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South Bay 03.27.2018

Sara Krish

In 2014 our founder, Sara Krish, was in the middle of what would be a dark and lonely three year healing journey post cancer. She was struggling to find her footing, overwhelmed with emotion, and uncertain how to navigate her way through the thick layers of pain. Read more>>

Tandya Stewart

Before I had my blog, I was on Instagram. I started to grow a following and from there I decided to create a blog. My very own outlet where I can post all things that I love, and what I am inspired by. SimplyTandya was born. I didn’t start the blog as a career, I started it as a hobby. Read more>>

Nicholas Lam

I didn’t start off with a camcorder in-hand, with parents in the industry, getting a polaroid camera for my birthday or anything like that. It started with Disney’s “The Lion King.” To rewind a sec — as a kid, I wanted to be a children’s author and illustrator, because I would read all the books by Roald Dahl (and illustrated by Quentin Blake). Read more>>

Chason Jarrett

I started on the creative side steering our brand as a media outlet for mainstream and independent artist. Through our #NOBRAKES event we’re able to bring different artist, brands, DJ’s, creatives etc. all under one roof to network in one night. Read more>>

Desiree Brown

I’ve always been a people connector, and I’m most fulfilled helping others with their life journey. I grew up in Southern California, and have been involved in community service my whole life. I’m a proud mom, with a son in high school and daughter in middle school, and grateful to have developed three diverse income streams around my passions. Read more>>

Michael Fulbright

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a dentist. I think my childhood dentist was a big part of that since my visits to his office were always enjoyable. By no means did I have perfect teeth, but my dentist always made my visits fun and educational. Read more>>

Julia Huang

Creating a Vision Julia Huang has an ability to provide a creative vision in areas others can’t see potential for opportunity. She has built three companies, including an Asian American advertising and marketing powerhouse. Read more>>

Alysia Moskolis

I have always had two loves. Fashion and Fitness. My background is in fashion buying and merchandising and while working a fast paced fashion career I discovered The Bar Method and quickly became addicted, auditioned, trained and taught classes at 6AM before work. Read more>>

Samantha Ritchie

I have always had a passion for art. I remember being featured at the Torrance Cultural Art’s Center for a Picasso inspired piece when I was in elementary school and feeling so special that something I created was hung up on a wall for others to see. I doodled a little bit through middle and high school, but I was surrounded by friends who were so talented, I didn’t think I was good enough to continue. Read more>>

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