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Pasadena 7.10.2017

Ramiro and Emma Simon-Aredes

Ramiro started loving photography when he was living in Barcelona in 2007. He took a few classes and started with Street Photography. When he returned to Argentina, his native country, he began studying photography in the University. We met in the university in Argentina while I (Emma) was studying abroad for a few years. Read more>>

Kelly Ferm

1989! I boldly walked into a design firm in my silly dress and scuffed white pumps and asked for a job. I told the Principal Designer, “I so want to work with you, I will clean your toilets” … and so I did. Surrounded by great interior design, a high-end fine furnishings boutique and their need for a young, energetic girl just willing to learn, I was able to jump in to the deep-end feet first (which tends to be my way). Read more>>

Trynh Krajanowski

Looking back, I’ve been taking photos since I was 10 years old when it was on rolls of film that my mom had to develop for me. My best friend bought a camera for me when I was 19 years old for our first trip to take travel photos, at the time I thought nothing of it and it was all fun and I would move on to the corporate world after I graduate college with a BS in Business & Biology. Read more>>

Adam Parth

I’ve been in business photographing weddings and events for 10 years as of this past May. I hold a degree in Journalism from Calif. State Univ., Northridge and I’ve had a camera in my hand my entire life. I became a professional photographer somewhat out of necessity. At the end of 2007 I left the position I held during college and had a hard time finding something else and decided to fall back on my skills. Read more>>

Irene Chen

Prior to moving back to L.A, my family and I were living overseas in Asia for the last 12 years. When we moved back 5 years ago, we discovered Altadena. We love its community & artistic feel. Not only does it conveniently neighbor areas of great food, but its “small town” feel was very appealing. Coffee Gallery, has been a staple of this community for many years. Read more>>

Céline Chouteau

I am a French Secondary School teacher certified by the French Ministry of Education. After about 20 years working as a Librarian in Public libraries and as a Secondary School Media Specialist teacher in High School in Paris, I’ve been committing myself to become a specialist in developing information and documentation related to the Environment and Global Warming and sharing my knowledge and awareness with children. Read more>>

Kindle Reeder

I’ve always been one to see things in “frames.” I grew up thinking to myself, “Man, that would be an awesome shot!” But, never had a camera or the time to devote to photography. That changed in 2008. I purchased my first Nikon, a D60 crop body and spent practically every moment since with it in my hand or researching ways to improve. Read more>>

Adrian Ong

I established the business in 2006 and have done close to 800 weddings and events. We are an award-winning group of highly talented artists with a goal of creating lasting memories through Photography, Videography, and Music. Creating a team of experts was not an easy task. Read more>>

Mark Uehlein

I got married on May 22’ 2011, to celebrate we went up to San Francisco for a mini honeymoon. We went to the top of the De young museum and I had a wonderful view of the city so I decided to take a picture of the city with my digital point and shoot camera and it was horrible. That moment I knew I never wanted to settle for a bad photo ever again. I said I am going to get a new camera. Read more>>

Juanita Rivas-Raymer

I grew up watching my dad practice yoga at the park. He would often talk about yoga philosophy, which I didn’t understand at the time, but must have planted a seed in my brain. After my children were born, I became a lactation educator for the W.I.C. program (women, infants and children), and later a Birth Doula. Read more>>

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