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South Bay Trailblazers

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around the South Bay that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Karen Sikie

My father and his mother were hobby artist so I was always interested in art as a kid. I made the decision to pursue art while in college when I saw an art book of Gustav Klimt. Read more>>

Monte Dobbs

I am an explorer and non-conformist by nature. I grew up in Birmingham, AL. My roots are there wrapped up in kudzu vines. I’ve always had the itch to move, to wander, to learn and experience new things as long as I can remember. Read more>>

Donna Nazir

Today my business consists on building the broken, I specialize in Divorce Sales and helping people rebuild after Divorce. This is my heart and soul. Read more>>

Ashley Krouse-Chaney

To remove the toxins in a realistic and figurative way to reveal what is honest, good and healthy for the mind, body and soul. My first book “Unfiltered Food” will be coming to you in early 2019. I hope to share my personal testimony with you and to help make transparent the new normal. Read more>>

Belinda Le Wells

How I got to where I am today, I credit the fact that I came from a divorced family, struggled through poverty, found a way through college, and sought out mentors who could give me the stability and guidance I lacked in my upbringing. Read more>>


When people come to me, they are missing something and I have an opportunity to give that something back. I have seen people’s entire life change by this little work of art. Read more>>

Sharon Strauss

My Mother battled cancer for about 10 years, first breast cancer and then endometrial cancer. Unfortunately she lost her battle almost 5 years ago, but in all bad there comes good. Her illness led me to finding Walk With Sally, and I became the mentor to a little girl named Kiarra. Read more>>

Kacey Coppola Morreale, Kate Coppola Leiva and Kara Coppola Schmahl

My twin sister, Kate, and I have been singer/songwriters and recording artists for over 15 years! Our daily songwriting turned into daily soul sessions while we were pregnant, and thus – the first book was born! Read more>>

Marissa Martorana, Registered Dietitian

I knew from the time I was in high school that I wanted to study nutrition on a professional level, with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian. I was completely intrigued how food and physical activity could work with or against the body to manage, and even prevent chronic health conditions. Read more>>

Jennifer Tipton

When I first became a mother I decided I wanted to stay home with our daughter. My husband is military and in and out often. So I thought the best thing for her was giving her stability in me. Yet, I still craved a creative outlet so I began blogging and shortly after Instagram became a pretty big social media outlet so I started that too. Read more>>

Alex Maltezos

My background is in comfort shoes. After 15 years owning and operating my family’s shoe store I wanted to branch out into fashion. With the support of my husband we opened our little family’s boutique. Our original location in Belmont Heights was a beautiful mix of art, fashion and comfortable (good looking) shoes. Read more>>.

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