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TB The Valley 04.10.2018

Felicia Mesadieu

I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska. I started out as a fashion blogger in college and I majored in broadcast news in college. I always the loved beauty and fashion. I also knew that I would somehow end up on television. I just wasn’t quite sure how, I know that I didn’t want to be a news reporter, but I also didn’t know how to make my love for media, beauty and fashion a profitable career. Read more>>

Lindsey Cheers

I’m originally from the Midwest, Ohio is my home. I grew up in a small college town called Oberlin, not many people have heard of it, but occasionally I’ll run into a few gems that have. I wouldn’t consider myself your average ‘girl next door’ due to my upbringing and how its affected my overall lifestyle. Read more>>

Shelley Kommers

I’ve been an artist — cutting up paper and painting — since I was a small child. I knew I’d be involved in the art world somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly where I’d land. I majored in Advertising at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, then went on to create an apparel line for kids, run a small hand-made greeting card company and design movie posters for film festivals. Read more>>

Shaina Nussbaum

A California Native, born and raised, self-taught by watching videos on YouTube. Working as a make-up artist and hairstylist for 6 years, I then decided to attend Make-Up Designory in Burbank, California to further my education in beauty and special effects. From there, I decided to attend the Cosmetology program at West Valley Occupational Center. Read more>>

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