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South Bay 1.30.2017

Penny Johnson

I was raised in a small town in Arkansas where I met Dave, my husband from California, and then made my way to the South Bay. My skin care career started when I applied for a receptionist position at O’Connell Dermatology. I approached Dr. O’Connell with an idea about a skincare product line. Read More>>

Kimberley Nicol

Kim & Lindsey joined forces as a hair and makeup team back in 2014. They are both formally trained artists that have worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years. Read More>>

Kristen Cardoza

I was around 10 when I realized I wanted to do hair. My first client was myself. I secretly cut my hair hoping my mom wouldn’t notice and then I would have the short hair I always wanted. After getting caught, on picture day, my mom took me to our hair stylist. She somehow convinced my mom to let me go as short as I wanted.Read More>>

Judy Doeppel

At the age of 15,  I started getting my legs waxed at a local downtown Manhattan Beach Spa. There were only 2 Estheticians in the city at the time. At the age of 21 Faith asked me to come and work for her and I realized what a fun job it was. Read More>>

Sev Kamenskihs

Ever since Busy Brows was founded in 2012 at a shopping center next to SouthBay Galleria, we have been dedicated to raising the bar on perfection, long-lasting beauty and professionalism in the eyelash extension industry. Read More>>

Ilana DeLuca

Good physicians are always lifelong learners because medicine is a constantly evolving field. During college, at Yale University, I took an immunology course during my junior year that was taught by renowned leaders in the field – i loved it, and after that I knew that my career had to center around the immune system. Read More>>

Katie Baumez

We started with just one cart in a mall in Santa Rosa, CA. We had only 3 employees at the time. From there, we expanded into more locations in Northern California. We initially started with carts, then added kiosks, and now most of our locations are salons. Read More>>

Emerald Monzon

For over 6 years, I have created natural and timeless beauty looks for wedding and photography clients all over southern California. It all began with a few makeup brushes in college and my inherent interest in enhancing natural beauty. Read More>>

Adam & Jonalyn Dusewicz

As a former Division I college basketball player and high jumper at the University of Miami who is now a weekend warrior, I have had several nagging injuries throughout the years. Read More>>

Dr. Jill Javahery

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a physician. As I was going through medical school, I realized that dermatology offered everything I wanted to do. I could work with adults, kids, do surgery, and offer preventative and cosmetic care. I did my residency in New York, and then moved to California to marry my husband. Read More>>

Cory Morgenstern

I have been recording, entertaining and teaching for over 40 years. I am a native New Yorker who grew up in Queens and Long Island and moved to Manhattan where I met my wife Anita Morgenstern, a great chiropractor. Read More>>

Wade Lawson

After seeing the movie “Riding Giants,” I was determined to learn how to surf giant waves. While struggling to paddle a longboard at the Malibu Pier, I saw the big-wave master Laird Hamilton for the first time. He was standing up on a very large board and effortlessly rode waves that he caught with the assistance of what looked like a boat oar. Read More>>

Meet Lisa

As a young rider I started taking riding lessons at Portuguese Bend Riding Club, which was part of the Vanderlip Estate. In the late 70’s I had the opportunity to become part owner of the facility and eventually I became the sole owner. being the co owner and owner has provided a lifestyle that has allowed me to show competitively all over the country and live a life that brings joy to not only myself but so many riders and owners Read More>>

Tom Allen 

I’ve been teaching surfing for 6 years now. My surf career began when I worked with Billabong as an intern after my sophomore year of college. I helped out with their marketing department and taught lessons at their camps in Huntington Beach. During college, I would teach in Santa Cruz near Pleasure Point. Read More>>

Alain Betancourt

Sweet! Well, I started my repair business on my own back in 1978 at age 18, with zero help from anyone. No surfboard shop in the area would hire me or train me because I was not “a local” that did not live in any of the beach communities. Read More>>

Laura Samimi

Ever since I had my first child, I knew I wanted to one day start my own business related to children. I’ve always enjoyed having theme parties for my kids. One year my daughter wanted a cake decorating party so I reached out to my local bakeries to see if they would host for us and I got no from everyone. I decided to do the party at my own home. Read More>>

John Wolczanski

In 2012, I retired after a career as a tugboat captain in Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors. Upon retirement, I contacted the owner of the Siren Sailboat with a blind phone call suggesting that we put Siren into charter service. Read More>>


I began looking for a career after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in early 90’s. My wife and I decided to finish our college degrees and moved to Washington state. Read More>>


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