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Rising Stars: Meet Elias Azek

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elias Azek.

Hi Elias, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I grew up playing soccer and drawing on my free time while growing up. My older cousins were also artists. I always saw them drawing and practicing so it felt natural for me to pick up the pencil and draw my imagination away. It felt like a way of escaping, I could create worlds with no limits. I learned several different techniques and formal practices to bring my images to life. Leading me to where I am now. Living as an illustrator/designer, printing my own shirts and painting at night. My love for knowledge has had me digging through books in search of what I don’t know, that I don’t know.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I suppose it has been a smooth road. Adversity always shows up. We see it as a bad thing, but in reality it is the only process of building character that makes any sense. When life throws blows at me, I rely on my capacity to learn and to apply my skills to get out of it. Determination, will, and desire. Once I got focused and got out of the mental cloud, I cleared my environment and set out with a proper aim, intentions, and actions. I realized; most of the adversity that I experienced was from self-imposed perceptions of what I thought things were like. Our perception and the way we think things create the lens that we see the world through. The process of de-cluttering, deprogramming and reprogramming is crucial. Shift and clean the lens of perspective. We have to live beyond our perception and take control of the direct narrative that we have a handle on. The rewiring of the brain makes us struggle. The forming of new pathways hurts and is painful, but remember that our pain tolerance is higher than we can imagine. Only when we go past that threshold of what we “think” is possible does a change of character take place. Create new mental pathways, and rewire the subconscious with repetition. Wash the mind with positive intent and word patterns. New actions that will be uncomfortable in the beginning. Observe and pivot.

No struggle is too big, decide and keep going. Lately, I have been thinking of impeccability. To be impeccable with our intent in thought, emotion, and actions. This means always doing our best. Always pushing to our highest standard in thinking and action. I am still practicing this. If practiced, I am sure we will not recognize ourselves within a few years. Sticking to impeccable thoughts + actions could leave a positive trail behind, rather than a destructive one. I know that anything that is to be gained here on earth is through work and persistence. Proper intentions accelerate the growth. The funny thing is, now that I look back at all the opportunities that I received. It seems as if the major ones always arrived in the middle of action or at the “worst time”, or it was masked by something we see as “chaos” or a challenge. If we remain observant, we can recognize the opportunity in the challenge. It is dual. It is law. One cannot be without the other. Nothing is free in this world. Adversity has arrived, but I use it as a tool for growth. I am grateful daily for what I have and all there is to come.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I am an artist, illustrator, and designer. I am mostly known for my black and white ink drawings that depict abstract worlds. Dream like states, I would say. For my design, I am known for my illustrative graphics, often hired for logos/branding and album cover artwork. I am most proud of the amount of drawings I have created. I have surprised myself with a lot of these images. I am grateful to have worked with amazing people so far. I am most excited for the future to come, as I feel like I am barely getting started. Lately, I have been completing a series of colored paintings to add a different portion to my body of work. I also make limited hand-printed clothing runs from time to time. I am a person just like you, looking for truth and searching through books to expand my horizons. I try to improve the lives around me with what I am learning, and I try to help everyone see that the only way anything is going to change is if we change ourselves.

Do the internal work to better control your external reality. It sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. So much deception and subversion of minds is happening daily; that the only way to get out of the mess we are in is if we cultivate self-awareness, tap into nature, observe, literally look into ourselves by using meditation and science. Use that to restructure our bad patterns as they come up. We must take control of our thoughts. That is the only way. Beyond that, we must learn how to direct our thoughts way past the conventional present the lessons I have learned step through to display themselves in my work. Aside from speaking in symbols, my work has the power to invoke and bring out deep truths within the viewer that have long been forgotten. The soul just needs to be reminded of what it already knows, my work does that exact service for some. My name is Azek. The Majeye is the idea pushing you to find the Major Eye that lives inside of you. G.enerator O.perator D.estroyer.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with our readers who might just be starting out?
Learn economics, history, and law. Marketing and business. As an artist, it is crucial that you don’t get lost in your process, leaving you to fend for yourself; with only knowledge about art to sustain you. People with money feed on sleeping giants. Art is a tool to speak to the masses. It is the strongest tool around. Some would say it is even a weapon. If you have been sitting on your talent, it is time to rise. The world needs what you have. Remember that history will study this time that we are living in. It all matters, it will take a large group and energetic surge to shift the current paradigm. Art is like math, reading and writing. It can be learned through practice and training. There is technique and expression of technique. These are two different ways of creating. One allows the subconscious to flow, the other is grounded in traditional methods.

Read a lot of books, especially science and theology. The allegories and information is invaluable as we grow through life. The Bible, Bhagavad Gita As it is, Hermetics, Rosicrucians, Tao, etc. Imagine yourself as the hero in every story. Genius can be cultivated. Expand and grow both hemispheres of the mind. There is an AI behind every app that you use, it is pushing content in a feedback loop depending on what you see, like, share, and comment. Engineering a social feeding into your subconscious mind. Groups filter content through these apps to purposely subvert your mind. Use these platforms, don’t let them use you. Turn off your wifi when you sleep, it is cooking you while you sleep. Execute! Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others and what they seem to have. That has nothing to do with you, and remember your brain literally turns reality right side up to show you the image you see. Get out of your inferiority complex and complete it. You are more than you know.

Be humble enough to know when you are wrong. Learn from it and change. Adapt as you go. This is especially for teenagers, this is when I missed out on opportunities and sealed myself off because I thought I was “right.” Be malleable and go towards change. Know when a good opportunity is in front of you. Practice a lot, bring your ideas to life. Experiment with life, learn and try things. Get things wrong and mess up. Holistic means being whole, embrace all parts of the sine wave. Learn about heart coherence, the Merkaba biosphere, and mental frequencies. Learn how to align and change your being.

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