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The Valley 03.13.2018

Hadas Porath

When my daughter started crawling, I found myself looking for shoes without any leather material pretty much everywhere. I wanted a shoe that would be comfortable, easy to clean, well-designed and manufactured by a reliable factory. Read more>>

Natalie Walter

My story started 4 years ago when people used to ask me questions all the time about my hair,makeup,style and I would always give out my tips and tricks. One day someone told me that I should start my own blog and the rest was history. Read more>>

Farhana Sahibzada

My culinary work career started initially with teaching cooking classes in strictly social settings. Later on we decided to establish and open a food related business, so we opened a cafe/a cooking school, in Woodland Hills, CA. Read more>>

Rachel Wims

Actually, it’s a funny story because I got involved with the music industry involuntarily! When I was a freshman at the University of Maryland, my friend Beteley was the President of the Black Student Union Association. That year it was his duty to oversee the Hip-Hop Conference at the school, but due to an assortment of time altering engagements, he had asked me to help him out. Read more>>

Lindy Bostrom

Since I was a small child, I always knew I was destined to be an artist. I guess some people are just born knowing, which is a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it. It chose me as much as I chose it. At first my creative outlet was in dance, although I always had a gift for drawing & painting as well. Read more>>

Dr. Alexa Altman

From as early as I can remember, I felt a deep fascination with relationships and all aspects of the human condition. After completing my PHD in psychology, I trained for 15 years as a trauma specialist, learning many different modalities for healing. What became evident in my clinical work is that I wasn’t really studying trauma , but really discovering our innate capacity for resilience and our intrinsic desire to evolve even in the face of trauma. Read more>>

Art Akopyan

In my earlier days as an active part-time creator, while working full-time as a banker, I focused all my initial efforts into learning a craft which would later lead me to opportunities beyond standing behind the chair. Throughout my adolescence I learned quickly that I found passion in partaking in anything that allowed my mind to challenge and express itself artistically. Read more>>

Mark Harari

Mark Harari has been involved with athletics and fitness nearly all of his life, beginning at a young age with team sports including soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis and track and field. In high school and college, he narrowed his field of vision and concentrated on baseball, boxing and weight training. Read more>>

Mark Gordon, Andrew Marr

I was originally trained in Family Medicine through Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center and Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago Illinois. I did not realize it at the time but I was intrigued by the area of medicine called Endocrinology. Between graduation of my residency in 1986 and 1993 I practiced conventional medicine, but I realized that I was not having much of an impact on the quality of lives as I though I would. Read more>>

Cortney Holman

I was born in St’ Louis Mo August 4, 1983. I lived in Welston and Florissant Missouri as a kid before I Moved to Dallas Texas at the age of 11. There I attended Renner middle school in Plano, Tx. My Mother was a nurse and a single parent. I was the only child so i was pretty independent and played a lot of sports growing up. Read more>>

Nicky Giraffe

Giraffe Studios is an immersive-art-all-encompassing-in-house-studio-and-imagination-emporium run by us, two sisters, Juliana and Nicky Giraffe, in Los Angeles, CA. Having grown up in Hollywood, the interdisciplinary nature of classic cinema and this city’s surreal landscape is inherent to our film, performance, and fine artworks. Read more>>

Jessica Warburton

I was in the military for 8 years until I received a diagnosis of a late stage ovarian cancer. During surgery, I flatlined and stopped breathing at different points. I couldn’t work and after chemotherapy, had to find another path. I chose hair as it was a way I could give back and help other women who experienced the same self esteem issues that I experienced. Read more>>

Phillip Miller

I actually went to school to become a chef and on one summer break from school I went to work with my friend and his father back in New york, Long Island to be specific. What they did was renovate swimming pools, I was making good money and worked together with my friend and his father for several years until 1985. Read more>>

Sol Aponte

I started out as an artist, a “lover of music. I always had a passion for music and the arts and creating tangible projects that could stand the test of time. My business mind however always kept the commerce aspect of the industry at the forefront as I learned early on the the entertainment industry, was indeed a business. That was a tough one. Read more>>

Tom Clary, Ron Bruno

Tom: I was a Visual Effects producer for about 20 years. I was lucky enough to have worked on 3 movies that won the Academy Award for Visual Effects (Independence Day, Titanic, What Dreams May come) and one project that won the Emmy (The PacifIc). I had a well established career, but I was always fascinated with real estate — even to the point of getting my broker’s license in 2008. Read more>>

Tina Michelle

I moved to Los Angeles to more seriously pursue a country music career, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. I have met so many amazing players who have been both helpful and talented, from performing onstage to writing original country music. Read more>>

Ilyse Boudai, Kami Boudai

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Psychology I decided to take some time off before I pursued my career. During this time I became pregnant and had given birth to four wonderful children within a five year span. Shortly thereafter, having gone to many indoor playgrounds with my own children and hosting birthday parties. Read more>>

Tevis Sauer-Karlsson

A love for music and teaching music led me to an ad posted for a teacher position in 2006. I began as a vocal instructor with School of Rock and quickly began show directing and teaching bass, guitar and keys in addition to running rehearsals and summer camps. Read more>>

Chad Frye

From the early days of childhood growing up in New Jersey, I had the passion to draw. While others didn’t think the 5-year-old version of me was creating murals of value as I flourished with flair on my parents’ walls with a permanent green marker, to me they were gorgeous masterpieces. Read more>>

Giovanni Ortega

At 25yrs of age and my first kid being born, I decided to go started my own business in the furniture industry, I was lucky enough to have a great friend taught me all the inside and outs about the business. After a few years and business growing, I decided to sell the store and dive full time into real estate, because the market was great and demanded all my time. Read more>>

Ken Nagayama

I started Martial Arts in Okinawa, Japan. I came to the United States in 1976. I’ve been teaching since 1977. I first started teaching for Tae Kwon Do master Jun Chong, which lasted for 11 years. I’ve had my own style of Martial Arts since 1988. I’ve been teaching at my own dojo for about 30 years now in the same location. Read more>>

Brian Gross

Brian Gross, President of BSG PR, has been in the service of media and public relations for over 25 years. Gross has been employed by companies such as Def American Recordings, Warner Brothers Records, Reprise Records, Elektra Entertainment Group, Vivid Entertainment Group, and such organizations as The Lollapalooza Tour. Read more>>

Tabitha Christopher

It started with me telling “made” up stories at three years old. I love the power a story has to create instant connection between strangers. I’ve always had a desire to serve my family and community and didn’t think four years old was too young to start. Read more>>

Tammy Reese Williams

I became a Sports Camp Leader for 2 weeks before being promoted to a Director position and running my own sports camp in the summer while getting my teaching degree from Western Oregon University. After I graduated, I taught 6th grade for 4 years at a very low income high gang populated area where it was sad to see kids have nothing to do at recess. Read more>>

Steve Baca

I started training the martial arts after being a victim of a violent crime. I began with American Kenpo Karate in 1993 then after reaching Black Belt I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2000. I received my Black from Professor Alberto Crane in 2017. Read more>>

Naza Holliman

My story begins with my love for adventure, travel, new experiences, style and, of course, my family. My parents have always traveled with me in tow. It was not a vacation, unless it was a family vacation. So their love for travel, was deeply embedded in me. Read more>>

Luigie Gonzalez

Begun studying music when I was 4 years old. Eventually I went to Berklee College Of Music in Boston to study Arranging & Production. I graduated in 1998 and then moved to Los Angeles California to work with legendary Latin singer /Songwriter Juan Gabriel. Read more>>

Natalie Conneely

I was born in the Amazon jungle of Eastern Bolivia and was always inspired by nature and its magical abilities. As a third generation healer, I am certified in all eight limbs of Yoga including Chakra Yoga. In 2013 I was initiated as a Field of Love Meditation guide by Siberian Shamans who have been carrying teaching from their Ascended for over 45 years. Read more>>

Matthew Beavers

I never sought out to be a cinematographer as a kid, heck, I never even knew that people made movies, I just thought they were magical and always existed. I began getting closer and closer to my passion while attending junior college at the College of Sequoias. It was during that time I bought a camera and fell in love with taking photos of anything and everything. Read more>>

Frankie Knight

I have always been involved with music. I started playing the piano when I was 5 and knew that I would always be a musician. I was competing by the age of 10 and performed with the Utah Symphony by the age of 12. I continued my music instruction through college, Principia College in Elsah IL. Having traveled to Spain, Germany, and around the United States performing I got burnt out very quickly. Read more>>

Joey Lopez

I originally started doing quick sketches as a child. Whatever that was right in front of me I would draw. Sometimes I would even sketch up a self portrait from a picture that was taken of me. It was difficult for me to pay attention in classes because I was so preoccupied with a piece that I was working on. Read more>>

Kellie Lupe-Smith

I have always loved people and had a long career in the healing arts. First as a body-worker then a yoga teacher. Working in those fields you get to witness a lot of situations where people hold on to emotion in their bodies. Many would burst into tears and not even know why. Somehow, somewhere they held on to emotional stress and finally got safe enough to let it go. Read more>>

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