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West LA 12.04.2017

Dr. Jamie Mahtaban

The road that led me to becoming a chiropractor was a life-altering journey. I will try to keep it as brief as possible. It all started at the age of 15 when I had a severe injury to my low back and pelvis. From there my parents sent me down the conventional western medicine route. Read more>>

Marci Ikeler

I have been working in the world of digital since 1999, back when people were telling me that the internet was a fad. My career has evolved as the industry has expanded. First, I was a webmaster (still my coolest title ever!), and then I moved to the world of design. Read more>>

Gennan Shippen

I began my career in the photographic industry when I asked for a SLR camera for Christmas when I was fifteen. After that I took photography classes in high school and community college. It quickly became a passion and a wonderful means of exploring ideas and the world around me. Read more>>

Dante D’Amico

After being kicked out of my parents’ house at 17, I moved into the projects where I quickly developed a drug addiction to any high I could get my hands on. Drugs and arrests go hand in hand, and shortly after being arrested for the final time, my friend who lived in the west side of the US told me to get out of that environment and give California a shot. Read more>>

Lindy Kirk

I first knew I wanted to be a writer when I was eight and my dad told me that writers can live anywhere and still work. Right then, my interest was piqued. He said it to me shortly after he realized I didn’t have a career in engineering ahead of me (he had to tutor me in math from third grade onward). Read more>>

Amanda Cushman

I started in the food business over thirty years ago in NYC as a caterer and have lived and worked all over the country. I presently teach cooking classes privately in homes in LA, NY, NC and FL. I am focused on healthy, global dishes and specialize in clean, simple food. Read more>>

Nir Tal

Bike Improve was created in 2004 by Nir Tal, a racer and a rider as a solution for many riders that don’t maintain their own bikes. We cater to riders that prefer personal high quality service and bikes. We have the best service department in West LA, with mechanics who ride and race both road and mountain bikes. Read more>>

Jack Silver

Jack is the founder of the LA Sailing Club and School. (, which not only offers a great service to the community but also allows many to fulfill one of their dreams in life, learning to sail and having a boat to sail. To give you a little background on Jack, his “customer service focused business philosophy” probably began with his Peace Corps service in Brazil. Read more>>

Matt Johnson

My interest in current events and love for TV News turned into my dream job. I now work for FOX 11 News and “Good Day L.A.” a morning broadcast I grew up watching. My passion for news started as a kid growing up in the Inland Empire. My mom, Georgia, encouraged me to write a kid’s column for “The Daily Bulletin”, our local newspaper. Read more>>

Cassie Petrey

I will always say, that our business started when both my business partner (Jade Driver ) and I were teenagers. We were the master super fans, who would travel the country to see the same acts over and over again. We met in college at Middle Tennessee State University, and formed Crowd Surf as we were both graduating. Read more>>

Shirley Burke

My story is actually “our” story. My husband of 34 years began his career in the global logistics freight forwarding industry in 1985. He began working for Universal Cargo in 2009 as the VP of Sales, a position he held for 8 years. We then decided to purchase the company in March of 2000. Read more>>

Chris Black

Growing up in 1970’s in what is now “Silicon Valley”, Chris was an early adopter of technology and business. Following on with a Business Degree and 12 years of experience, Chris began starting and building technology businesses beginning in the mid-1990s by focusing on solving “pain points” with businesses like; NetZero (now United Online) and Jambo. Read more>>

Sara Hassman

My Movement to End the Domestic Terrorism called Parental Alienation emanated from My LOVE: My Love for my Children; My Love for Equal Rights and My Love for our Democratic way of life in America. Read more>>

Melody Dardashti

Although I always considered myself the creative type, my love for photography developed over time. It wasn’t until 10 years ago when my oldest sister Debbie was pregnant, that I had my aha-moment. Watching this person, I had known my whole life transition from woman to mother was something I never wanted to forget. Read more>>

Meredith Harper Houston

In my line of work and through my mission, I try to change the perspective of how abused and neglected girls see themselves so that they can see their value. I started the Swan Within: Healing Through Ballet program to give girls in juvenile detention facilities a chance to claim a new life. Read more>>

Matthew Walrath

Beyond Macros all started with my nutrition journey. I was a small, skinny kid and my mom wanted to help me get big so I wouldn’t get hurt in contact sports. I ate salad bowls of tortellini for dinner, pints of Ben and Jerry’s for dessert, and had a locker stuffed full of candy bars and peanut butter jars to snack on between classes. Read more>>

Terence Latimer

Originally launched as a Food Blog in 2015, Food Tribe has grown into so much more. Today, Food Tribe is a socially conscious restaurant review platform. Restaurant reviews suck – Millennial founder Terence Latimer became wary of restaurant review sites for what seemed to be unfair online behavior. Read more>>

Vijeyabhaskaran Mohan

I am a Photographer in Los Angeles specializing in Product and Beverage photography. Born and brought up in India, I moved to the United States in 2015. Just like everyone else, I picked up a camera when I was really young, but I didn’t know I wanted to make photography into a career. Read more>>

Kenneth Rippetoe

When I was a kid, my parents forced me to swim and take lessons, just like the ones I teach today. I despised going to lessons and I despised even more having to be a part of the swim team. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I was being recruited for collegiate swimming that I actually started to think about doing this full time. Read more>>

Shawn Featherstone

As a lover of flowers and the joy they bring to others, I first got the idea to open a floral studio while working as a Database Development Manager at The Walt Disney Company. On a regular basis, I saw so many exquisite floral arrangements being delivered to the studio lot. Read more>>

Schenae Rourk

Back in the 90s, I worked on environmental awareness campaigns and disparity studies for a firm in Oakland. I saw then the desperate nature of the utilization of women and Minorities on public contracting opportunities. Read more>>

Larry Gajsiewicz

While going through a rough patch in my life (having severe spinal stenosis and flying back to Detroit every 60-90 days to visit my ailing mom). I started entering cartoon caption contests as a distraction from physical pain and worrying about my mom (I am an only child) After winning over 50 national and several international cartoon and photo caption contests I decided to create my own line of humorous cartoon greeting cards. Read more>>

Kenia Garnica

My journey in Wilshire Skyline started about 3 years ago when I was hired as a Resident Manager for one of their properties in Hollywood Hills. I started as a part-time employee just doing leasing and simple accounting for one property. Read more>>

Tania Laden

I grew up in Los Angeles but I’ve been traveling internationally since I was very young to visit family in the Philippines every year. So moving to Kenya to start a social enterprise was definitely an adventure, but I was well prepared for life in a developing country. Read more>>

Shervin Eshaghian

Beverly Hills Cardiology was founded in 2011 by Dr. Shervin Eshaghian, M.D. After completing his training at the world renowned Cedars Sinai Medical Center and UCLA. There he trained in Internal medicine and specialized in Cardiology. He saw a need for personalized care and preventative services. Read more>>

Zoltán Honti and Raja Sahi

Raja: I am a co-founder of Escapedom. I’m originally from New Delhi, India and have lived in the US for 10+ years now. My professional experience is in the area of delivering technology solutions for major movie studios. I have a passion for creativity, brain teasers and puzzles, making Escapedom a perfect pastime for me. Read more>>

Andrea Rastelli

I am the founder and CEO of Padano Productions. I was born and raised in Milan, Italy and only moved to Los Angeles six years ago! I realized what I wanted to do at an early age when I attended a live concert back in Milan, and found myself more interested in what was happening behind the scenes than what was happening on stage. Read more>>

Caroline Mauro

In 2014, I became disillusioned with my role as an in-house Fashion Stylist – my art and my work was someone else’s but I wanted to created something that was mine and meaningful, something that landed to helping others amplify positivity, growth and inner radiance. Read more>>

Scott LaPorta

The company was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sanela Diana Jenkins to provide a healthy functional beverage alternative to consumers desiring an alternative to the high sugar and caloric beverages available to them. Read more>>

Stephen Gera

Born in 1978 in the Show Me State, Steve moved from Missouri to California as a platoon commander in the United States Marine Corps. After serving in the Marines he accepted a position in “moneyball” from the San Diego Chargers. Read more>>

April Beyer

I started matchmaking in my 20’s working for a successful firm in LA. I fell in love with the industry and quickly realized I had a knack for helping people find love and marriage. I realized that introducing two people was never enough. Read more>>

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