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Orange County 04.24.2018

Jennifer Le

I’ve always been passionate about telling stories. I was yearbook editor. I wrote for a magazine. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in English. I’ve always known that storytelling was my calling, which has manifested itself in several ways –, my faith and lifestyle blog, as well as my day job as a publicist. Read more>>

Philip Dimitriadis

When I was little I was always drawing, sculpting, and making something. My dad was a craftsman and was always in his garage/shop making furniture, or something out of wood, or fixing something. So the creative bug begun, and continued through elementary into junior high and high school. Read more>>

Joan Smith

I founded Rancho Meladuco Date Farm in the Fall of 2015. I’m a resident of Orange County California, mother of 3, CPA by trade, and most recently date farmer. I grew up in Bakersfield, California and spent my youth exploring 640 acres of rolling foothills and helping my family care for our cattle ranch. Read more>>

Frany Shah

Our journey in education and entrepreneurship started when we were looking for a preschool for our daughter who is now 15. Frany who fell in love with Montessori methodology, underwent Montessori training in Missouri. Read more>>

Antoinette Gupta

As a young 13 year old, I remember trying to make sense of friends and family members struggling to be happy, and to cope with situations. I think as a middle child you are more likely to be the peace maker and a pleaser. Read more>>

Priscilla Marconi

In 1994, our founder, Dick Marconi, purchased our building in order to house his car collection and open wheel car race team. He personally raced, and in that same year was the older man to qualify for the Long Beach Grand Prix in the Formula Atlantic division. Read more>>

Brian Jensen

It all started in college. I was playing in a rock band that was gaining some traction locally and we decided to give it a push and see how far we could take it. I was responsible for building and maintaining our online presence which included getting gigs, promoting music and upcoming shows, connecting with radio stations, etc. Read more>>

Jenny Dumnich, Craig Dumnich

After spending over 30 years combined working in the world of corporate finance, we began our journey as Craig and Jenny D in August 2016. Jenny had left her role in corporate in 2010 and was pursuing goals of writing a book and beginning a speaking tour in the corporate market to guide high-level executive business travels to live a lifestyle of health and wellness on the road. Read more>>

Gene Hsu

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. When I was entering the 3rd grade, my father took a one-year sabbatical to teach Physical at Taiwan University, so I had one year of Mandarin Chinese education. I graduated Georgia Tech with a Mechanical Engineering degree and received my first foreign assignment to Toronto, Canada in 1994. Read more>>

James Loges

I’m originally from Anaheim, spent my high school years in the Inland Empire, then came back to Orange County to study film at Fullerton College before transferring to CalState Fullerton on 2015. My father is an American (Irish/German) from outside Chicago, but my mother immigrated to CA from Zacatecas, Mexico when she was 17. Read more>>

Ben Anderson

I started my journey as an athlete, I was a college baseball player w aspirations of a pro career. I was at a crossroads and I decided to turn down a pro career for a mortgage career. The reason being I wanted to control my future. I got into the mortgage business at age 22 and have not looked back. Read more>>

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