will come right to our front door. It is to know that the path is not easy and one is forever challenged by dark forces when one is on the path of light. With energy wisdom, we can clear, protect and align our energy so we can overcome any adversity.

The road is not easy, but it is necessary and worth it.

The battle has been long.

Much has been required.

The time is now.

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