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South LA 1.20.17

André Hylton

I started photography when I was a student at Otis College of Art and Design. I was majoring in motion graphics at the time, but I also felt that I needed a break away from sitting in front of a computer staring at fonts. I still love animation with a story line and great characters but I just wasn’t feeling any passion for motion graphics at the time. So I took up an elective class in traditional photography and then digital photography. I found it much more interesting than motion graphics. Read More>>

Monica Urquieta

I’ve been drawing since I was a child, I remember getting in trouble quite often for drawing all over my mom’s walls! My parents always encouraged to pursue the art field, initially I wanted to be an Art teacher because I always enjoyed working with kids but around the time I started college the recession had hit and a lot of teachers were losing their jobs. I decided to go into the animation field with a focus on storyboarding, I’ve always enjoyed animation as a child so it felt right. Read More>>

Veronica Velazquez

Veronica (owner of TAS Makeup Academy) was born in Mexico and moved to Los Angeles when she was only a baby. She has been a professional hair and makeup artist since 1996 and is thankful to have a career that she enjoys. It’s not just the artistic aspect of it that she loves, it’s her clients. When she transforms how someone sees themselves and make them feel beautiful… Read More>>

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