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Pasadena 4.17.2017

Leigh Purtill

My career as a ballet instructor began as a jazz teacher! Right out of college, I interviewed with a dance studio owner in my hometown to be a jazz teacher for her teens. Read More>>

Cal “Lito” Magpayo

In 1979, when Videography was still in its infancy, I started LM Photography and Videography as a family business. In the early 1900s, we started offering what is now called Same Day Video Edit where we edit the day’s events from the bride’s preparations, the church ceremony as well as parts of the reception with the growing-up pictures of the bride and groom. Read More>>

Ben Seidman

I learned my first magic trick when I was six years old and began studying seriously at the age of 12. In college, I moved to Las Vegas, finished my theatre degree, and studied with some of the best sleight of hand artists, magicians, and pickpockets. Read More>>

Bruce Palmore

In 2015, I was doing management for 4Hunnid with YG, and The Frontrunnaz. Unforeseen circumstances and relocation caused me to change career paths. Read More>>

Joe Normal

Our story begins back in 1997 when we opened a hair salon in Hollywood and ran it for about 7 years. My wife Gigi did hair, hosted holistic lifestyle events and ran the biz while I held art shows and music nights in the space. Read More>>

Marine Demirjian

I consider myself an Angelino. I grew up in Los Angeles and loved it here so much that I chose to stay at UCLA, where I received my bachelor’s degree, Medical Degree, and then where I completed my medical specialty and subspecialty training. Read More>>

Gregory Ohanian

I was born and raised in Pasadena and have been lucky enough to experience all the wonderful things the Rose City has to offer. From an early age, I knew I wanted to open my own orthodontic office. Read More>>

Quendie Joy Wong

I have always felt the need to express myself; I cannot think of a time where I did not feel the need to be creative. Read More>>

Lys Wilcox

I’m the owner and head designer for Dot’s Daughter Designs, a greeting/note card and fine art firm founded in 2000. I have enjoyed a successful career in publishing, advertising and public relations. Read More>>

David Johnson

Sidecar Furniture was founded in 2005 by David Johnson. His beginnings in woodworking started early climbing walnut trees, building forts and chicken coops with his father in rural Tulare, CA where he was born in 1968. Read More>>

Annie Carolin

I began my career in digital media, producing online and interactive content for the film and television studios. While it was so valuable to be at the forefront of these new technologies 15 years ago, I found myself starving for more creativity and a more direct connection with the people I was creating for. Read More>>

Wayne Jason

I spent 8-yrs. working for a jewelry company with 16-stores, first as a salesman, then a store manager, then a district manager. I could see they were not doing things right, they sold off 8-stores and I told my boss what they needed to change. Read More>>

GJ Salcedo

My personal story begins with a privileged childhood, growing up and graduating high school with I.B. Honors from Brent International School, Manila, Philippines. I furthered my education at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, graduating with a Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. Read More>>

Eddie Karapetyan

It all started in high school when I worked at a dry cleaners . I worked in the front assisting customers. Read More>>

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