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Chris Cella

I was born in rural south Georgia and I desperately wanted to travel and escape my hometown. After attending film school I started traveling from city to city trying to find my niche. Eventually, I ended up in Los Angeles and started working on sets and on my own personal projects. While in LA, I met up with others who were interested in Producing documentaries. With that crew of 5, I traveled to Africa, South America, India, Nepal, and beyond producing short documentary films for various outlets. In between trips I worked in fashion photography and I produced commercials. Read More>>

Tina Kalajian

I’m a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

To expand my passion for hair and makeup, I attended Makeup Designory where I completed. Read More>>

Calvin Roy

I’ve always enjoyed being creative. Photography is one of my favorite creative outlets.

After playing guitar and singing in a garage band, White Satin, while attending high school in Gaston, Indiana, I fell in love with all things, artistic; music, film, painting, sculpture, electronics, tool-making, architecture. Read More>>

Bleu House Photography

We met by happenstance – doing a TFCD photography and modeling gig via Craigslist, and then through mutual friends – and we all became close one hot LA summer when we were all young and broke and hopeful. We spent many days laughing and dreaming in a little house in the San Fernando Valley, and we eventually realized we love telling stories through photography. Rosanna had a degree in photography, Michael had become a fearless portrait photographer, and Chelsea had shot many weddings throughout southern California. We decided to band together, and our superpowers combined to yield Bleu House Photography, which we began in March of 2016. Read More>>

Michael Dorman

I’ve always had a camera in my hand since my Father first gifted me with one when I was 7; an Olympus ED35 rangefinder. (I still have it and shoot with it on occasion.) Ever since then I always used the camera to interact with and document the world around me. Read More>>

Marcus T. Thomas

My career as a photographer began as a hobby. By day, I was working 45+ hours a week as a marketing coordinator doing product development for an international company, while dabbling in acting at night. I’ve always been a visual artist: drawing, painting, sculpting, etc… Read More>>

Marlena Robbins

I always loved playing with makeup, even from a young age. From the age of 4, I was involved in the performing arts doing dancing and theatre shows. In all those shows I was in, having makeup on was always a part of the experience. It wasn’t until I was in high school though did it dawn on me that I could make a career out of it. Friends of mine that I was in shows with would ask me to do their makeup because they loved how I did mine. Read More>>

Bobby Prokenpek

As a youngster, I was full of creative energy, physical energy and got myself into trouble more times than I can count. I credit some of this trouble to boredom and the lack of knowing the outlet needed to release this energy. Read More>>

Mackenzie Lenora

My father has been a musician his whole life. Growing up I’d travel with my parents across the country and I always wanted to document our adventures. I honestly thought the way I felt about photography was how everyone felt. I wanted to take pictures of everything. By the time I was 15 I had decided I wanted to make it into my career. I started out photographing bands because a lot of my friends were musicians. It wasn’t until I had a following and knew more of what I was doing I started to do more lifestyle and portraits. Read More>>

Glenn David

While attending university I had significant eye problems. It all stemmed from contact lenses. I won’t bore you with the details but 6 world-class ophthalmologists could not figure it out. After 1 year of being blinded by the slightest bit of sunshine, my eyes finally fixed themselves and I had normal corrected vision. In fact, my vision actually gets better every year and I am one of the few who does not need reading glasses. Read More>>

Lishabai Yi

I am a photographer from Harbin, China. I live and work in New York City and Los Angeles now. I have been studying photography for 6 years. For the first 4 years, I  studied Commercial and Advertising photography in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, then came to America to study digital photography and videography at the New York Film Academy and graduated in Los Angeles in 2014. Read More>>

Chris Kirksey

My father was an amateur photographer, primarily taking photos on our yearly vacations to national parks. At the age of 12, he bought me a camera. However, I pursued corporate careers in Aerospace and later finance all the while taking photos of scenery and cars, my other passion. Read More>>

Richard Smith

Loved telling stories as long as I can remember. Making little movies when I was 12. Dabbled in still photography but it wasn’t until digital photography came into its own that I really began my journey in photography. I won two national grand prize awards…was published. I worked as Staff Photographer for a large newspaper. I have exhibited and am currently exhibiting in downtown Los Angeles. Read More>>

Sigthor Markusson

I have always been a visual person. As a teenager, I used to draw and paint a lot and then later I discovered photography. Photography ended up taking up most of my time and I decided to go to photography school and ended up in Santa Barbara attending Brooks Institute of Photography. That was quite a change for me as I was born and raised in Iceland. I immigrated to the US and reside in LA now and have been here for the last 20 years. Read More>>

David Jakle

I got started assisting. Early on I worked with Max Vadukul, Neil Kirk, Max Vadukul, Peggy Sirota and Michel Comte. I finished with 7 years with Herb Ritts as his first. My first client was Interview Magazine. I did a year shooting up and coming celebrities for them and then switched into shooting more lifestyle and commercial fashion, which makes up the bulk of my work now. I taught Advanced Studio Lighting at the New York Film Academy for nearly 6 years, and I’m taking a bit of a break with that, and starting up again at UCLA in January. Read More>>

Alexander Slanger

I started taking photographs as a kid, starting off with my old disc camera and then moving on to my manual Pentax. I played in the darkroom throughout college and eventually moved into the digital age. I was asked to be a second shooter on a wedding several years ago , and that was the beginning of it all. I have shot throughout Europe, Kenya and Tanzania, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. My wife and I have two little daughters now, so travel has been put on hold. I love photographing people, and I love lighting! Read More>>

Paul White

I got a job shipping women’s clothing in Downtown LA & through a series of misadventures ended up working on the brand’s website instead. I also ended up doing the product photography & they decided it was more cost-efficient to have me shoot the lookbook photos as well. Read More>>

Josh Patterson

It began with an iPhone and its camera that woke old memories of shooting film when I was a child in Pennsylvania. I bought a Canon Rebel shortly afterward, scoured the internet for resources and taught myself how to shoot. Lots of setbacks, plenty of failed attempts, but that’s learning. People began asking me to photograph their families, headshots, events – and it evolved into a business for me. I’ve since done product photography for Hautelook as well as had my work published in the LA Times. Five years on, it’s now my full-time gig. Read More>>

Jim Brammer

My fascination with photography started while I was growing up in Albuquerque, NM. After graduating from high school I went to work for IBM in Cleveland, OH, where I got caught up in the left brain world while learning to repair, and later sell computers. IBM transferred me to Austin, TX, where I found myself using a Polaroid camera to shoot detailed photographs of computer components while writing engineering and training manuals. After acquiring my first 35mm SLR camera, my left brain then set about merging computer knowledge with technical underpinnings of photography. Read More>>

Dajuana Jones

I’ve been obsessed with photography ever since I was a little girl! My very first camera with a polaroid. I would nail my mother’s bed sheets to the wall and forced my little brother to get all dressed up and make him stand on it and take pictures with my Polaroid! I took several photography courses in high school and in college, then in 2007 I started my own photography business specializing in fashion photography and TV film! Read More>>

Shaun Yen

Ever since I was little, I’ve always found myself captivated by stunning visual imagery. I remember flipping through the pages of National Geographic as a kid and being so awestruck by the images before me, I could hardly tear my eyes away to read the articles which they accompanied. Read More>>

Mercedes Hazard

As a teen, I started experimenting with film photography and was always interested in creating things that made people look twice. For a few years, I dropped that hobby and decided to take on Photoshop with the original purpose of editing burritos in the hands of “The Walking Dead” zombies. It’s hilarious to look back on those pictures since they are the sole reason I wanted to get into Photoshop. I ended up being completely enthralled by the program that I spent the next 2 years teaching watching YouTube videos to teach myself. Pretty quickly into those two years, I realized it would be easier to edit my own images rather than ones I found. Read More>>

Bella Saville

I have always had a passion for photography my entire life, but I originally started the business as a casting associate, then became a talent manager. Every day I would see hundreds if not thousands of headshot submissions. When you are looking at a huge list of tiny thumbnail photos, some photos “pop” while others don’t make much of an impression. I was very lucky that I had mentors who would make me shuffle through potential headshot submissions and make me put the headshots into piles of Yes, No, and Maybe. Then I would get quizzed on why certain people made the cut but others didn’t. Read More>>

Cari Hoffman

I have always been someone who loves the arts, I use to draw and oil paint. I got my first camera when I was 7 and I would take pictures of everything! To the point where I would annoy my family, friends, or anyone who was with me. Read More>>

Trinette Denise

Well..I kinda got started in photography by accident, which now that I think about it, wasn’t an accident at all. Growing up, I was a very curious child and was really into art, drawing & collecting things like pages from magazines & photographs. Read More>>

Christina Catherine

For as long as I can remember, I have loved art. When other kids came home from school and watched cartoons on TV, I tuned into PBS so I could watch Bob Ross paint magical scenes of nature. Read More>>

Ian Salmon

I started taking photos as a hobby while touring around the world as Standup Comedian, I always had my camera with me, the more I took photos the more in love I became with photography. When I moved to LA to work as an actor I started taking headshots to earn extra income and continued to capture my environment! Read More>>

Alex Munoz

I am not going to win any prizes for transatlantic sailing. I didn’t have time for the IronMan this year either, and my paragliding wing is busted. I’m not sure the light from 5,000 feet would work out too well anyway. Read More>>

Farley John

I guess I take after my father who loved to take pictures with his Rolleiflex camera. Growing up in the Philippines, he would always take family pictures and capture our moments. I started reading books and magazines on photography, educating myself on the different nuances of the craft. We were not rich, so I had to wait until I was an adult to get my own camera. I continued to read, attended workshops, learned from fellow photographers and practiced really hard. Read More>>

Sam Hodges

I started taking photos while in high school. I loved working with film and processing my images in the darkroom. Taking photos has always came very natural to me. The funny thing is I actually failed photography class. I loved taking photos but I hated doing the book work! I never really kept up with photography besides taking that one class in high school. Read More>>

Tatiana Davidov

In my understanding Photography is not just snapping a shutter button. It is rather a fine Art. That is how I see it – Imagine a violin with a fine tune bow. In a skilled and talented hand Violin will evoke unsuspected emotions and bring tears of Joy within a sole of those who is accustomed to an art like that. Read More>>

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